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Dream Gym Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Proper Gym Management

Dream Gym is a brand new title from Tatem Games, and to be honest, it’s a rather unique title in the sense that you’ll be managing your own gym. As gym owner, you can train visitors and also get fit for yourself, turning “chubby amateurs into fitness gods” in the process. And that could include you, as you have to juggle the demands of your customers and your own workout regimen. That means making sure that you don’t lose any customers as you strive to “become a fitness legend.” The game boasts of body shape changes that make you feel that your efforts are worth it, as well as timed challenges that come with prizes.

So if you’re ready to start getting in shape – at least in this in-game world – and helping others do the same, we’ll keep you fit with these Dream Gym tips and tricks.

1. Your Gym Members Must Be Trained

Gym members are your long-term customers. They’re the ones who regularly frequent your gym and make every effort to stay in, or get into shape. The more members you have, the more experience you can gain. But you also have to fulfill your customers’ requests in order for them to become members and stay members. That means taking on quests – for example, you may have to train someone’s stats and max them out. Members are the lifeblood of your gym, so make sure to train them. Don’t mind your temporary clients too much – they’ll typically come and go after they’re done with their first exercise. That’s why they’re called “temporary” anyway.

2. Stick To The Quests

And here’s that golden piece of advice once again – when in doubt, follow the quests. These quests set you on the right direction, or at least give you a general idea of where to go and what you should be doing next. Quests, aside from giving you experience points and coins, will set your gym on the right path.

3. Don’t Spend Your Money On Clothes

New articles of clothing may look neat and all, but they don’t do anything in terms of improving your gym. They just change your appearance, so unless you’re getting bored with how your character looks like and really have lots of money to burn, don’t buy new clothes. Instead, buy new equipment and decorations as that could really do some good for your gym.

4. Expand Your Gym

As your gym rises in stature, you also have to expand it. Your gym’s density should be the stat you look at when deciding whether to expand or not – if it’s red, that means your customers will feel uncomfortable and wouldn’t patronize your gym that often. And adding to what we said earlier, buy decorations as that improves their comfort.

5. It’s Not Only About Them, It’s Also About You

As gym owner, you should be catering to your customers’ needs, but remember that you too are trying to get into tip-top shape. Train your own stats like you do your customers’ so you can unlock special bonuses.