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My Hero Ultra Impact Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Assemble the Best Team and Dominate All Your Enemies

Bandai Namco Entertainment further adds to its roster of quality mobile games based on popular anime and manga franchises. This time, the colorful super-powered characters of the popular series, My Hero Academia, are set on a unique adventure in My Hero Ultra Impact. Released just a couple of weeks, My Hero Ultra Impact has already been downloaded over 500 thousand times from the Google Play Store alone and has consistently climbed its way up charts and kept largely positive user review ratings on both mobile platforms.

My Hero Ultra Impact is an action strategy RPG that does not just let you take command of students and teachers of U.A. High School. Popular heroes and even villains of the franchise can also be recruited to join your team. The game is most certainly a huge treat for fans of the manga and anime, especially getting to see characters like All for One, All Might, and Endeavor working together in the same team. You can play your own mix of favorite characters and even build each one uniquely as they reach new levels.

my hero ultra impact guide

The graphics and overall dynamics of My Hero Ultra Impact can leave such an overwhelming first impression. As flashy and vibrant as the game is, however, the gameplay mechanics and features are simple enough for even complete beginners to pick up and play. The tutorial session is quick and easy and new features you unlock will have an accompanying guide as well.

Overall, anyone can make good progress in My Hero Ultra Impact regardless of how they go through its content. However, if you are raring to have the best teams to dominate each game mode, our My Hero Ultra Impact beginner’s guide has a bunch of tips and strategies you need to do so!

1. Reroll For The Best Heroes

Collecting characters, upgrading them, and organizing them in teams to go through different kinds of adventures and challenges make every strategy RPG very immersive and exciting. Your decision on who to pick as members of your main team can be based on your preferences if you are a big fan of them, or it may well be based on whom you feel performs extraordinarily against the challenges ahead.

my hero ultra impact reroll

Strategy RPGs like My Hero Ultra Impact that come with a wide roster of characters to collect and upgrade typically employ gacha mechanics incorporated into the recruitment system. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it simply means not knowing exactly which of the many characters will you be obtaining with each pull from any of the available banners. As the characters are categorized by rarity grades as well, lower grade ones are easier to obtain while the highest rarity units only leave you a small chance to obtain them with each pull.

Going for a 10x pull, or recruiting heroes 10 at a time, often comes with additional perks. In the case of My Hero Ultra Impact, a 10x pull guarantees at least 1 SR hero, making it an exponentially attractive option that recruiting units one at a time. Despite this, it is only natural to want to obtain a UR grade hero, which is hardly a guarantee with any pull moving forward and where there are gacha rolls at the early part of a strategy RPG’s adventure, you can expect a reroll exploit to come along with it.

my hero ultra impact character details

For the uninitiated, rerolling in mobile games basically means going through the first or first couple of gacha pulls in your adventure. Considering the unpredictability and randomness associated with recruiting characters, rerolling effectively gives players better chances of getting the characters they want at the cost of an unknown amount of time and patience invested. This process requires a reset of all in-game progress, so linking gameplay to a social media account beforehand should not be done.

My Hero Ultra Impact actually makes it easy and convenient for players to obtain 1 UR character of their choice early on. Your first 10x pull can be repeated as many times as you wish and one battle after that you will have enough gems to perform 2 more 10x gacha pulls. This will now be the best reroll point in the game.

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If you are the type of player who would prefer to duke it out with the game’s content with whichever characters you recruit, then you can completely skip this part. Do note that rerolling is not a necessity to do well in My Hero Ultra Impact. However, having a much better starting roster early on can make a huge difference every step forward.

my hero ultra impact character list

After getting the best UR character you want from the first free 10x pull, you can check some of the available banners and choose the one where you want to spend 2 10x pulls on. We have yet to come up with a complete tier list for My Hero Ultra Impact, but as of now we know that All for One (Evil Ruler), Endeavor (Fire Power), and Fumikage Tokoyami (In Shadows) are among the best picks. In any case, being able to nab 2 UR characters from 2 10x gacha pulls is already a huge boost for starters.

