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Phantom of the Kill Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Fight Your Way to Glory

Gumi’s new game Phantom of the Kill is described as the definitive strategy RPG for Android and iOS devices. It is a tactical role-playing game combining “strategy with drama,” and you’ll be joining warriors that are actually named after their own weapons; according to Gumi, there are more than 50 unit classes and six weapon types, giving you “endless” possibilities when it comes to forming your party. Weapons include axes, lances, swords, and a whole lot more, while units include dragoons, swordmasters, mages, gunners, and more; those are just a few of the features you can enjoy when playing Phantom of the Kill.

In terms of the game’s mechanics, you’ll be playing on a tiled battlefield in turn-based battle, and Gumi is serious when it says the moves require a lot of tactical strategy – one tiny mistake could cause your entire mission to fail. So how do you not fail in those missions? How do you play this game and get better at it? We’ve got what you need here, in the form of our Phantom of the Kill strategy guide. Let’s get to those tips, which we have written mostly with the first-time player in mind.

1. How Does The Weapon System Work?

The weapon system in Phantom of the Kill is very similar to classic Rock Paper Scissors mechanics, but instead of the usual elements found in other RPGs, the weapons here are Swords, Axes, and Lances. Swords beat Axes, Axes beat Lances, and Lances beat Swords – easy as that, and easy to remember when you’re choosing a hero to face an enemy. There are other weapon classes in here, including Staffs and Bows, though they’re not included in the mechanic we told you about; Staffs are mainly used for healing, while Bows, of course, are used for your ranged attacks. If you can’t find anyone who’s strong against a certain enemy unit, you can go with the mirrored approach, e.g. Axe vs. Axe.

2. Getting Rid Of The Cutscenes

Some gamers like cutscenes, while others find them to be a nuisance after they’ve seen a few of them in any given game. Phantom of the Kill is quite rich in cutscenes, and they show up whenever a hero attacks an enemy unit, or the opposite happens. And yes, it can get to be a nuisance and an interference to gameplay. Still, you can work around this by going to the bottom right of the battle screen; you can change the battle speed and double or triple it. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get rid of the cutscenes, but you can reduce it to a mere few seconds, which shouldn’t be much of a bother.

3. The Advantages Of Flying Heroes

Some heroes are capable of flying, much like your average RPG character would ride on their pets and look as epic as possible. In this game, heroes who can fly while riding atop dragons can flank enemies who are near water tiles, which should give you a good advantage in those situations. Think about it this way – regular ground units have no choice but to avoid water, only moving normally while on the ground. But flying units can fly over the water and fill in the gaps, attacking enemies regular units wouldn’t be able to hit. Take advantage of the capabilities of your flying units, as having them ride on pets (or dragons in this case) is often more than just a good way to look cool.

4. Take A Good Look At How Your Leader Affects Your Team

You will notice that some of the hero units have Leader abilities that could passively affect your team in a good way. You’ll have to look closely at your leader and see how they’re affecting your team; if your current leader doesn’t offer enough benefits, you can easily replace them with someone else. Feel free to experiment with different configurations and different leaders, until you find the hero who can “lead” your team the best.

5. Still, Leader Choice Isn’t An Issue Early On

The best time to experiment with leaders is in the early goings of the game; your choice of leader won’t matter much in battle in the early stages, as compared to the later, more difficult stages. But it’s important that you figure out the best leader for your team once you’re done with the easy stages, because once you face up against tougher opponents, your choice of leader will have much more bearing.

6. Gather The Halos

You will also notice halo-like objects in the battlefield, and if you see one, you should move your friendly units over them. Once you do so that’s going to give those units some good bonuses – good, but not great, might we add. Oftentimes, the bonuses wouldn’t be worth your entire army’s efforts, but it may be a good idea to chase those objects and collect them if you’ve got an archer that can move to the side for a bonus when they can’t fire at an enemy while behind the front line.

For now these would be our tips and tricks for Phantom of the Kill. Do you know more hints for the game? Feel free to share those hints with us in the comments section below!