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My Talking Tom Friends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Keep Your Adorable Pets Happy and Healthy

Outfit7, the company behind the Talking Tom and Friends flagship franchise, has recently unveiled a new title in the series called My Talking Tom Friends. Touted as offering a novel approach in the genre and uniting six iconic characters in a play-as-you-want sandbox experience, the game targets those who enjoy a casual Tamagotchi-style gameplay.

My Talking Tom Friends was so highly anticipated by the fandom that it amassed over 13 million pre-registrations worldwide, thus setting a company record. On launch day, the game generated 9.5 million downloads proving a smash hit right from the start.

The new simulation game revolves on the day-to-day lives of the main character named Tom (a cat) and his best friends who are all sharing a comfortable home in a quiet town. As the player, you will be in charge of the gang’s wellbeing. To cater to their needs, you will have to start tapping on the speech bubbles that appear above each character to see what they want at that specific moment.

my talking tom friends strategies

It could be that they are hungry or in need or a bath or perhaps they wish to engage in an activity like singing or playing in the sandbox. When an activity is completed, players receive rewards which appear inside transparent bubbles. These can be either stars or bus tokens and both are needed to be able to advance in the game.

Overall, the two main goals in this game revolve around taking care of whatever Tom and his friends require and mastering mini games and challenges so that you can collect rewards. Now while My Talking Tom Friends is not the type of game that makes losing a frequent scenario to come by, you will still have to have a strategy to ensure your pets are kept happy and safe.

To this end, we have come up with a beginner’s guide for My Talking Tom Friends that puts together a series of tips and tricks meant to help you figure out what this game is all about and how to play it in the most effective way possible.

1. Unlock All The Characters

The game begins with you being Tom’s chaperon, but soon more furry buddies who need fending after will start appearing around the house, the first one being Angela the white cat. How do you unlock new pets? Well you don’t need to do anything special really.

Simply play the game by keeping track and fulfilling Tom and Angela’s needs. As your pets keep moving in and out of the house doing activities and playing games, other characters will gradually be revealed. For example, when it’s time players will encounter Ben the pup chilling out in the bedroom area of the house.

how to unlock all characters in my talking tom friends

Once a new pet is unlocked he or she will be added to the character roaster which you can access by tapping on the button on the lower left side of the display. It’s a handy option which enables you to check on your gang’s needs in quick succession without having to look for each around the house in order to examine their respective speech bubbles.

Over the course of the game players will unlock a total of 6 pets who can be leveled up by having them interact with their favorite items. By doing so, you help them develop skills in five different categories: Arty, Brainy, Homey, Friendly, and Sporty. Improving these skills will allow your characters to unlock some nice rewards in the form of gift bags once they reach a certain threshold.

The basic idea is to continue playing as much as possible, starting with Tom and Angela at first, and as you do so you will slowly work your way towards unlocking new pets to join your crew. You can’t go wrong here!

2. Do All Kinds Of Activities To Earn Rewards

Activities are the essential component around which the dynamics of My Talking Tom Friends revolve. The basic ones have to do with keeping your furry friends in good physical conditions. This means you will help them bathe, use the toilet, cook, eat and get a shot in case they feel unwell.

how to earn more rewards in my talking tom friends

On the other hand, there are also fun activities which includes playing with a teddy bear, singing or using the pool. All these schemes take a few seconds to complete, and at the end of each players will be awarded stars, which in turn fill each pet’s star progress meter. To take a look at that, tap on the green chalkboard located in the living room. Each time a character completes a task from one of the five skill categories, the respective stars on the board will fill up little by little.

