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Neo Monsters Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become Champion

NTT Resonant’s new mobile game called Neo Monsters has an interesting promise, and that’s the ability for you to capture and evolve over 900 animated monsters. As you’ve inherited your late uncle’s monster ranch, your goal in this iOS game is to capture and train monsters, build a team with them and challenge “powerful” rivals as you strive to become champion of the Monster Leagues. There are six leagues you can fight through in order to become champion, as well as 140 optional online missions that allow you to hone your skills and practice.

As you can see, this is another one of those Pokemon-styled games, where the main mechanic is collecting monsters and pitting them against each other, with the ability to make those monsters better as you move along. And since these games can be quite detailed, we’ve also got something you might want to check out before playing the game – a short, yet complete Neo Monsters strategy guide, as well as some tips and tricks.

1. The Higher Your Level, The More Monsters You Can Have

Many Pokemon-style games limit the number of monsters you can have on your team, or the number of monsters you can collect. Neo Monsters, on the other hand, can have you collecting a long, long list of monsters, and the question of “how many” will all depend on how high your level is.

2. What To Do If You’ve Got Some Monsters Down?

This rings true especially for beginners; if one of your main monsters goes down, that allows the ones behind them to hit the battlefield. This requires you to carefully analyze the stats and attributes of each monster as you arrange them smartly and make sure your first four is always forward.

3. Get Rid Of Weak Monsters

You may be pleased with your current batch of monsters, but as you meet more powerful ones, your interest in them may wane. Soon you may have some monsters who keep riding the bench as your front line is composed exclusively of the best of the best monsters out there. So if you see a monster that’s labeled as “Rare” feel free to boot one-star, or even two-star monsters that won’t get you too far in the grand scheme of things.

4. Focus On Combos During Training

You’ll get a power boost if you activate a combo during training. Snce training points are very limited, combos would be an especially good facet of the game to focus on. You will use them, after all, quite extensively regardless of your opponent.

5. Keep Your Elemental Bases Covered

Lastly, your lineup of monsters should be as balanced as possible in an elemental sense. Your opponents will likely be doing the exact same thing, so make it a point that each element is represented on your team. Also, check your team if you’ve got too many monsters of one element, because if you do, you’ll also want to cut them in favor of a rare monster.