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My Talking Tom 2 Guide (2023 Update): Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Keep Tom Happy and Healthy

Virtual Pets first became popular around 1995 with PF Magic’s release of Dogz and later Catz in 1996. This eventually led to the creation of more virtual pets such as Tamagotchi (1996) and Digimon (1997) and even a whole website dedicated to them such as Neopets (1999). To some people who cannot have real pets of their own due to various circumstances, this seemed to be the best alternative. As years passed by and the trend came and went, there were still a few developers who were eager to explore this gaming genre. One such company was Outfit7.

my talking tom 2 intro
A fun game to fill up your idle time!

Outfit7 was founded in July 2009 by a group of friends in Ljubljana, Slovenia to create mobile apps. Six months into the business, they eventually developed the “Talking Tom Cat” app, which repeated everything you say into a high-pitched voice. This app also allowed people to feed and pet the cat and gained large traction worldwide. It sparked a franchise that led to more games such as Talking Tom & Friends, My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank, and so on.

my talking tom 2 intro 2
What’s that peeking in the box?

Several years later, with the series of apps still going strong, Outfit7 created My Talking Tom 2 which features a baby Tom that grows up to an adult for every 5 levels you gain. Aside from being a simple virtual pet app, it now has several activities that any player can entertain themselves with for hours on end.

my talking tom 2 intro 3
What a cutie!

While My Talking Tom 2’s primary demographic is children, the game can provide a bit of challenge with its mini-games to everyone of all ages. To help players excel in the game while also imparting secrets we’ve discovered as we played, we created this Beginner’s Guide to Talking Tom 2!

Table of Contents

1. Keep Tom Happy

my talking tom 2 happy
Let’s put a smile on that face!

Keeping Tom happy is one of the most important things in the game and will help raise his levels so he can grow up. There are three things you can do to make him happy:

Play With Tom

playing with tom in my talking tom 2

Playing with Tom on his front porch is a good way to raise his happiness meter. You can do this by tapping on the Happiness Meter and then tapping on the purple and gold chest. These toys may occasionally break after using them for too long and will repair themselves after waiting for 30 minutes or watching an ad. This chest will allow you to play with Tom’s toys such as:


my talking tom 2 swings

You can play with Tom on his swings by pushing it so the swing will move to and fro, by pulling on the swings so it will move up and down, or by swinging it around so it moves in a circular motion.


my talking tom 2 basketball

You can shoot hoops with Tom’s basketballs by dragging them upwards or flicking them at a height. You’ll be able to see how many goals you’ve scored with the number at the center of the basket. The basket also moves around and changes its angle after every successful shot. Whether or not your shots go through the hoop and even though he may not be on screen, the activity can still increase Tom’s happiness.


my talking tom 2 trampoline

You can play with Tom on the trampoline by moving it left or right to where Tom is. By placing the center directly below him, he will jump constantly. By moving the trampoline directly below him just before he reaches the ground, he’ll start jumping higher.

When he’s high enough, he will start doing exhibitions and fun tricks. If you stop moving the trampoline and just keep it steady while he’s doing his higher jumps, his jumps will eventually get smaller and he’ll eventually stop his jumping tricks.

However, if you remove the trampoline below him, he will fall on his belly and break his jump.

Punching Bag

my talking tom 2 punching bag

You can train Tom with his punching bag by tapping on it to deliver a punch. After the first punch, you have to time the next punch before the bag collides with Tom. It is possible to do this 5 times consecutively before the strength of the bag’s force becomes too strong for Tom to counter.


my talking tom 2 drums

You can play the drums with Tom by tapping on the cymbal, hi-hat, bass drum, snare, or floor drum. You could also tap on your pet which would cause it to sing a brief tune.

Lift Tom

my talking tom 2 lift
Tom is surprisingly light!

One of the easiest and quickest ways to fill up Tom’s Happiness Meter is by lifting him and moving him around. This can be done in any room for as long as you like. Dragging him quickly to the ceiling will cause him to hold onto it until he eventually falls to the ground. Dragging him quickly to the floor or dropping him suddenly will cause him to fall on his belly. If you slowly put him down, he’ll stand upright.

Play Mini-Games on Tom’s Console

my talking tom 2 console
There’s at least one game you might like from this collection!

Tom’s console contains 9 mini-games along with ads for other games in the franchise. Clicking on the ads will only prompt you to download those games. Each time you play any of the 9 mini-games, you’ll consume some of Tom’s energy. The longer you play, the more energy is lost.

Losing in any of these 9 mini-games will give you the option to continue where you left off if you watch an ad. This offer is timed and you must click “watch ad” before the timer runs out. We’ve played each game and wrote down a few pointers and tips that can help you earn high scores:

Sub Adventure

my talking tom 2 sub adventure
A bit like runner games but instead of avoiding obstacles, you push them away.

In Sub Adventure, Tom explores the vast ocean in his submarine and your job is to clear the way and keep him safe from all obstacles. Tom only has 3 lives. Every hit he takes will take away 1 life, but there is a short grace period right after where he is invulnerable (while he is blinking). Once he is hit 3 times, the game ends and the final score is tallied.

