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My Talking Angela 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Keep Angela Happy and Healthy

Outfit7 is a game studio known mostly for its virtual pet games such as My Talking Tom 2 and My Talking Tom Friends. The developer has recently released a new installment from the popular My Talking franchise, which is currently available on Android and iOS.

The new title is called My Talking Angela 2 and it follows the main character, Angela in her day-to-day life. For those who don’t know, Angela is a stylish white-coated kitty who likes to travel and enjoys spending time perfecting her hobbies.

Your job in My Talking Angela 2 is to take care of Angela and make sure her needs are met so that she can thrive and reach her full potential. You’ll basically act as her virtual butler, as you’ll be overseeing her bathing routine, help with brushing her coat, prepare her meals and more. Moreover, players can also dress Angela up, do her hair, makeup and decorate her small apartment to suit their own tastes.

going to bed in my talking angela 2

My Talking Angela 2 provides players with a casual experience that is perfect for anyone looking to relax. It’s virtually impossible to do wrong in this game, so if you’re looking for something more challenging perhaps it might be best to look somewhere else.

If you’ve chosen to take up My Talking Angela 2 after all, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a lot to do in this little game. To make sure you’ve got everything covered, we put together a comprehensive My Talking Angela 2 beginner’s guide which contains a series of tips and tricks that will help you take care of Angela to the best of your abilities.

1. Prioritize Angela’s Wellbeing

Ok, so the main goal in this game is to keep Angela alive and happy. To do this you’ll need to cater to her basic needs. This includes taking care of her hygiene, making sure she has enough food to eat when hungry and administering the right kind of medicine when she feels under the weather. You also have to ensure Angela gets enough sleep or else she will lack the energy to do anything else. 

To this end, you’ll have to monitor Angela throughout the day to confirm her stats are not hitting any critical points. Keep an eye on the buttons at the bottom of the display and intervene whenever you notice them changing color from green to yellow or worse to red. 


resting in my talking angela 2

Whenever you see percents dropping, step in and give Angela a helping hand. The first button in the lower side of the display shows Angela’s level of energy. As she progresses throughout the day, her energy will start to wean until she’s finally ready to go to bed and rest. To put Angela to sleep, simply drag her towards the bed in her room and tap on the bedside lamp to turn off the lights. 

Once she’s asleep, you’ll have to wait a while for her energy to start regenerating. Fully restoring her “joie de vivre” takes some time, so you can go ahead and take a break from the game and focus on something else while you wait. 


my talking angela 2 hunger

The next button is the Food button and tapping on it will take you to the kitchen. Here you can quickly have Angela gulp up some of food that is available for eating. The alternative is to go shopping for fresh items by tapping on the fridge. You’ll need to spend gold coins when you go grocery shopping. 

You can also purchase potions which can fill you up instantly, but these require you to spend a scanty resource called Gems. If you’ve purchased food from the store, you can go ahead and try to make smoothies. Tap on the blender and add two fruits or other items to make a juice. It will fill a big chunk of Angela’s satiety meter and will also give her some funny side-effects.


my talking angela 2 hygiene

Tapping the third button takes you to Angela’s bathroom so you can take care of her hygiene needs. Drag your kitty to the toilet and let her do her business, and then help her brush her teeth. If you notice a green cloud coming off Angela, then it’s time to take a bath. 

On the other hand, if she starts acting strange like for example, her paws suddenly turn red, that’s a sign you need to visit the medicine cabinet ASAP. Fortunately, you have all the stuff you need to make her feel better in there, just make sure you pick the right remedy.

2. Play The Mini-Games

How do you spend the bulk of your day after you’ve catered to Angela’s basic needs? Well, there are a bunch of mini-games you can play which yield rewards including Gems, as well as gold. Go to her bedroom and tap on the gaming console sitting on the chair on the right. There are four mini-games to check out:

Sliding Pets – This mini-game is reminiscent of Tetris. You have to create full lines of blocks using new ones that are being added from the bottom. You can collapse the blocks sitting on top on the lower layers by sliding your fingers. Just make sure the blocks can fit the openings below.

my talking angela 2 sliding pets mini-game

The goal is to prevent the stack of blocks from reaching the top of the display. The game is simple enough to start with but gets more challenging as you play on. To succeed, make sure you really think through your next moves, don’t just drop blocks randomly. Try and visualize the consequences of a move before making it on the board, and don’t rush. The game is not timed, so you have all the time you need to think before acting. 

