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My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Heroes in the Game

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has certainly lived up to the franchise’s success and popularity, breaching the 1 million downloads barrier in just a month following its global release. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is most certainly a huge treat for fans of the manga and anime, as you not only get to play as Izuku Midoriya or Deku but also its growing cast of characters.

There is more to My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero than the franchise it is based on as it comes packed with tons of content, superb graphics, and intense, action-packed combat gameplay that puts your strategic and combo ability to the ultimate test. While playing as any of the available characters in the game is an engaging experience, the idea of forming teams of 3 characters and exploring how each team coordinate their unique quirks lead to a wide range of possibilities for everyone to explore and revel in.

If you have just started your adventure within the world of My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, or about to jump in as you are reading this, it is best to check out our My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero beginner’s guide first. Our beginner’s guide comes packed with all the basic tips and strategies you need to know to cut down on the newbie time experience and fast forward to playing like a pro.

In this My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero tier list, we will be showcasing all the available characters in the game and rank them in groups to help you identify the ones that are worth more than investing in than others. Of course, there is always a lot of fun to experience as you explore each character and take on quests with different units and teams. In some cases, you may even go with a particular favorite or favorites regardless of how most people perceive their performance to be or how challenging it can be for you to utilize them.

my hero academia the strongest hero tier list

In any case, and despite ranking down all the available heroes across tiers S to C, we believe that there is no such thing as a useless unit in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. Some characters simply stand out over others in terms of overall strength and utility in either PvE, PvP, or both sets of contents.

Keep in mind, however, that while individual capacities are taken in consideration, simply lumping together all the top tier characters will not necessarily lead to creating a top tier team. With this in mind, some of the lower ranked characters can have added value paired with the right partners.

While our current tier list holds 15 characters presently available in the global version of the game, we are aware that more characters will soon be gracing us with their presence. Class 3-A student Tamaki Amajiki, also known as Suneater is among the upcoming characters. League of Villains leader, Tomura Shigaraki, and Hero Killer: Stain will also join the roster of characters soon. Having new characters can lead to new team synergies and optimum team compositions and strategies. This may result in some characters shifting value as updates come.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero S Tier Units

There was an initial impression in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero that characters who do not seem to shine as much as the rest in PvE combat are bound to excel in PvP duels. While it can happen that some heroes just seem to be a challenge to utilize across most PvE content, however, it does not necessarily follow that they will excel when you lodge them in your PvP team.

The heroes we considered for the S Tier have outstanding performances in both PvE and PvP game modes. They are the type of characters you would want to build your team around and investing in any of these characters is a move you will never regret.

Shota Aizawa [Codename: Eraser Head – Quirk: Erasure – Type: Speed]

shota aizawa my hero academia the strongest hero

Fans of the franchise will understand just how fearsome Aizawa can be. Regardless of what your powers are and how strong those powers can be, makes no difference to him as he can block out your quirks and render you powerless temporarily. The representation of his Erasure quirk in the game seems fair, enabling you to cancel your target’s abilities within a straight line from you but that is not all to be feared from Aizawa’s kit.

Aizawa also has a passive ability that grants him temporary invulnerability. Being able to lay caltrops that can damage and flinch enemies who step on them can be terribly pesky. Top all of that off with quick moves that enable him to beat just about anyone to the pulp and you have got one character that can easily dominate every opponent and every challenge.

Enji Todoroki [Codename: Endeavor – Quirk: Hellflame – Type: Technique]

enji todoroki my hero academia the strongest hero

The current rank 1 hero following All Might’s permanent retirement, Endeavor’s destructive power is almost always showcased as his most distinguished trait. He may exclusively have fire powers unlike his son, Shoto, but it is the most fearsome fire-based power in the entirety of the MHA universe. My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero certainly did not fall short in translating his offensive prowess to its in-game incarnation.

Beyond his active skills already able to deal massive damage on their own, Endeavor can also unlock passives that can grant him temporary invulnerability and life regeneration. He also has passives that further boost his damage and critical rate, making him an ace offensive unit that has superior survivability rolled into one.

Fumikage Tokoyami [Codename: Tsukuyomi – Quirk: Dark Shadow – Type: Speed]

fumikage tokoyami my hero academia the strongest hero

Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow has often been shown in the series to spiral out of control and unleash devastating effects on his surroundings. Getting Dark Shadow under control almost always means restricting Tokoyomi’s full potential, but how Tokoyomi and Dark Shadow can work independently and together has been translated perfectly in the game.

Tokoyami’s inherent ability to get to reach opponents from a distance, pull himself close to them, and pull them towards him makes him a dangerous for to contend with. His attacks are powerful and with some control mastery applied, he can be utilized in a number of ways. Tokoyami’s passives can grant him an attack boost and some HP recovery as well.

Toshinori Yagi [Codename: All Might – Quirk: One for All – Type: Power]

toshinori yagi my hero academia the strongest hero

There just isn’t any possibility for any MHA game to have All Might as a playable character and not make him a top-tier unit. Surely enough, there is always the notion that developers try their best to balance out each and every available character, but some units are bound to stand out. All Might certainly is a powerful character but what makes him a dangerous opponent is his speed to match his strength.