• Obstacles

To help you be better prepared for obstacles you may encounter, we’ve listed a few of them below along with what they do and how to deal with them:


my talking tom 2 pufferfish

Pufferfish stays still and drops once it is moved or tapped. It comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Dragging it away to the side is the best way to deal with them. Make sure that you don’t drag it to a spot where it can fall and reach Tom.


my talking tom 2 flounders

Flounders move from left to right or right to left depending on where they appear. They’re generally a lot easier to take care of than most obstacles as you just need to tap or drag them away to make them stop moving.


my talking tom 2 starfish

Starfish stay still but will start falling once Tom is close enough. You’ll have to drag them away quickly before they reach Tom.


my talking tom 2 squids

Squids can block your path with ink. You’ll have to drag them away and wipe the mess clean so Tom can pass safely.

Wooden Planks

my talking tom 2 wooden planks

Wooden Planks, like pufferfish, stay still and drop once it is moved or tapped. This obstacle tends to be a bit tough to move when Tom is already close to it so be sure to move it away earlier than other obstacles. You can also use this obstacle to clear other obstacles by dragging them toward them. Wooden Planks also tend to rotate as they fall so be careful about moving them to the side in a position where they may slide down.

Wooden Gates

my talking tom 2 wooden gates

Wooden Gates are Wooden Planks that do not move and cannot be moved but can be opened. You have to drag the gate around to open it before Tom reaches it for him to pass through safely.

Giant Boulders

my talking tom 2 giant boulders

Giant Boulders do not move and cannot be moved. They can only be destroyed by tapping them 5 times. Tapping it multiple times with multiple fingers can get rid of them faster.

• Items

While points naturally accumulate as Tom moves upward, there are a few things in the game that can also help boost your score and some that can improve your game. To help you know what to watch out for, we’ve listed them below:

Gold Bars

my talking tom 2 gold bars

Gold Bars appear inside bubbles more often than other items and can be collected by tapping once. Several of them usually appear together.

Treasure Chests

my talking tom 2 treasure chests

Treasure Chests also appear inside bubbles but not as often as Gold Bars. They require you to tap them a few times before they are collected and only appear one at a time.

Finish Line

my talking tom 2 finish line

Crossing the Finish Line awards you a large number of points. The obstacles begin to get more difficult after each Finish Line you pass.


my talking tom 2 hearts

Hearts let you recover 1 life that you’ve lost. These are especially rare so make sure to tap them as soon as you see them. They usually show up after you’ve lost at least one life.

Flight Tokens

my talking tom 2 flight tokens

Flight Tokens usually appear alongside Gold Bars but not as many in quantity. These do not increase your points but will help you obtain rewards from any unlocked island of your choice.

Spooky Train

my talking tom 2 spooky train
A very interesting take on the runner game genre!

In Spooky Train, you play as Tom’s pet, Squeak, as he rides a train cart and collects balloons. You can switch Squeak with a different pet by going to your Backyard where your pets’ toys are. Your job is to keep him safe from obstacles by tapping anywhere on the screen to let him switch between two sides of the train tracks.

Squeak only has 3 lives. Every hit he takes will take away 1 life, but there is a short grace period right after where he is invulnerable (while he is blinking). Once he is hit 3 times, the game ends and the final score is tallied.

• Obstacles

To help you be better prepared for obstacles you may encounter, we’ve listed a few of them below along with what they do and how to deal with them:


my talking tom 2 x-boards

X-Boards are static and can easily be avoided by tapping before Squeak collides with it.

Ghosts on Train Carts

my talking tom 2 ghost train carts

Ghosts on Train Carts are constantly moving and must be avoided. They may sometimes be trickier than X-Boards since they move toward Squeak’s direction.

Jumping Ghosts

my talking tom 2 jumping ghosts

Jumping Ghosts can easily be avoided by tapping before Squeak collides with it, just like X-Boards. However, you can also choose to not tap and go through it when it jumps. Just make sure to time it right!

Teleporting Ghosts

my talking tom 2 teleporting ghosts

Teleporting Ghosts can be trickier than the other ghosts as they can easily switch sides and are often unpredictable when they do. Pay close attention to them, especially once your train cart approaches its area.

• Items & Power-ups

Aside from obstacles, Squeak will also encounter items that can boost your score or improve your game. To help you know what to watch out for, we’ve listed them below:

Blue Balloons

my talking tom 2 blue balloons

Blue Balloons earn you 50 points for each one Squeak collects. Among all balloons, these appear the most often.

Flight Token Balloons

my talking tom 2 flight token balloons

Flight Token Balloons don’t earn you any points but will earn you Flight Tokens which will help you obtain rewards from any unlocked island of your choice.

Lightning Balloons

my talking tom 2 lightning balloons

Lightning Balloons temporarily make Squeak bigger and increase the speed of the train. Every obstacle you pass cannot kill you during this time and will instead award you large amounts of points. We highly recommend playing with sounds so you can gauge how long the power-up lasts and not accidentally collide with an obstacle once you’re back to normal.

Heart Balloons

my talking tom 2 heart balloons

Heart Balloons can recover 1 life and are usually very rare. Make sure to collect it once you see it!

Golden Balloons

my talking tom 2 golden balloons

Golden Balloons act like a finish line of sorts and usually appear before the game gets harder in our experience. These are placed on both sides so they are impossible to miss.