Snack Baskets – In Snack Baskets you have to keep an eye on a conveyor which brings over various food items and organize them into two baskets. The yummy edible ones go into the basket on the right so swipe right to drop them there. The trash items should go on the left, so swipe left. 

my talking angela 2 snack baskets

Good items will glow yellow, while spoiled food will glow green. Try to remember that, and you’ll be able to play a lot faster. A third type of item appears now and again. It’s candy which is a bonus item. When you spot one quickly swipe upwards and you’ll get to collect extra coins. 

Donut Spin –This mini-game revolves around a stack of donuts. All you have to do is position a tiny character on the special strip that shows up on each of these donut layers. Once the hero touches that particular spot, which is marked with white, the donut layer will disappear, allowing it to fall on the next layer and so on.

my talking angela 2 donut spin

The overall goal is to reach the bottom without hitting any of the obstacles that show up on the donut layers. Your best bet with this game is to work fast by spinning the donut layers quickly and aiming the hero towards the exit spot. Don’t second guess yourself, or you’ll end up missing the mark and you’ll have to start all over again. 

Sleepy Bugs – In this mini-game you have to spot clusters of bugs of the same color. Once you do, just swipe your finger over them to get rid of them from the board. You need at least 3 bugs to make a combination. Keep your eyes peeled, as some bugs need to be removed before a timer runs out. Fail to do so, and you’ll need to restart the game.

There are a bunch of other activities you can engage in around the apartment which you might not notice at first. For example, in the bedroom tap on the painting hanging above the bed. This will open up another mini-game during which you have to color the picture using the various types of color crayons. 

Alternatively, don’t forget to use the blender in the kitchen to make smoothies, a food item that can fill up Angela very quickly. 

Playing these mini-games and engaging in other activities around the house is useful because of the rewards you can get. This way you can win gold coins, as well as flight tokens – a resource that will be discussed in section 4.

3. Engage In Ad Watching Whenever It Suits Your Needs

We’ll be frank with you – My Talking Angela is overflowing with ads. You can’t do much without one popping up. So if you want to play this game, you better make peace with the idea that you will be interrupted constantly.

Given that this is the case, you should also know that you can use these ads to your advantage for more variety, but also better rewards.

watching ad in my talking angela 2

For example, when you’re giving Angela a bath you have several choices when it comes to soap. For instance, you can add a bath bomb to her water to make things a little bit more fun. However, this item is not available for free. 

You will have to watch an ad to unlock it first. Sure, the regular free soap option does its job just fine, but if you want to spice your gaming sessions up there’s always new products that can be unlocked simply by watching ads. 

The same goes for your toothbrush and paste, as well as other items including makeup items (which we will talk about in section 6), as well as new paintings and additional crayons.

my talking angela 2 double coins

Moreover, every time you finish a mini-game, you’ll get the opportunity to double your yearnings by watching a quick ad. We suggest you take that offer up whenever possible, as to ensure you boost your cash reserve. Coins can be spent on getting food, bath products, accessories and more, so make sure you hoard them as much as possible. 

my talking angela 2 ad bundle

Also in each room, you’ll notice an Ad bundle that’s waiting to be tapped. For example, in the bathroom there’s an ad gift on the floor next to the tub. Watch the ad and you’ll be able to spin the wheel and win a free prize. It can be anything from a free food item or flight tokens to gold coins or even the jackpot. 

Watching ads can also get you bundles of free resources. Check the game’s Shop and scroll towards the bottom until you find the ad offers. There, you can watch ads in exchange for flight tokens, coins and activity tokens. The last resource is needed to unlock new hobby options. We’ll tell you more about that in a bit. 

4. Take Angela Travelling All Over The World

Angela is an adventurous white kitty who like all Instagram influencers these days, loves to travel around the world and shop. 