Next up, we are going to look at another type of activity your pets can engage in. This one will earn you stars, as well as bus tickets. In some occasions, when characters ask to do something you’ll notice a mini-game option is available. Tap the button with a controller on it and you will be able to access and play multi-level games to win bus tickets. These games can also be accessed via the Smart TV in the living room, so you can get extra bus tickets whenever you find yourself in need of more. There are five main mini-games you can choose to play:

how to complete mini-games in my talking tom friends

Berry Bounce (game can be accessed when interacting with the berry bush in the front yard): a new take on the classic platform ball games, where you have to use a ball to hit and collect a specific number of berries.

Guitar Ace (game can be accessed when interacting with the guitar prop in the living room): in this mini game players need to tap different colored buttons in quick succession as they show up on the display.

Sky Skater (game can be accessed when interacting with skateboard in the living room): the character rides a flying skateboard through the city and the goal is to gather as many coins and mini skateboards (which are worth 5 coins) as possible and avoid losing lives. You’ll have to be careful, as the game is riddled with obstacles including scaffoldings and birds.

Busy Bugs (game can be accessed when interacting with the sandbox in the back garden): players need to guide bugs of certain colors to their respective burrows, but one needs be very attentive, as no two bugs can clash on the board.

Snacks & Ladders (game can be accessed when interacting with the board game in the bedroom area): throw dice to move your pawn (blue one) on the board as you attempt to outrun your opponent (red) in the race to get to the final destination.

At the end of each game players will acquire a number of bus tickets, according to their performance. Watch an ad and the amount doubles. Speaking of ads, we’ll have to warn you that My Talking Tom Friends is filled with ads that pop from every direction. We won’t lie, it becomes very annoying, but if you like and want to play the game you will need to learn to tolerate them.

Last but not least, there’s another type of interactive activity available your pets. For example, when characters use items like the microscope or the easel you’ll have the option to play a basic game to win rewards. In the case of the microscope, you can earn bus tickets by margining smaller bacteria to produce larger ones. These games distinguish themselves from the other five through the fact that it’s impossible to fail while playing them. Therefore, our advice is to make sure you examine each item around the house to see whether or not you can play a game to earn more in-game currency.

3. Mind The Red Bubbles, These Are Urgent Needs

As you become more familiarized with the game you’ll soon realize there are two types of thought bubbles: normal and red.

my talking tom friends red bubbles

You can attend to the normal ones at your own pace, as there is no need to rush to complete them. But the red ones are a bit more time-sensitive, as they translate into urgent needs. These usually involve basic needs like having to use the toilet, being sick or wanting to go to bed. When these needs arise, your pet will be exclusively focused on them, so other activities – like talking to a friend – are out of the question.

Luckily, you can simply tap the bubble above your friends’ heads to quickly teleport them in the near vicinity of the item they need to interact with. So pay attention and when you see a red speech bubble make sure to hurry and attend to your pet’s needs. Or else you risk leaving your character unfulfilled and frustrated.

4. How To Speed Up Getting Skill Rewards

Make sure to check the board from time to time to see how your pets’ start meters are progressing. For each of the five skills (Arty, Brainy, Homey, Friendly, and Sporty), your characters can earn up to 3 stars.

Once you fill up one from a certain category, your character will receive a goodie bag filled with coins, bus tickets and one extra item. It can be anything from food, a toy or another object to be used around the house.

how to earn skill rewards in my talking tom friends

Each character has its own scores, so make sure you check them for each of your pets in turn. Since rewards are always super useful, if you notice that one of your characters almost completed a star under one skill, make him/her pick up an activity from the same area so you can quickly fill the star and the accompanying reward. For example, if you need a bit more to complete a task in Homey, have your pet go and cook something at the stove, even if he or she hasn’t requested that via a speech bubble.

Don’t know which tasks correlates with which skill? Pay attention the meter that fills up when you interact with a certain object, as it will show a ball icon for Sporty, a spatula for Homey, a puzzle piece for Brainy, two faces for Friendly and a color palette for Arty.