Space Trails

my talking tom 2 space trails
It’s a snake game where you can’t die from your tail, but other players can!

In Space Trails, you play as Tom’s Pet, Squeak, or any of the pets you’ve unlocked, and travel through space collecting Rings and Flight Tokens. The bigger the rings are, the higher points you get. Collecting rings will also increase the length of your spaceship’s trail.

This game plays a lot like snake but instead of the game ending once you collide with your tail, the game ends when you collide with the meteor belt or another player’s trail. Each player that ends their game will turn into several rings with the same color as their trail. The bigger and longer their trail, the more rings they will drop.

As we played the game, we discovered several strategies that can help you earn more points:

• Use Your Speed-up Sparingly

my talking tom 2 speed up

You can speed up by tapping twice and not releasing the second tap or simply by pressing the speed-up button at the lower left side of your screen while you move with the right side of your screen. Speeding up can help you claim a large group of rings before any other players can and could help you travel long distances.

You can even block other players’ paths effectively by dashing in front of them. But be warned: each speed-up deducts points off of your total score and it becomes harder to steer accurately. Only use your speed-up when necessary.

• Surround Players with Smaller Trails

my talking tom 2 smaller trails

Once you have a long enough trail, start trapping players with smaller trails by moving around them. Once they collide with your trail, they will turn into several rings, earning you a huge number of points and making your trail bigger and longer.

To keep other players from snatching some of those rings, be sure to surround the area and collect them as you circle it. But be careful: as your circle gets smaller as you surround the other player, it also raises the risk of bumping into that player’s trail and ending your game.

• Spread Far and Wide

my talking tom 2 far and wide

As a counter to the first strategy, we highly recommend avoiding moving around in a small area as it will make it easier for others to capture you. Instead, let your trail spread far and wide and only move inward if completely necessary.

• Be Careful Around Long-Trail Players

my talking tom 2 long trails

Since players with long trails can capture other players, they are very dangerous to be around and we highly recommend avoiding them if you’re new to the game. Once you’re more experienced, you could try moving alongside them, waiting for their next capture. Once they end another player’s game, you can swoop in and take some of their rings.

Pet Connect

my talking tom 2 pet connect
Plays like a match-3 game but with a twist!

In Pet Connect, you must match 3 or more sleeping pets together by clicking one and dragging to the others to clear them. Matching many pets may result in the creation of special power-ups which can help clear more pets such as the following:

my talking tom 2 red bombExplodes when tapped, clearing adjacent pets.Good for clearing pets with timers that do not have nearby matches.
my talking tom 2 color bombClears all pets with the same color as this power-up.Use only after accumulating many pets of the same color.
my talking tom 2 tri-color bombClears 2-3 rows of pets.Better to use it when it is not at the very top or at the very bottom.

Each cleared match gradually fills up the gauge below. Once it’s full, you’ll move on to the next round, which is a lot harder than the previous one. Certain pets will have a counter on them and must be cleared before the counter reaches 0. Once it does, it’s game over. To help you move through round after round efficiently, we’ve listed down a few pointers:

• Eliminate all Colors Except one

my talking tom 2 eliminate colors

One of the best strategies to apply in any color-matching game is eliminating all colors except one. This strategy will increase the amount of one color on the screen, leading to a bigger payoff when they are all cleared in one go. This may also lead to the creation of power-ups which can aid in clearing even more pets.

• Save Power-ups for Special Situations

my talking tom 2 save power-ups

We highly recommend saving your power-ups for special situations as you may find yourself in a pickle in later rounds. These situations include having a pet with a timer that has no nearby matches or having a set of pets that do not have many matches at all. The game will only shuffle pets if there are no other possible moves so using power-ups is the only thing that can quickly get you out of that problem.

Cupid Tom

my talking tom 2 cupid tom
Shoot the arrows on the circle without hitting other arrows!

In Cupid Tom, you have to shoot your arrows at the empty spaces of the circle until you run out of arrows. Once you have no arrows left, a new round starts with more arrows to shoot and more arrows on the circle at the start. Shooting it in spaces occupied with other arrows will make you lose a heart. You only have 3 hearts so if you made 3 mistakes, the game is over. To help you excel in this game, we’ve written down a few pointers:

• Shoot Just After an Arrow Passes

my talking tom 2 shoot after

One surefire way to prevent yourself from shooting at a space with an arrow already on it is by shooting just after an arrow passes. This is especially helpful when you have a lot of arrows on hand as it will keep the arrows you shoot close to the arrow that’s already on the circle. The smaller the gaps you have in between arrows, the easier it is to fire more.

• Pay Attention to the Direction of the Circle’s Rotation

my talking tom 2 circle rotation

The direction of the circle’s rotation sometimes changes for each level. Starting at round 7, some rounds will have the rotation change after every arrow is released. You may become prone to mistakes if you keep shooting without pausing to check which direction it’s going.

• Don’t Rush

my talking tom 2 don't rush

One thing you have to remember about this game is that there is no time limit. Rushing your shot can cause you to make a mistake and lose a heart. Take your time and shoot carefully!

Super Balloons

my talking tom 2 super balloons
Inflate your balloons while avoiding insects!

