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My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire Cheats & Tips: 5 Tricks for Breeding Monsters Properly

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, a.k.a. My Singing Monsters 2, is not a sequel to Big Blue Bubble’s original title for iOS and Android, but rather a prequel. This game is currently available for iOS devces only – no Android version as of now – and it invites you to “travel back in time to when monsters first erupted into song and witness the glorious Dawn of Fire.” Each of the monsters in the game have their own vocal styles, and as you unlock new characters, these styles will add to each other, “creating richer sounds.” You’ll meet some monsters who specialize in song, and others who specialize in playing instruments. You can also breed your Singing Monsters and create new ones in the process.

Before you start making beautiful music with your monsters, we’ve got some My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire cheats, tips and tricks you may want to check out. These can help you in unlocking more monsters, leveling them up, and eventually breeding them.

1. There Are Proper Strategies When Leveling Up

Although, singing and making music appears to be the focal point of this game, it actually isn’t, in the truest sense. Rather, what you want to do here is to level them up, and to level them up, you have to meet their requirements for food. This isn’t hard in the early parts of the game, as there are only a few available types of food for these monsters. But going through the game will allow you to unlock more types of food, with a catch – your monsters will become much, much more demanding.

2. Focus On Upgrading Your Vault

It is also very important that you upgrade your Vault, as a higher-capacity vault allows you to keep more materials and other essential items that your monsters would need or crave. Crystal Flowers will be used to level up the vault, remove trees, or upgrade your castle, but you shouldn’t pay for them. What you should do here is to gather them around your Island, as they can appear from time to time, and be yours for free.

3. Keep Crafting Buildings Busy

Your crafting buildings should always be churning out something for your monsters. What you should do here is to begin orders for the items that would take the most time to complete. These are the items that can be made while you’re away from the game, say, if you have to go to sleep or go to work. On the other hand, you should focus on the quicker tasks when you’re awake and actively playing.

4. What To Do Before Breeding

Before you can even think of breeding monsters, they have to be Level 4 or higher; simply put, try to level up all your singing monsters to Level 4 so you can be sure they can be used for breeding.

5. Consider The Number Of Elements When Breeding Monsters

Breeding double element monsters is relatively easy, once all the single-element monsters have been unlocked. Triple element monsters should also be a snap if you do the right things and use the right ingredients. When breeding monsters with more than three elements, however, things can get more than a bit tricky. Always refer to the shop, as it posts elemental requirements for monster breeding.

Cheryl Elsberry

Monday 13th of August 2018

Why do some crafting items have blue musical notes beside them? I already know what the blue note above the monster means but not the craft item.