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NBA Live Mobile Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 9 Hints You Need to Know

2K Sports has MyNBA2K16 for mobile, but Electronic Arts has its own mobile version of its iconic basketball video game franchise – NBA Live Mobile. The game is available for Android and iOS, and while we are obviously in the homestretch of the season, with the NBA Finals currently ongoing, the game does promise a chance for you to connect to the NBA all year round in daily live events supposedly based on real NBA teams, players, and in-season action. The game also promises full 5-on-5 action and 3D gameplay, though the trading card game mechanics of similar titles are also included in here. In this game you can choose your favorite NBA franchise, and as the team’s GM, you can open packs and acquire real NBA players – not just current ones, but also legends from the past. You can also play multiple season as you try to build your franchise and make it a winner.

We’ve just given you a few of the game’s key features, but you’re probably waiting for something you can use when playing this game – a complete NBA Live Mobile strategy guide. We’ve got it right here, so read on and check out our list of NBA Live Mobile tips, tricks and cheats if you’re looking for that edge in the game.

1. Learn The Pure Basics

So you’re just starting out in the game and not sure what to do. Not a problem, as the game will prompt you to choose your favorite NBA team, just as we said when we were summarizing the game description. As general manager, you can add present-day players to your team, or you can also add some players from previous decades, such as the ‘90s, for instance. This all happens as you open more card packs. But when it comes to setting up your team, it’s not simply about choosing the best players. You also have to make sure that your players mesh well with each other, which will be important if you want to have a lineup with the best chance of winning.

2. You Can Change Your Team If You Don’t Like It

So you’ve chosen your team, played as them for quite some time, but are looking for another team to manage for one reason or another. NBA Live Mobile allows you to do that, and it’s so cleverly hidden in the menus that some mistake it for a cheat. It actually isn’t – just go to the Options menu and look at the second row. It won’t be easy to notice, but you can then select any other team without having to pay any real-life or in-game money.

3. Keep Your Roster Upgraded

It doesn’t stop at the point when you’ve got a talented team that plays nice with each other in the in-game world. Of course, you want those players to become better over time, and you can do this by upgrading your roster and spending coins for it. As long as you can afford those upgrades, go for it, and keep adding more talented players to your lineup if they become available.

4. Try Your Luck At The Player Auction

Like similar basketball management games for mobile, NBA Live Mobile has an auction feature which you should use if you’re looking to add more new players and replace the weaker ones you currently have. Yes, it could be hard to play the auction, and it could be very challenging to get the players you really want, such as the likes of Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and others. But pay close attention to the timer, and try to bid as close as possible to this timer’s expiration. If you bid too early, you may trigger a fierce bidding war before things are expected to heat up. And speaking of things heating up, you’ll want to be aggressive after making that initial bid for the best chances of winning some high-quality players.

5. How To Get More Coins

We may soon be offering you a separate guide on how to earn more in-game currency, but while we’re in the middle of this guide, we might as well give you a taster of what’s to come. You can earn coins organically by playing a game – regardless whether you win or lose, you’ll earn some coins after the game, with more coins going to you if you win. But there are also achievements for you to accomplish. Go to the top left side of your screen to access the achievements menu, view the list of achievements, and see the rewards associated with each of them. Not only can you earn some coins by completing them, but you may also end up with more of those all-important player packs.

6. How To Get More Player Packs

Player packs are your key to improvement, or at least one of the more important ones. So how can you get more player packs without having to spend a single thing? You can play the Obstacle Drill and complete it – it’s as simple as that, and once you’ve completed the drill, you may either win coins, trophies, or a free card pack. Likewise, you can take part in practices, which may sound pretty much meaningless (especially if your name is Allen Iverson), but actually give you a chance to get coins and packs for free. Yes, practice is actually important in real life, but so is it in this game.

7. Save Up Your Currency

It’s a no-brainer – the game won’t suggest the easy way to do things, but rather encourage you to be patient. When it comes to improving your team’s lineup, it’s good practice to save as much in-game currency as possible. Once you’ve saved up enough, you can go spring for a star player that may turn the tide for your team, or you can even buy more than one player to make doubly (or triply) sure that your lineup is strong enough to beat most, if not all your opponents.

8. Tweak The Lineup Yourself

We understand that not everyone who plays this game may be familiar with the NBA. If that’s the case, you can start out by having the game automatically select your own lineup, so that you can be sure of having a talented team that gels on court. But if you know your NBA, or if you’ve been playing the game for some time, we certainly won’t suggest relying on the game’s simplistic AI. Instead, make the changes yourself so you can fine-tune your lineup and also take a look at all the relevant stats.

9. Should You Invest In NBA Cash?

NBA Cash is the game’s most premium form of currency, and right now, the only available option is to buy it with your REAL cash. Is it a worthy investment, though? If you have the real-life money to burn on it, we suggest buying the starter package, which costs $6.99 and gives you 500 NBA Cash. (The most expensive package, in case you’re wondering, costs a whopping $139.99 and gives you 12,000 NBA Cash.) Spend that currency on player packs, but do NOT, in any event, use it to restore your energy so you can take part in more practices and games. Going back to an earlier tip, patience is a virtue.