If you are not happy with your gacha pulls, you can simply clear the cache under the support menu in the title screen. This will reset your progress and you will have to start over and go through the tutorials again. If you are satisfied with your pulls, then you can proceed forward with your adventure.

2. Prioritize Story Progression

The main game mode in My Hero Ultra Impact, which is where the tutorial session begins, is the story campaign. It is loosely based on the original story of the manga and anime, with more action and combat. The entire campaign is divided into chapters, which is further subdivided into stages. There are first time completion rewards as well as items to farm for in succeeding runs. Each battle consumes stamina, which you have a limited supply of but replenishes over time.

Characters you have in your team, whether as main units or sub units, earn EXP in battle. There are star ratings attributable to completing stages, which depends on how many characters in your team make it through the entire battle. Securing the maximum rating of 3 stars enables you to instantly complete subsequent stage runs using skip tickets and can be performed multiple times consecutively.

my hero ultra impact main quest

Considering the plethora of materials to earn with each story battle you engage in, the first time completion rewards include gems. Gems are a premium currency you can use to exchange for a lot of goods but, most importantly, can be consumed to recruit more characters. With each stage granting 10 gems on your first victory, along with additional rewards from quests and missions that relate to it, you will gradually be able to accumulate 500 gems and go for another 10x pull.

Another point to consider is that campaign battles you engage in also earn you EXP for your player rank and ranking up comes with its own set of sweet perks. Although you will have an abundance of stamina early on, making it a huge challenge to deplete all of it, ranking up replenishes your supply of stamina. This might not be easy to appreciate early on but when you start running out of stamina from mid to end game, every rank up you experience will be a blessing.

my hero ultra impact quest clear

Even at the early part of your adventure, you will be able to select a character from random players to join your team as a guest. Reaching a higher player or account rank gives you additional players to follow and have as a friend, which ultimately leads to more choices of reliable characters to support your team in battle. Ultimately, the higher your player rank, the higher is the cap for your stamina and friends.

Most importantly, My Hero Ultra Impact has an abundance of features and game modes left locked at the start of your adventure and the sole key to unlocking them rests in your progression through the main campaign. Given that features and other game modes can help provide more of the resources you need as well as some that cannot be obtained from the main story alone, you would want to unlock as many of the added features sooner than later.

my hero ultra impact sta restored

Completing the last stage of a chapter unlocks its hard mode, offering a bigger challenge along with better rewards. It is best to push forward with progressing the normal mode story campaign first before delving into the hard mode. There will naturally b a point in time where the challenges of even the normal mode stages will become increasingly more challenging for your team. In such cases, take a step back and strengthen your team and take the time as well to venture into the rest of the game’s features and added game modes.

3. Maintain A Balanced Team

My Hero Ultra Impact is a team-based strategy RPG and as a beginner, it is easy to be inclined to consider the best units to build your ultimate team. Building your dream team in the game is at the core of what makes My Hero Ultra Impact addictive and immersive at the same time. While tier lists and rerolls can help guide you towards picking the best heroes and villains to invest in, simply lumping them together does not yield a powerful team.

Rarity grades are typically the main way of grouping characters with the units having the top rarity grades typically exhibiting better characteristics. Units in My Hero Ultra Impact are either UR, SR, or R grade and while UR grades are our main targets earlier for rerolling, it is due to them being the team characters to build your teams around. There are plenty of decent SR grade units as well but for the R grades, it is best to keep them only as temporary members of your team in case no better fit among the higher grades come to mind.

my hero ultra impact team

Elemental affinity or unit type is an important factor to consider when building teams. Just like conventional turn-based strategy RPGs, My Hero Ultra Impact utilizes elemental affinities to impose a rock-paper-scissors mechanics in combat that gives characters under one element type to have an advantage over one other type and at the same time be disadvantaged against another one. The types are Red (STR), Green (INT), Blue (ABL), Yellow (WIS), and Purple (DST).

There are 3 basic types and 2 special types of elements. For the basic ones, Red has an advantage over Green; Green has an edge over Blue; and Blue tops Red. The special elements of Yellow and Purple deal and receive damage from one another but is neither advantaged or disadvantaged against the other 3 types.

