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Nexon Launches ‘Godzilla Defense Force’ on iOS and Android

Godzilla is possibly one of the most iconic monsters in existence. It has numerous incarnations over the decades, and it continues to be everyone’s favorite when it comes to terrorizing entire cities. Nexon’s latest base management game Godzilla Defense Force lets players live through the carnage of all the versions of the monster, and it is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

godzilla defense force

Godzilla Defense Force is a combination of base management and card collection. Players must defend major cities like London, Sydney, and, of course, Tokyo. Monsters from 29 different movies will be wreaking havoc on the cities, including the first one from Godzilla 1954. Once these monsters have been defeated, players will be able to collect them as Monster Cards. The cards can then be used as skills or buffs in other stages of the game.

You can also collect Godzilla cards in Godzilla Defense Force. You can use these cards to summon Godzilla during battles. Those who want to learn more about the different monsters can unlock the Codex and read all about them. The game also offers multiple battle systems that will keep players busy for hours.

If this all sounds interesting to you, then go ahead and download Godzilla Defense Force from the App Store or Google Play. The game is free to play with in-app purchases.