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NBA Live Mobile Guide & Tips: How to Pull Off Player Moves

We’ve already shared with you some general tips that can help you manage your team successfully in NBA Live Mobile. But what about the moves you see on television and in console or PC basketball games – how can you execute them on mobile? We’re going to tell you how in a bit, but first, let’s talk you through the game in case this is the first time you’re reading about it. NBA Live Mobile is an Android and iOS game from Electronic Arts, and it is to the NBA Live series what MyNBA2K16 is to the NBA 2K series of 2K Sports. And while there are trading card game mechanics involved, as getting players through player packs is the main method in making your team better, there’s also 3D action involved, where you can get to control your players.

Indeed, that’s going to take us right to the heart of our next NBA Live Mobile strategy guide – how can you pull those moves off and confound your opponents? We will show you how, as we take a look at several special moves and how to execute them in the game.

Behind The Back

The first move in this alphabetical list, unfortunately, is one of the trickiest to complete. But it is doable, if you’ve got precise timing and work quickly. Ideally, you’ll want to do this if controlling a point guard; move down the court and make a quick direction change and you’ll have your player doing a behind-the-back dribble.


It’s a simple shot, but arguably a classic way to have a better chance at scoring two points with the defense on you. Create some space for you to move around, go to the baseline, and press shoot so your player fades away and goes for a shot.

HesitationThis is one good way to fool your defenders – it looks like you’re not sure whether you want to shoot or not, but you eventually go for it. For a hesitation move, stay where you are on the floor and hit Drive once. This will allow your player to free himself up for a jumper. Normally, it’s best to use this move if you’re controlling a point guard, shooting guard, or small forward.

Post Shot

Typically, your post players are your power forwards and centers, though it’s not impossible to post up if you’ve got a smaller player with the right skill set. In order to shoot a fadeaway or hook shot from the post, drive in with your player, and with your back to the basket, hit the Shoot button.

Post Spin

Again, make sure you’ve got the dribbler with his back to the basket. Back down your defender, double tap on Drive, and swipe up right away so you can lay up the ball or go for a dunk from the post.

Post Up And Under

This is the trickiest of the post moves, but it will soon become second nature – as long as you’ve practiced this a bit, it’ll be easier than you think. Head to the post animation, but make sure you aren’t facing the basket. Tap on Shoot once so your player fakes a hook shot, and once you see that animation, quickly tap on Shoot a second time so you can do an up-and-under move.

Spin Lay-Up

We’ll be talking about spin moves in general up next, but when it comes to the spin lay-up, you’ll only have to double-tap Drive. Complete the spin move and hit the Shoot button so you can go for a lay-up.

Spin Move

In order to pull off a general spin move, all you have to do is to tap on the Drive button. But it’s not a matter of tapping it any time you please; you’ll need to time things perfectly in order to throw off your defender. Momentum does help a lot when doing this. It’s best to go for the spin move if you see the defender coming your way; this will allow you to get an easy dunk or lay-up, or if you’re farther away from the basket, a mid-range shot.


While all of the above player moves pertain to shots, we shall close out with a defensive move that isn’t always easy to do in basketball games. But in this mobile game, one thing you will notice is that you don’t have a Steal button to work with. What you will have to do instead is to hit the Guard button so you can reach in on your opponent; you may want to tap on that button repeatedly for better chances at a steal. Somehow, the game doesn’t call too many reach-in fouls, so you can be aggressive with your tapping, but if you’re trying to steal on a double-team, we suggest you don’t, as fouls are much more likely to be called in that situation.


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