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My NBA 2K16 Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 9 Hints to Build a Powerful Deck

2K Sports’ My NBA 2K16 (Android, iOS) is not to be confused with an actual basketball game for mobile. Rather, this is a game that serves as a “companion app” to the NBA 2K franchise for consoles and PC. 2K Sports says that the game makes it easier for you to stay in touch with your console version of NBA 2K16, and that’s because it allows you to earn more Virtual Currency. It also comes with a card battle game called MyTEAM Mobile, which allows you to collect NBA player cards and challenge other players from around the world. And we’re talking about real NBA players on those cards, as this is an officially licensed product.

With the 2015-16 NBA season coming in just a few weeks, we’ve decided to bring you some My NBA 2K16 tips, tricks and strategy guides, starting with this list of general hints.

1. Place Players To Their Preferred Position

When you start the game, your players will be randomly assigned to a position, but if you know your NBA, you may notice some aren’t in their preferred positions; would you, for example, want to play Stephen Curry at center, or Tim Duncan at point guard? But regardless of how much or how little you know about the NBA, you can see a player’s preferred position on their cards; move them there so they can get a position boost.

However, there are some instances where you SHOULD be playing cards in a different position than what the player prefers. These are very rare instances, but for the sake of discussion, you’ll want to play a Legendary card out of position if you know it’s way better than the other cards you currently have.

2. Play Your Weaker Cards First In Quick Match

When playing in Quick Match mode, one of the better strategies is to play your weakest card first, or to combine your weakest with someone in the middle of the pack in a two-card battle. The AI usually plays their best card first, so if you’re able to pull off a win over those highly-rated cards, you could easily walk over the competition once you start playing your higher-rated cards towards the end of the battle.

3. Scout Your Opponent

Just like real NBA teams scout the opposition before a game, you should do the same to your opponent by checking their Line-up Tier. Choose players from the same tier or the one right under so you’ll have the best chances of beating your opponent. Also, challenge those who have played fewer games and have lost more often than they won. Avoid players who are at Super Rare Plus or above, as they likely have a Legendary card or two and would annihilate you easily even if they don’t have too many other good cards.

4. Use Boosting Cards During Double Team Plays

When it comes to double team plays, you’ll want to use your boosting cards. That will give you two players that have a bonus, and you should often come out with the upper hand if you’re confident your cards are better. Likewise, you would be best advised not to use a boosting card early on, as you just might end up losing it to your opponent.

5. Don’t Improve Your Cards Right Away

When you start out in My NBA 2K16, you’ll have a plethora of common cards at your disposal. But you shouldn’t rush to improve them; first, wait till you’ve collected 150 cards to fill up your deck and only improve your players when you’ve done this. That will make you sure you’re only upgrading the best cards; start with the rarest ones you have and progress downwards, and try to max one player out first before you try maxing out another. And if you get better cards as you go along, you can feel comfortable discarding the worthless ones that you may have.

6. Sell At The Auction House, But Don’t Buy Too Many

If at all possible, avoid buying cards from the Auction House. You can probably try buying one or two if you really can’t help it, but otherwise it’s not a very good idea to buy there due to the premium pricing. Instead, try to sell your cards at the Auction House, especially if your deck contains several rare ones, including some you might not need anyway because they play the same position. Try to sell slightly under the market value, to give yourself a better chance of making a sale, and use the money you earn to make the necessary improvements.

7. How To Have An Undefeated Record

Truth be told, it may not be worth cheating if you consider the potential rewards you can reap. But let’s face it – a perfect win-loss record is great to look at, especially if it’s your record. Cheating to have such a record is very simple; force-quit your game if you sense that you’ve got no chance of winning against your opponent. Restart the game and login again and you wouldn’t have taken the loss from that last game. The drawback here is that you won’t get a free card pick, but this is what you’ve got to do if you want a foolproof way of having a clean slate.

8. Get Enough Energy Cards

When you start out a season, you’ll need to have some Energy Cards; this allows you to be competitive against your opponents. Generally speaking, you can start one season if you have at least ten Energy Cards, so as to allow everyone to play up to potential. Again, it’s important that you slot your players in their preferred position, and that you refill their energy every few games or so.

9. Try To Fill Up Your Team Meter

Your team meter, or the rarity meter in other words, should ideally be almost full. If that’s the case, that means you should have a strong deck, one that can hold its own against other human players.