In Super Balloons, you have to inflate balloons by tapping and pressing on an empty space on the screen and then releasing it when you’re done. Each time you finish inflating a balloon, it fills up the round’s bar. While doing so, you must avoid getting your balloons popped by insects before you finish inflating them.

You have 3 hearts at the start and for every balloon popped, you’ll lose 1 life. Once a balloon has finished inflating, it will be immune to any insect’s touch. After finishing a round by filling up the bar, every insect on the screen will turn into Flight Tokens.

To help you gain a better advantage towards insects you may encounter in your game, we listed a few of them down and their behaviors:

InsectDescription & MovementDifficulty
my talking tom 2 big beeBig but slow. Flies around the screen.Easy to avoid.
my talking tom 2 small beeSmall with medium speed. Flies around the screen.Medium difficulty to avoid.
my talking tom 2 red flySmall with medium speed. Flies around the screen.Medium difficulty to avoid.
my talking tom 2 green slugBig but slow. Moves up and down or left and right on one side.Easy to avoid.
my talking tom 2 blue flyMedium-sized and fast.Difficult to avoid.

• Make Big Balloons at the Start

By making the biggest balloon possible at the start, a big chunk of the round’s bar will fill up quickly, making it easier for you to complete it. You can still attempt to make bigger balloons for the next couple of tries but you have the best chance for the first, second, or third try as there is plenty of room for the balloon to grow. Once there are a lot of balloons present on the screen, you might be stuck making only small balloons and possibly lose the game if you can’t fill up your bar.

• Trap the Insects

One way to keep insects from popping your balloon is by creating balloons around them when they’ve flown to a corner. This way, they’ll be stuck in one position and you’ll be free to make as many balloons as you want without danger.

• Lesser is Better

While there is no limit to how many balloons you can make, having a lesser number of balloons is preferable for this game. The fewer balloons you have, the easier it will be to fill up the round’s bar. Having too many balloons will result in having too many small gaps where you cannot make balloons in.

• Move as you Create Balloons

As you inflate your balloons, you can move around and avoid the insects that may come your way. Make sure to keep an eye out on the edges of the balloon and not accidentally touch an insect while you’re inflating it!

Easy Squeezy

my talking tom 2 easy squeezy
Move through obstacles to shrink and move easier!

In Easy Squeezy, you play as Squeak or any of your active pets and move through obstacles. As you move, Squeak will gradually increase in size and will get smaller when going through obstacles. There are red and yellow bugs everywhere that can hurt him and make him lose a heart. You have 3 hearts at the start and will lose the game once all of them are lost.

To give you an idea of what you are up against, we’ve listed down a few of the bugs you may encounter and their behaviors:

my talking tom 2 square bugSquare BugStays in one place and wriggles.
my talking tom 2 long bugLong BugMoves left and right.
my talking tom 2 wide bugWide BugMoves left and right.

There are also power-ups that you can take to help you get through each round:

my talking tom 2 speed upSpeed UpIncreases your pet’s forward movement speed.
my talking tom 2 speed downSpeed DownDecreases your pet’s forward movement speed.
my talking tom 2 shieldShieldTemporarily creates a bubble shield around your pet that protects it from harm. Gets destroyed when a bug touches it or after a few seconds have passed.
my talking tom 2 heartHeartAdds one heart.

Aside from this, there are also Flight Tokens scattered about which you can collect.

As we played the game, we also picked up a few tricks that may help your own game:

• Always Move Through Obstacles When Possible

my talking tom 2 obstacles

When your pet is big, it will make it hard for you to avoid bugs that can make you lose your hearts. By going through obstacles and shrinking your pet, it’ll be easier to move around.

• Faster is not Always Better

my talking tom 2 faster not better

In most games, speed-ups are usually something you’d want to get. However, in Easy Squeezy, this is not always the case. While speed-ups will make you get to goals faster, it also decreases your accuracy, making it harder to anticipate obstacles and bugs and giving you a higher chance to lose a life. If you are still new to the game, we highly recommend taking it slow and getting speed-downs if your pet’s movement speed has made the game too difficult to maneuver.

• Take Advantage of Your Shield

using shield in my talking tom 2

Shields are only temporary and will eventually break after a few seconds whether or not a bug has touched your pet. Because of this, we recommend using Shields as a way to pass through bug-blocked paths. This gives you a chance to take a path you might not have been able to take if you were shieldless. This is best used when these paths lead to power-ups or Flight Tokens.

Totem Blast

my talking tom 2 totem blast
Match 2 or more totems to clear them and get the flower to the bottom!

In Totem Blast, you have to clear 2 or more similarly colored totems by tapping them until the white flower reaches the bottom of the screen. Having a certain number of similar totems together can lead to the creation of a power-up:

ImagePower-upTotem RequirementEffect
my talking tom 2 double arrowsDouble Arrows5-6 TotemsClears a row or column of totems. The direction of arrows you get from clearing 5-6 totems is random.
my talking tom 2 bombBomb7-8 TotemsClears a 3x3 area of totems.
my talking tom 2 potionPotion9+ TotemsClears all totems of the same color as the potion. The color of the totems that are cleared to create the potion is what the color of the potion will become.