There are different ways to work around elemental affinities. In general, we would recommend having different elements represented or, at the very least, avoid having a full team of units under the same element as everyone would be disadvantaged against the same enemy. There are, however, some hero skills as well as memories that only apply effects based on the unit’s element, so be sure to take those in consideration as well.

my hero ultra impact battle

Each character in My Hero Ultra Impact exhibits a unique set of skills and abilities. While there are no specific character classes assigned to each of them, looking into each unit’s set of skills should give you a fair idea of the type of character they are. Although damage-dealers are often the top priority, there are units built for defense and support as well. DPS units may specialize in dealing damage to a single unit or group of enemies and some of them have means of increasing their potential with self-boosts.

Choosing a top tier character will therefore make for a solid central character to build on. Once you have chosen your favorite character, the next step should be focused on partnering that character with teammates that can synergize best with him or her.

4. Be Selective With Level Ups

Unless you have secured your dream team in the early part of your adventure, chances are that you will be switching team members often as you progress in your journey. As you are likely to obtain more rewards at the early part of your adventure, you will be visiting the recruitment center more often. This potentially leads to securing more characters, one or some of which may have a better fit for your team in mind.

my hero ultra impact level up

Resources and materials needed to increase your characters’ individual strengths come in abundance in the early stages of your adventure as well. There is no doubt a lot of fun and excitement involved in seeing your favorite characters grow stronger, or at least the ones that you currently have on your team. Regardless of how easy it seems to earn resource materials, however, they are finite, and consuming them needlessly will lead you to need more of them later on, and this can lead to a stunted progression rate.

Although heroes you have on your team gain experience with every battle they engage in, these increments are hardly enough relative to the increasing levels of enemies you encounter. Most especially in instances where you switch in a new recruit, you will have a difficult time levelling that unit up to catch up to the requirements of the challenge at hand. There are level up bars you can use on a unit to give him or her instant EXP and while you will have an abundance of this early on, it is always best to use them wisely.

my hero ultra impact ability board

You can personally classify units in your roster into 2 groups: ones that you will utilize all the way to the end game, and ones that will likely be used only temporarily or benched for eternity. If you did not opt to reroll in the beginning of your adventure, chances are that your main team will have members that you will be replacing as soon as better units come along. Considering this, it is best to only invest heavily in the units that you are certain will be useful for a long time. For the rest, only invest in them while you use them and sparingly as well.

Each character also has a unique Ability Board that you need to invest in. The board is divided between the Basic Route and the Piece Route. The Basic Route is much easier to progress given that materials needed for it can be largely found in the main campaign. The basic route can unlock and improve skills as well as boost some stats for the character.

my hero ultra impact unlock

Some of these materials, however, can only be obtained in higher stages and chapters within the campaign, adding even more importance to progressing through it. The Piece Route requires shards of the character and you will have to purchase shards from the gear shop using stars. Stars can be obtained whenever you recruit a character you already have.

5. Equip And Upgrade The Right Memories

Much simpler than what conventional RPGs typically have, characters in My Hero Ultra Impact do not equip weapons and gears. Instead, each hero can equip 1 Memory. Memories can be obtained the same way heroes can, which is mainly through recruitment. Just like the characters as well, memories have rarity grades that determine their overall strength or utility value.

my hero ultra impact memory list

It is only natural to want to equip the top grade Memory on your top favorite character. However, each memory, just like each character, is unique and can benefit each hero differently. While some memories have general applicability like an increase in power by a certain percentage, most of them have restrictive or delimited benefits. Some memories may only provide a stat boost to specific types of units. Some may also only benefit heroes or villains and some will apply only to male or female characters.

my hero ultra impact memory details

It is important to look into what each memory does and determine whether it is the best one to assign to your character. If such is the case, then there should be no apprehension when it comes to upgrading that memory. Otherwise, a prudent approach in investing resources must be observed.

my hero ultra impact hero level up

Memories can be leveled up using memory level up tonics. You can also limit break a memory provided that you have extra copies of it. You will need a total of 4 copies of the memory to fully reach its potential. Each copy you sacrifice increases its level cap by 5 and every 2 copies used will increase the proficiency level of the boosts that it provides.

