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Afterpulse Tips & Cheats: 9 Killer Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Afterpulse is one of the more popular new mobile games to come out this month, though as of this moment, we’ve yet to see a version arrive for Android devices. It is currently an iOS-only title where your goal is to either bring peace back in a not-so-distant future where world leaders are deploying elite squads to fight each other, or to willingly join in – and trigger – what Gamevil calls “the largest armed conflict in history.” This is a third-person shooter game where you can create your own character, customize headgear, armor, equipment, and other devices, and “power up, combine, and evolve 35 primary and secondary weapons” with a “limitless” number of possibilities. Additionally, there are different battle styles to choose from, and as we said last time, it’s best to try all of them at least once.

We’ve already given you a list of Afterpulse tips and tricks before, but we’ve got more right here, as a game this intense and in-depth certainly deserves another batch of strategies.

1. Don’t Just Move, Stick Together Too

Last time around, we told you about the importance of moving around and making yourself elusive. But apart from that, you should also try to stick with one player or more on your team. In fact, if you can stick together to three or more players, you’ll only be better for doing so. There is strength in numbers, and that means more damage against other groups. And if you should get separated from your group, play it conservatively and avoid taking on large groups solo; it’s important that you try to survive in such a tight situation.

2. Make A Quick Switch If You Can’t Reload Right Away

We also talked about why you should reload regularly. But it’s actually faster to switch weapons, and you may actually want to do that instead of reloading if you notice your enemy is currently in the process of reloading. As they’re going to be busy loading their weapons with more bullets, you may switch to your pistol for a simple, yet quick and effective attack.

3. Be Familiar With Your Primary Weapon

It’s not enough that you choose a weapon because it looks cool, or is cool to use. Because what use is a cool weapon if you don’t understand it fully? Make sure you know the ins and outs of your primary weapon; this may include, but not be limited to the number of bullets in its clip, its maximum range, and the number of shots you should fire with it to kill most enemies. Afterpulse allows you to easily check important details and statistics about your weapon, so make the most out of your available resources.

4. Be Familiar With Your Enemies’ Weapons Too

Researching on your weapon is half the battle. You should also use whatever free time you have to check information on other weapons you might not own; you’ll never know when an enemy will be using it and targeting you with it. Also be sure that you’re choosing a weapon that gives you an advantage over that of the enemy, and that you’re tailoring your strategy to avoid situations where you know you’re going to get killed quickly. For example, you’ll want to kill snipers with machine guns, instead of using those guns in close-contact situations where there are a lot of people nearby.

5. Move Backwards If The Enemy Keeps Killing You

Battle with certain enemies so intense that you’re getting killed all the time? If this sounds like you, then you should pull back and not get into a fight just yet. Not only do you live to fight another battle, you also reduce the accuracy of the enemy’s weapon, without you having to worry about significant damage.

6. Mop-Up Duty

What do we mean by mop-up duty? Before we explain this a little further, we should add that this tip is best used in Deathmatch. So if you’ve got other teammates fighting in a close-contact battle, or enemies focusing on each other but not on you, you may sneak in and do some mop-up work. That’s going for the quick and easy kill after someone else had softened them up, so to say.

Additionally, you should fire at anyone who may have killed an opponent before they’re able to find a hiding and healing place. And it’s not too bad to be on the opposite side of the fence, racking up Kill Assists; these are basically consolations if you aren’t able to bag the kill yourself, but Kill Assists do count for points, and you’ll need as many points as you could to help you rank higher.

7. Complete The Daily Challenges

The game comes with its share of daily challenges, and it is strongly advised that you try to complete all five dailies made available in a day. You get a new challenge for each of the five you’re able to complete, and you get 20 gold units for accomplishing it. Finishing the dailies is usually a quick and easy process that wouldn’t take more than an hour.

8. Make Use Of Your Special Weapons Wisely

As you move forward, you’ll also get access to throw-able weapons such as knives and grenades. They won’t do as much damage as gunfire, but using them intelligently could make them an invaluable part of your arsenal. Grenades, of course, are best flung at large groups; a grenade attack could set the proverbial table, instead of gunfire. If you fire first, you’re sure to attract undue attention and make yourself more vulnerable against your opponents.

It’s also best to use your special weapons, e.g. grenades, only against other human players, as opposed to AI-controlled opponents.

9. Login Every Day

In order to take part in the daily challenges, you’ll need to login to the game at least once per day. But there are a few other benefits to everyday logins, including 250 gold units if you’re able to complete five days in a row playing Afterpulse at least a few minutes a day.