When power-ups in this game are placed next to each other, activating them will result in different effects:

ImagePower-up Combination Effect
my talking tom 2 arrow bombDouble Arrows + BombClears 3 rows or 3 columns of totems.
my talking tom 2 arrow potionDouble Arrows + PotionReplaces all totems of the same color as the potion with Double Arrows and activates them.
my talking tom 2 2 arrowDouble Arrows + Double ArrowsClears an intersection of 1 row and 1 column.
my talking tom 2 bomb potionBomb + PotionReplaces all totems of the same color as the potion with Bombs and activates them.
my talking tom 2 2 bombBomb + BombClears a 5x5 area.
my talking tom 2 2 potionPotion + PotionClears every totem on the board.
my talking tom 2 all power upsDouble Arrows + Bomb + PotionRandomly chooses a combination and applies its effect. No matter what combination is used, all power-ups that are close together are cleared from the board.

Aside from power-ups, Barrels may appear in between totems which can only be cleared if any totems next to them are cleared.

The number of White Flowers that need to reach the end of the board varies per round and some of these flowers will only appear after you’ve claimed the first flowers. There is also a set number of moves you can do per round. Failure to take all the flowers before you run out of moves will end the game. To help you excel in Totem Smash, we’ve listed down a few tricks that helped us succeed in our own games:

• Clear Lesser Matches to get Bigger Matches

my talking tom 2 bigger matches

In order to get many totems of similar colors close together, you have to first clear up other totems so the similar ones meet. Keep in mind that you have a limited number of moves so don’t go overboard and focus too much on clearing lesser matches all the time. Clearing just enough to get certain power-ups is usually better.

• Choose the Power-up’s Location Wisely

my talking tom 2 choose location

When 5 or more totems are close together, they can create power-ups. You’ll be able to tell which power-up will be created by looking at the icons on the totems. You can choose where the power-up is placed by clicking on one of the totems. If the totem being created is a vertical Double Arrows, make sure to place it in the same column as a White Flower.

Activating these will instantly clear the column, allowing you to easily take the flower. Alternatively, you can also choose a spot close to another power-up in order to combine them together to produce better effects. When it comes to power-ups that are next to each other, tapping on one of the power-ups will determine the area of the effect for Bombs and Double Arrows.

Ice Smash

my talking tom 2 ice smash
Smash those ice blocks with your canon!

In Ice Smash, you use your canon to shoot balls to destroy blocks of ice before it reaches the red line. The position of the canon changes every now and then and the only thing you can change is the angle at which you shoot your ball. Each block has a number at the center which signifies how many times the ice block must be hit before it is destroyed.

The colors of the ice blocks change as it gets closer to getting destroyed. Ice blocks with a green circle on them indicate that you will receive a flight token after destroying it. Ice blocks come in many shapes and sizes:

Ice BlockEffect
my talking tom 2 regular ice blockMakes up most of all blocks that appear.
my talking tom 2 slanted ice blockRarer than rectangular ice blocks. The slanted side lets you bounce balls at a different angle.
my talking tom 2 giant ice blockThe rarest block which only appears later in the game.

You can also shoot your ball to collect power-ups which can help you clear more blocks of ice. To familiarize yourself with what these power-ups do, we’ve listed a few below:

my talking tom 2 ballMore BallsAdds more balls to your canon.
my talking tom 2 lightning ballLightning BallClears a row of ice blocks using the first ball released on the next turn after receiving it.
my talking tom 2 fireballFireballDoubles the amount of damage each ball makes on the next turn after receiving it.
my talking tom 2 bombBombInstantly destroys an ice block along with other adjacent ice blocks using the first ball released on the next turn after receiving it.

Hitting many blocks several times will sometimes reward you with extra points:

my talking tom 2 smash

Smash – 100 points

my talking tom 2 big smash

Big Smash – 400 points

my talking tom 2 super smash

Super Smash – 1000 points

Once a block of ice reaches the red line, the game is over. To help you last as long as you could in the game, we’ve written down some pointers which you can apply:

• Angle Your Shots Precisely

In this game, rotating your canon to get a good angle before releasing it is important. You have to angle it in a way where the balls you shoot will hit more than one ice block before falling down on the ground if possible. Some of the best shots include:

my talking tom 2 in between

• Shooting between two ice blocks.

my talking tom 2 ceiling

• Shooting at the ceiling and letting the ball bounce between it and the ice blocks.

my talking tom 2 side

• Shooting at the side and bouncing it toward another ice block.

my talking tom 2 pockets

• Shooting toward pockets or curves of ice blocks.

• Prioritize Ice Blocks Close to the Line

my talking tom 2 close line

It may be tempting to target the ice blocks up above first since there are more of them bunched up together, but we highly recommend prioritizing blocks that are at least 3 rows away from the red line. If you only try to destroy them once they are already too close, you may not have anything else to bounce off of or you may not be able to deal the required number of hits to clear them.

• Speed Up the Animation

my talking tom 2 speed up

Your next turn starts right after all balls reach the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, some balls may end up bouncing to the sides for a while before it does. Tapping the button with double arrows which appear during this animation will increase its speed so that you can get to your turn quicker. Take note you’ll have to activate this button every time you want to speed things up.

2. Feed Tom

Satiating Tom’s hunger is simple and easy. All you need to do is to tap on his Hunger Meter which will lead you to the kitchen and feed him food from the plates that appear in front of him. These food can be eaten as they are or mixed with a food mixer.