my hero ultra impact limit break

6. Take On All Other Quests And Activities Regularly

The main campaign is the starting point of your grand adventure in the world of My Hero Ultra Impact that leads to the availability of hosts of other activities and game modes for you to revel in. Although we recommend pushing forward with the main story campaign as a top priority, engaging in all other game modes should form part of your regular routine as soon as you unlock them.

my hero ultra impact hero base

One of the first added features you unlock is your base, where you can choose a background as well as some furniture as a setting where your favorite heroes can be deployed. Although setting the background and heroes are purely for fun, what is great about this feature is that it generates basic resources over time. Energy, coins, as well as materials to level up heroes and memories can be obtained here so be sure to visit it following the time it takes for it to generate items for you.

Another great source of idle rewards is the Dispatch feature where you can send teams of units across different areas for idle missions. The characters you send here will all still be usable across the other game modes. Dispatch areas will often have conditions that do not delimit the characters you can deploy but rather provide additional incentives if satisfied. Every dispatch leads to a successful return but fully satisfying the conditions can lead to great success, rewarding you with even more rewards.

my hero ultra impact shopping mall

Under the Quests menu, My Hero Ultra Impact provides more challenges for you to conquer on top of the main campaign. There is a level up quest that gives the best amounts of level up materials you need for your heroes and memories as well as coins. You have 3 attempts for each daily and beating a level unlocks the next one. For best results, push to beat the more challenging levels and expend your attempts on them before the day’s cutoff period.

The USJ (Unforeseen Simulation Joint is a bigger challenge to conquer and can earn you medals as well as hero gems on your first completion. You have 3 daily attempts to expend however you like across 5 different zones. Each zone sports an element, making a team of the same element advantageous against specific ones.

my hero ultra impact level up quests

It can be very difficult for beginners especially if your main team is not comprised exclusively of units of the same elemental type. However, testing each stage here does not really have penalties for failed attempts so be sure to give it a go.

7. Accomplish Missions For Extra Rewards

It is easy to notice that every battle you engage in My Hero Ultra Impact, especially in the main campaign, earns you a lot of materials and items. There are more than enough sources of idle rewards as well, almost ensuring that even players who have very limited time to spend on the game can still strengthen their team. Beyond all that, however, My Hero Ultra Impact provides plenty more sources of additional incentives through their missions feature, and these hardly come with extra effort.

my hero ultra impact unforeseen simulation joint

My Hero Ultra Impact provides a plethora of mission objectives you can accomplish for extra reward. As these extra challenges directly coincide with the usual activities you engage in as you progress in your journey, chances are that you will accomplish a lot of them without even knowing. Missions are divided into beginner, daily, normal, and special missions and each objective you clear comes with its own instant reward.

Beginner missions are like milestones you reach in the early part of your adventure. So long as you keep on with your journey, you are bound to accomplish each of the objectives in it. Daily missions are the easiest bunch and relate to activities you should definitely engage in on a daily basis. Normal missions are like the continuation of beginner missions and relate to achievements you have made across every aspect of the game.

my hero ultra impact missions

Special missions can provide the best rewards but are time-limited. In any case, be sure to check the list of available missions regularly, most especially the time-limited ones. If you are close to accomplishing some objectives, then it is best to pursue them more diligently and claim the rewards sooner than later.

In addition to the regular missions, there is also an Awakening Mission that can help you reach your favorite hero’s awakening sooner. You can access this via its icon at the right side of the main screen. Beyond materials you can use to awaken your chosen character there are various items you can obtain here that are either difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else so be sure to peek into the current missions you have here and pursue them if you can as well.

my hero ultra impact awakening missions

My Hero Ultra Impact certainly holds plenty of things to venture into that we have to leave for your personal exploration. This is where we end our My Hero Ultra Impact beginner’s guide and we hope that all the simple tips and strategies we shared will serve as the stepping stones for you to build your dream hero team and dominate all its challenges. If you stumbled upon some neat tricks and strategies you want to share, do not hesitate and throw us one or a couple down in the comment area!