Make sure you take her on trips abroad to unlock nice gift bundles. To go on trips you need to accumulate a number of flight tokens that will enable you to buy a flight ticket to your destination.

my talking angela 2 travelling

You can win flight tokens for most activities performed around the house including eating, grooming, painting and more. So don’t be static, keep an eye on Angela’s needs and do your best to fulfill them. 

If you cater to her needs diligently and keep her entertained, you’ll be able to save up for a flight ticket in no time. Moreover, engaging in hobbies can also supplement your flight token reserve quite nicely.

Travelling to a remote location brings some nice rewards along including new outfits, coins, as well as activity tokens. Keep travelling if you want to expand your wardrobe. 

5. Style Angela And Her Home

My Talking Angela 2 is a cool game to play, but it can get a little boring after you’ve been at it for a while. To make things more exciting, you can try giving Angela a makeover. Head on to the closet by tapping on the hairbrush icon at the bottom of the display.

my talking angela 2 dressing room

You’ll be taken to Angela’s dressing room where you can do various things including:

Change hairstyle – Users can opt for another hair color or hairstyle for Angela. There’s an ad box that offers a fresh new hairstyle in various colors if you are willing to watch an ad.

my talking angela 2 hairstyle

Equip new outfits – Angela has a pretty big wardrobe and you can choose her next outfit. Change her into a dress, or perhaps you’d prefer to see her in something sportier like a shirt and jeans combinations. You can also add some accessories like hats or sunglasses.

Of course, don’t forget to equip your stylish kitty with shoes. Just keep in mind that a lot of these options aren’t available right away. You’ll have to travel to unlock them. But if you want something new to try on immediately, you can tap on the ad bag lying on the floor and you’ll receive a free clothing piece.

Just remember one thing, if you’re hoping for a new dress, tap the dress in the wardrobe first then the ad bag, so as to get this particular type of clothing. Once you’ve unlocked a new outfit, you can change its pattern and colors by tapping on the green edit button at the bottom of the display. 

Apply makeup – Take Angela to the mirror and apply some makeup on her. You can use mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and more. Get creative with her face and try out several looks.

applying makeup in my talking angela 2

You have plenty to work with, but if that’s not enough for you and you want more, you can always watch an ad and unlock more lipstick colors or additional eye shadow options. Tap on the ad bundle on the right and you’ll get a new full makeup look just by watching a quick ad.

Brush her coat – Angela needs you to take care of her coat as well. In the dressing room you’ll notice a brush on the table on the right. Use it on her to give her coat a clean and smooth look. You’ll get some extra flight tokens for your effort. 

my talking angela 2 brush

When your done styling Angela, you can switch your attention to her apartment. You can renovate her rooms by tapping on the painting gear icon in the lower right side of the display. Next tap on pieces of furniture and see what options to replace them are available for you. 

The only problem with decorating Angela’s apartment is that all these upgrades costs Gems. Gems are scarce in this game, and it’s pretty hard to get ahold of them. Most renovation will cost at least 20 Gems, so performing just a couple will easily drain the stash you’ve worked hard to build. 

6. Focus On Hobbies When You’re Not Travelling

Tired of playing the mini-games in Angela’s room? Switch it up a little bit and go focus on your hobbies instead. Tap on the City icon in the lower right corner of the display and visit the locations that are open. 

baking cupcakes in my talking angela 2

You can stop by the bakery and learn how to bake cupcakes and other sweets. Complete your training for a particular dessert, and you can unlock a new one. In return you’ll get extra flight tokens as well as access to new clothing items. 

Alternatively, you can visit the music shop where you can learn to play various instruments including guitar, piano and more. Master each one and you’ll be able to unlock more prizes. 

my talking angela 2 music shop

You can also check out the dance school and learn some moves in exchange for more rewards. All these activities will help you acquire travel tokens faster, so make sure you alternate between them and your gaming sessions in order to get ahold of more resources.

my talking angela 2 dance school

With this last tip we conclude our My Talking Angela 2 beginner’s guide and we certainly hope that our tips and tricks have proven helpful to you while learning how to best take care of Angela. If you want to share something out of what you experience in this game, we’re eager to hear what you have to say, so don’t hesitate to do so in the comment section below!


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