Explore Your Food Selections

my talking tom 2 explore food
There are tons of food to try!

There is a large variety of food that you can purchase from the Market (by tapping on the refrigerator) and feed to Tom. One of these foods may occasionally be available for free while another could only be purchased by watching an ad. Be sure to pick up free food once it’s offered as it may not be free the next time you come by!

Note that not all food can be bought and some are obtained randomly through rewards. Below are food you’ll encounter from each page of the market:

Home Street

All food under the Home Street section are automatically unlocked.

my talking tom 2 home street
Carrots5 Coins
Apples10 Coins
Figs15 Coins
Cheese20 Coins
Chili Peppers25 Coins

Adventure Beach

All food from Adventure Beach can be unlocked by paying 100 stars each or by obtaining them from reward crates from that location (which is unlocked at the start).

my talking tom 2 adventure beach
Kiwi10 Coins
Popsicles25 Coins
Bananas5 Coins
Ice Cream20 Coins
Watermelon15 Coins

Magic Forest

All food from Magic Forest can be unlocked by paying 150 stars each or by obtaining them from reward crates from that location (which is unlocked at the start).

my talking tom 2 magic forest
Cupcakes15 Coins
Macarons20 Coins
Mushrooms10 Coins
Strawberries5 Coins
Grapes25 Coins

Cyber City

All food from Cyber City can be unlocked by paying 200 stars each or by obtaining them from reward crates from that location (which is unlocked at the start).

my talking tom 2 cyber city
Jello10 Coins
Garlic25 Coins
Oranges5 Coins
Sushi15 Coins
Pizza20 Coins

Candy Kingdom

All food from Candy Kingdom can be unlocked by paying 300 stars each or by obtaining them from reward crates from that location (which is unlocked at the start).

Cotton Candy20 Coins
Chocolate Cake15 Coins
Red Cake5 Coins
Lollipops25 Coins
Donuts10 Coins

Mix Food With Your Food Mixer

my talking tom 2 food mixer
So many combinations can be made!

Two pieces of food can be mixed with a Food Mixer to create a Smoothie. Smoothies fill up Tom’s hunger faster and have different animated effects on Tom.

The color of the Smoothie is largely dependent on the colors of the two food items. The first food item makes up the main color while the second food item makes the pattern and its accent or secondary color. Different colors and patterns can result from changing the order. 5 different patterns usually appear from mixing food:

my talking tom 2 flowersFlowers
my talking tom 2 starsStars
my talking tom 2 circlesCircles
my talking tom 2 horizontal splitHorizontal Split
my talking tom 2 vertical splitVertical Split

It’s also possible to get a solid color if you use the same food for your first and second choice.

Feeding Pets with smoothies will change their color and pattern. This change is also prevalent in Space Trails where the pet and their trail will have the same look.

However, you can only mix up to 3 combinations until your Food Mixer breaks down, making a mess on the screen which you can clean up by tapping. When it breaks, you’ll have to wait for 30 minutes or watch an ad for you to use it again.

Use Potions on Tom

my talking tom 2 potions
Potions can magically change Tom!

Food isn’t the only thing that you can buy at the Market. Potions are also sold and apply special changes to Tom when consumed. Below are potions you can purchase:

Adult PotionTurns Tom into an adult250 Coins
Baby PotionTurns Tom into a baby250 Coins
Hungry PotionMakes Tom hungry50 Coins
Max PotionFills all of Tom’s needs120 Coins
Energy PotionFills Tom’s energy60 Coins

3. Take Care of Tom’s Health and Hygiene

my talking tom 2 healthy tom
A healthy Tom is a happy Tom!

Just like any pet or baby, you have to take care of Tom’s health and hygiene which shares the same meter. You’ll need to take him to the toilet when he needs to pee or poop, to the bathtub when he’s dirty and to the medicine cabinet if he is unwell.

Bring Tom to the Toilet

my talking tom 2 toilet
Everyone needs to do their business!

To bring Tom to the toilet, you need to drag him toward the cubicle. You can choose to close the door or keep it open; he’ll do his business regardless and in funny ways.

Give Tom a Bath

my talking tom 2 bathtub
What have you been doing, Tom?

To give Tom a bath, drag him to the bathtub. Use the soap on him first before using the shower to rinse him. You can also give the soap to his pet for it to eat and create bubbles.

Cure Tom

my talking tom 2 medicine cabinet
Oh no! What happened to your finger?

A green cross will appear above the Hygiene meter when Tom is sick or injured. To cure his illness or injury, you’ll need to drag him to the medicine cabinet. Each illness or injury has 3 possible items you can use to cure it. Below are a few we’ve observed:

Illness or InjuryHoneyInjectionHornVacuumMedicineHand
Finger Pain   

You won’t be able to use any of these cures on Tom if he isn’t sick or injured. If you want to continue playing around with these items, you could watch an ad where Tom drinks a potion that will make him sick or injured.

4. Let Tom Sleep

my talking tom 2 sleep
Sleeping like a baby!

Tom needs to sleep every once in a while. While his Energy meter is empty, he won’t have any energy to play games with his console but he can still be fed, washed, healed, and played with his toys as well as collect reward crates. You can also still play with his pet and play event mini-games.

