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Swipe Me Out! Tips, Cheats & Guide for Getting Your Monsters Out of the Dungeons

Swipe Me Out! is a new game by Inventain Mobile for iOS devices that is simply described as a crazy arcade game where you have to guide tiny monsters through dungeon mazes with your fingers. That’s really all there is to say about it, aside from the creators telling you about the mechanics (swipe in the right direction to unlock doors) and that this game was released in time for Halloween. It’s quite a simple, casual monster-themed game where your swipes will lead the monsters out of a lava-filled dungeon, and just as they always say with these types of games, it’s easy to learn but hard to master.

Having trouble leading the monsters out of the dungeon? Stuck somewhere in the game and can’t move forward? Never fear, because our compilation of Swipe Me Out! tips and tricks are here to lend a helping hand.

1. It May Sound Silly, But Slow Down

Swipe Me Out! is one of those casual games that tests how quickly you can escape from a certain situation, but that doesn’t mean you should rush, rush, rush and try to move as fast as possible at all times. Instead, you may want to balance speed with strategy and slow it down a bit. Remember that when the doors open, only one of them won’t contain any lava in it, and that’s where you want to go. Look at each of the doors as they open, and don’t rush, because that might result in you getting trapped by that lava.

2. Watch Out For Traps

Lava, obviously, is the primary trap you’ll need to watch out for. But there are more that you’ll have to deal with, starting with fireballs, which are shot from the walls; they are shot out in a specific pattern, so do watch for that to find an opening. Electric walls can emerge between two yellow balls, and all you have to do is wait for the wall to go down before swiping. Similar to the walls, you should wait until the spikes go down before swiping through these time-tested traps. Lastly, moving platforms slide back and forth across the water, and you’ll want to wait till they’re in the middle before making your move.

3. Play With Your Finger Near The Bottom, And Pressed After A Swipe-Through

When picking out doors to go through, you should make sure that your view isn’t obstructed at all. As such, the best way to play this game is to keep your finger near the bottom of your phone or tablet’s screen. Additionally, some have suggested that you should tap and hold after each swipe, allowing you to swipe faster in the succeeding room.

4. Beware Of False Alarm Doors

If you enter a room that doesn’t have four doors inside, you’ll want to watch out for some unexpected surprises. That would require you to think beyond the obvious, as the right way may not be behind one of the doors after all, but on a wall where there wasn’t any door previously. Be very careful, as the door you think may be the real thing might lead to a trap.

Do you know some other tips and tricks for Swipe Me Out! that we haven’t listed here? Have some suggestions for progressing faster in the game? If you have some hints for fellow Swipe Me Out! players, don’t hesitate to contact us!