5. Take As Many Bus Trips As You Possibly Can

Going on a trip is always fun and it’s no different in My Talking Tom Friends. Once you’ve gather up enough bus tickets (by doing activities and playing games), you and your gang get to embark on the bus that’s sitting right outside your home and go for an adventure in the city.

my talking tom friends bus trip

When they arrive downtown your pets will be able to visit a number of stores, each focused on the 5 skills. You are encouraged to go and visit whichever is available (not all will be open at the same time) and pick out five gift bags from the rolling conveyor. This way you get to unlock new items for your house, as well as some gold coins and other stuff. When the new items are unwrapped, they are automatically transported to your house, where you will need to activate them.

Make sure you visit all the shops, so you can get stuff which will allow you to develop all the five skills your characters need to thrive in the game. Keep in mind that if one shop is not open at a given time, it will surely be available for business the next time you roll into town with the bus.

6. Customize Your Pets’ Looks

Speaking of which, during your shopping spree in town you might also be able to grab some extra outfits for your crew. You can then have your friends try them on by visiting the wardrobe at the house. Two clothing pieces are available from the beginning, but as you progress others will be unlocked.

Players can get their hands on outfits at the mall by choosing the appropriate shopping bags, or via skill rewards. Either way, the wardrobe is shared between all the characters, so once you unlock a new clothing piece, all your gang can benefit from it – one at a time, of course.

how to customize pet look in my talking tom friends

Want to add a special touch to your characters’ looks? Well then you might want to start spending all the gold coins you have accumulated so far. Gold coins usually come as skills rewards or can be hidden in the goodie bags at the mall.

When you have enough of them you can use this particular currency in exchange for special items in the game Shop. For example, a top hat costs 7500 gold coins. Players can purchase other items using the coins including a Pastel Fence for 750 coins or a Secret Den for 7,500 coins. In additions, coins can be spent towards getting extra bus tickets. For instance, 200 coins will get you 1,000 bus tickets, while 3,000 coins will unlock 15,000 bus tickets.

Last but not least, if you’re willing to spend some real world money in this game, you can always swipe your card and get some extra clothing items. Tap on the Shop icon in the upper left corner and you can take part in the Hot Summer Sale and in exchange for a certain sum unlock all kinds of new and cute outfits for your crew.

7. Grow Your Own Food

Your pets love a good meal and they will ask for one constantly throughout the game. Which is why it’s important to keep the fridge well stocked up.

Players can acquire food items by taking bus trips and unwrapping gift bags which will hopefully contain some really yummy stuff. But as you unlock more and more characters, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough food to feed everyone.

how to grow food in my talking tom friends

The good news is that you can grow your own food back at home, so you won’t have to worry about running out of sustenance for your pets.

Sometimes your bus trips might be able to provide a very useful item – plant seeds. These can be planted by your pets in their little yard to become edible stuff like cabbage, tomatoes and even cotton candy. By planting the garden, you also diversify the characters’ menu, as the options you can get from the mall are a bit limited.

Furthermore, there’s another option to put food on the table for your companions. Instruct your pets to eat the berries produced by the bush in the front yard. It’s a simple and easy way to feed your characters if you don’t have anything else to offer them at one point. As a last resort, you could buy food via the fridge using gold coins.

8. Spin The Wheel For Extra Goodies

We mentioned before that this game is filled with all kinds of ads, and there’s not much you can do to escape them. So maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try a use them to your advantage as much as you can. If you ever find yourself in need of extra coins, bus tickets or other goodies, go on and scan the house until you find the moving present that says Ad.

spinning the wheel in my talking tom friends

Tap on it, watch an ad and then spin the wheel for an opportunity to win in-game currency or something even better. You can repeat the action as many times as you want, if your nerves allow it, of course!

This wraps up our My Talking Tom Friends’ beginner’s guide, and we hope you found at least a few useful tips and tricks in there that will help you with your game progress. If you’ve played this game for a while now and you’ve discovered a strategy that we haven’t listed in this article, you’re more than welcome to share it with us all in the comment area!


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