To get him to sleep, you’ll have to go to his bedroom by tapping on the Sleep meter, dragging him to his bed, and closing the light. He won’t sleep until the light is off and if he still has a lot of energy left, around 91%, he’ll keep turning the light on. Once Tom is asleep, you cannot do any activities other than buying food, viewing your collections, or other areas even if Tom isn’t physically seen for those activities.

To have Tom fully energized the next time you play, make sure to put him to bed before you close the game. His energy meter will continue to drain when you’re away so if he doesn’t go to sleep, you’ll be forced to wait until he’s energized before you can play with him.

If you don’t want to wait for his Energy Meter to fill up before playing, you can always buy an Energy Potion from the Market (accessed from the fridge) or watch an ad that will automatically fill it up.

5. Participate in Event Mini-Games

my talking tom 2 event mini game
Don’t miss out on these events!

Event Mini-Games can only be played for a limited time. For this section of the guide, we will be focusing on a specific event mini-game that we encountered during the time we wrote the guide which is “Tom’s Magic Show”.

In this mini-game, Tom pulls out stars from his hat and you must connect the dots in the same way as the lines shown before you start. Once you start connecting, the line will disappear so you have to commit it to memory.

Occasionally, you’ll find balloons with exclamation points floating about. These will explode if you move your finger toward them and you’ll have to do a new puzzle. You can easily avoid that by keeping your finger still if it passes by you or by connecting the stars one at a time and removing your finger when they’re around.

Upon drawing the line correctly, you’ll gain a star and earn a few flight tokens. This event grants you rewards like spinning a wheel once you get to a 15, 40, and 60-star milestone. Take note that after a few rounds, the hat will break and you’ll have to wait after 30 minutes or watch an ad to fix it.

my talking tom 2 event mini game 2

In some cases, events will not have a special mini-game but will challenge you to play an already existing mini-game in Tom’s console and earn a certain number of stars. The game will usually highlight this with stars appearing on the meter and a star with a number appearing above the console.

6. Compete in a Fashion Showdown

my talking tom 2 fashion showdown
Who looks better?

Dressing up not only makes Tom look fancier, but it can also lead to some Flight Tokens! After spending a few minutes mixing and matching, you can participate in a “Rate my Look!” contest. You can participate by clicking on the button on the lower right side with the camera and like icon. Take note that Tom has to be awake when participating, otherwise the button won’t do anything.

In this contest, you are randomly paired with another player’s Tom and players from all over the world will rate them and choose which one is better. This takes just 20 seconds and you can rate other players’ Toms while you wait. Winning the contest will get you 10 Flight Tokens but if you lose, you can still get 5 Flight Tokens. If you’re not confident about winning against your opponent, you can watch an ad so you can be paired with a different Tom.

7. Pet’s Requests

my talking tom 2 pet requests
Who can say no to that cutie?

Tom’s pet will occasionally give you requests to do a certain activity. Doing them will grant you extra Flight Tokens so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

8. Play With Pets

my talking tom 2 play pets
Let’s play with these cuties!

Tapping on the Flight Meter will bring you to the backyard. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see the pets’ den. Tapping on it will show you your pets and activities you can do with them. To do these activities, you’ll have to get certain items by buying them for 20 Coins in the pet box to the right, watching an ad, or getting them from reward crates.

These mini-games are time-limited so you have to be quick if you want a high score. The more items you have, the longer you can play a certain mini-game. Every time you finish a round, you will be rewarded with Flight Tokens. Unlike Tom, there are only 4 activities you can currently do with them in this section:

Shave Their Hair

my talking tom 2 shave hair
How’d you grow that much hair?!

To play this mini-game, you will need an Electric Shaver. The objective of the mini-game is to copy the hairstyle that your pet wants. The quickest way to shave hair (if it requires a section to be fully shaved) is to shave from the roots. The part of the hair that needs to be shaved will always be highlighted.

Move your shaver slowly when you’re close to the edge so you don’t accidentally shave off the hair you shouldn’t. If you make a mistake, you can tap the button below to make all their hair grow back so you can start again. Once you’ve shaved everything that needs shaving, the round automatically ends and a new one starts.

Shoot the Target

my talking tom 2 shoot the target
They’re taunting me!

To play this mini-game, you will need a Slingshot. The objective of the mini-game is to hit the moving target so the board your pet is sitting on will collapse, making them fall into the pool. The ball does not have to hit the center exactly for the board to collapse. Trying to shoot the target from the side is a bit difficult so if you are new to the game, we highly recommend aiming for the board when it is about to reach the center. Shooting the pet itself will not make it fall.

Flying Practice

my talking tom 2 flying practice
Fly high!

To play this mini-game, you will need a Jetpack. The objective of the mini-game is to use the left and right rocket controls to maneuver your pet to the center of the circle. You have to keep them at the center for a few seconds before it gives you a point and starts a new round.

The trick to make this easier is to tap your left and right rockets a bit just to move your pet below the circle. Once you do, use both rockets simultaneously then tap and release alternatingly until the timer ends and a new round begins.

Copy the Tune

my talking tom 2 copy tune
Groove to the beat!

To play this mini-game, you will need a Musical Keypad. The objective of the mini-game is to repeat the tune that your pet played. Reciting the colors that the pet steps on can help you remember the order of the buttons that were pressed. If the tunes are distracting, you could choose to play this muted instead so you can focus on the pet’s movements as well as the color and position of the buttons.

9. Watch out for Multipliers

my talking tom 2 multipliers
More points!

Certain activities will sometimes reward you more than usual and you’ll be able to tell by looking at the multipliers above them. Prioritizing those activities is recommended as these multipliers are only around for a limited time.

10. Claim Rewards, Dailies and Freebies

Like most mobile games, My Talking Tom also offers rewards, dailies and freebies, and we’ve listed down where you can claim them:

Visit Islands and Claim Prizes

visiting islands in my talking tom 2
Which crate contains what I haven’t gotten yet?

Flight Tokens you get from playing with Tom and his pet along with other activities fill up your Flight Meter. Every time you fill it up, you can use the plane to travel to different islands and choose a reward crate. Each crate can give you food, pet items, coins, stars, and an item to add to your collection.

The collectible may be an unlockable food item, wearable item, decorative item, drawing, or even a pet. You can check your collection by tapping on the box of cards in your backyard at the lower right corner of the screen or the card button in the islands screen at the upper left corner.

Daily Rewards

my talking tom 2 daily rewards
Rewards for logging in!

Every time you open the game for the first time that day, you will be greeted with Daily Rewards. These rewards are presented to you once a day, with the final and 7th day having the best reward. Even if you don’t have time to play, just logging in once a day is recommended so you don’t miss out on it.

Daily Deals

my talking tom 2 daily deals
What a deal!

Every 24 hours, 3 items in the shop under Daily Deals are refreshed. One item is always free, one item can be bought by watching an ad, and another item is offered at a really low price. It is worth checking out before the day ends and the selection changes. When you open the game, there will be a red notification dot on the envelope at the top of the screen. Tapping on it will lead you to those Daily Deals.

Ad Rewards

my talking tom 2 ad rewards
Watch an ad = reward!

Many items in the game can be claimed by watching an ad, but there are also gift boxes that you can open by watching an ad. These gift boxes can be found at the front porch, in the closet and in the bathroom. These come in different colors and there are rare times that these appear in gold with an “x2” pink balloon. These rare gift boxes double the prize that you get and will usually be available for a whole day.

11. Other Activities

Aside from the activities above, there are also a few activities that you can do in the game that may not increase your experience points or reward you with items and currency, but they are still worth trying out so you can enjoy the game at its fullest:

Talk to Tom

talk to tom in my talking tom 2
Say something funny!

One of the most prevalent features of My Talking Tom 2, like its predecessors, is Tom’s ability to record what he hears and repeat it. To do this, you just have to keep your fingers away from the screen and wait for Tom to put his paw close to his ear.

He will start recording what you say or what he hears until he no longer hears any sound. Once his recording ends, he will repeat it to you in a smaller, high-pitched voice. These recordings cannot be saved or heard again anywhere in the game after it’s been repeated.

If you want Tom to stop listening or recording anything, there is no option to disable it inside the game. The only way to do this is to go to your phone’s settings outside the app and remove microphone permissions for the game. The game will detect this the next time you open it and will ask you for permission again. Just choose ‘cancel’ for the prompts and it won’t ask again.

Decorate Your Home

Bring out your inner interior decorator! One of the fun things you can do in My Talking Tom 2 is decorating all 5 parts of your home by clicking on the chair button on the left side of the screen when you’re in the room that you want to modify. Decorations can be bought using Coins and Stars or obtained from reward crates from the islands they are associated with. Below are the 5 parts of your home and what can be modified in it:

Front Porch

my talking tom 2 front porch

At the front porch, you can change the following:

  1. Background
  2. House Exterior
  3. Toy Chest
  4. Console
  5. Floor
  6. Rug

Kitchen and Dining Room

my talking tom 2 kitchen

At the kitchen and dining room, you can change the following:

  1. Wallpaper
  2. Counter
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Floor
  5. Dining Table


my talking tom 2 bathroom

At the bathroom, you can change the following:

  1. Medicine Cabinet
  2. Wallpaper
  3. Toilet
  4. Bathtub
  5. Rug
  6. Floor


my talking tom 2 bedroom

At the bedroom, you can change the following:

  1. Closet
  2. Walls
  3. Bed
  4. Rug
  5. Floor


my talking tom 2 backyard

At the backyard, you can change the following:

  1. Background
  2. Plane
  3. Pet Den
  4. Ground

Color Drawings

my talking tom 2 color drawings
Take out your inner Picasso!

Coloring drawings is one of the activities you can do to pass the time. You can get more drawings by watching ads, buying them with stars, or unlocking them through reward crates. It doesn’t earn you any Coins or Flight Tokens but it does decorate a part of Tom’s bedroom.

You can also unlock some crayon sets with interesting patterns, glitters, and effects with Coins or by watching an ad, but these crayons will only be available for 24 hours. If you want to make the most out of these crayons, only buy them when you want to color several drawings on that day.

my talking tom 2 outro
Thanks for reading!

And this marks the end of our Beginner’s Guide to My Talking Tom 2! We hope that this guide becomes useful in improving your gaming experience with Tom! Did you discover any tips or tricks that we may not have covered? Let us know in the comment section below!


Wednesday 26th of April 2023

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