His superb strength, speed, and spam-ish combo moves can even make him difficult to beat in the hands of a total beginner and the invulnerability passives and strength augmentations just make him even more difficult to fight against. There is always Eraser Head who can be an excellent unit to shut him down but otherwise, All Might is like a freight train that can run over full teams in a fight.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero A Tier Units

Being able to nab one of the S grade heroes above can be a challenging feat, especially for free-to-play players. It does not necessarily make it impossible for you to make progress without having an S-lister in your team. As we have mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a useless character in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero and the units we lodged under the A tier are still awesome by any standards.

Eijiro Kirishima [Codename: Red Riot – Quirk: Hardening – Type: Power]

eijiro kirishima my hero academia the strongest hero

As one of the starting characters players can enjoy for free, you can easily notice Red Riot’s value in the team given his superb durability and extensive levels of survivability. Despite lacking offensive strength, Red Riot’s specialization lies in his damage reduction and damage immunity abilities.

Although Red Riot has some passives that can boost his offensive strength, the more critical aspects of his attacks lie in the added effects it can impose on the targets. He has active skills that can knock opponents up, rendering them unable to defend and be open to ore combo attacks, and he can also stun opponents. To be honest, it is great to have him as a starting character and he can really help you get through some of the more challenging battles within the main campaign.

Izuku Midoriya [Codename: Deku – Quirk: One for All – Type: Speed]

izuku midoriya my hero academia the strongest hero

The main protagonist of the series may currently fall a bit short to making it on our top tier, but Izuku Midoriya certainly does not fall that far behind. He has superb strength, speed, and combo ability and what makes him tick is the number of ways he can initiate and disengage form a target. To top it all off, he is an easy character to learn and master, ensuring that even complete beginners will be able to utilize him well across all of the game’s different challenges.

Izuku Midoriya is a melee fighter but is highly capable of dishing out ranged attacks and can likewise quickly close the gap between him and his opponent. Passives can give him an offense and defense boost as well, with a PvE passive that increases his damage outputs based on the enemies he defeats. Knocking up enemies up in the air is certainly a huge plus for his arsenal of skills and combos, making Deku a superb unit to have on either PvE or PvP challenges.

Momo Yaoyorozu [Codename: Creati – Quirk: Creation – Type: Technique]

momo yaoyorozu my hero academia the strongest hero

If you are a fan of the MHA series, Momo Yaoyorozu is probably one of the supporting characters you would be very much intrigued in, especially as far as full potential is concerned. Having a quirk that allows her to create any inanimate object can surely give rise to limitless possibilities and what she has exhibited so far is less than the tip of the iceberg, if you ask us.

Momo is perhaps one of, if not, the most versatile character in the game. Her wide range of weapons, including the switchable spear, scythe, and shield gives rise to a a very flexible play style. She is probably one of the most challenging units to learn and master but once you do, you can take on any character, even the S Tier ones. One of her most important skills is the turrets she can deploy.

You can summon up to 2 turrets and each one has a chance of flinching the target, opening up enemies for combo opportunities and leaving you to be able to break your opponents’ combos on you as well. These turrets even stay around even after you switch Momo out, making teams with a Momo a dreadful one to contest against in PvP.

Shoto Todoroki [Codename: Shoto – Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot – Type: Technique]

shoto todoroki my hero academia the strongest hero

Last but not the least is Endeavor’s favorite son, who wields both of his parents’ quirks. Shoto may not have as much attack power as Endeavor but he certainly makes up for it with his ice powers. You may see Shoto at lower ranks in other tier lists as some of his skills leave him open to counterattacks and combos but for us, the ability to slow down and freeze your enemies is a very huge opportunity to change the tide of every battle.

Shoto’s kit of being able to switch between both sets of powers may take some time to get used to and range attacks in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero almost always leave the character open for counters. Shoto may not be an excellent fit for beginners but if you prefer playing patiently and taking your time to create and take advantage of an opening, you can certainly make wonders with this guy.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero B Tier Units

It’s another step further down the grid and the heroes under this list may not be found in the priority list of heroes to upgrade in anyone’s roster. Again, we would like to stress that each hero in the game has its unique value and usefulness and just because some units outshine them does not make them entirely useless.

Denki Kaminari [Codename: Chargebolt – Quirk: Electrification – Type: Technique]

denki kaminari my hero academia the strongest hero

Denki Kaminari probably stands as one of the characters in My Hero Academia that fans don’t take seriously. Having electricity powers certainly makes a character a dreadful one in almost every incarnation but by personality, Kaminari seems like the type who does not want anyone hurt by his abilities.

As a starting character in the game, Denki is certainly a blessing and can take you through a lot of the early PvE content. In fact, you can cheese your way to victory with his numerous long-range attacks that can shock and even paralyze his targets. He also has a powerful AoE ultimate skill as well that is a tremendous help against multiple enemies.

A lot of Denki’s skill, however, leave him open to attacks and as a ranged fighter, he will not really hold up that well against close combatants that zero in on him while his shooting up those bolts. He is overall great for PvE but just difficult to use against thinking and dodging opponents in PvP.

Katsuki Bakugo [Codename: Dynamight – Quirk: Explosion – Type: Power]

katsuki bakugo my hero academia the strongest hero

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the main supporting characters in MHA and stands as Midoriya’s rival. Fans of the franchise will most likely want to pull him off of the gacha early on with high hopes for a superb assault fighter but while he does live up to his explosive personality and strength in the game, the way he is built can make it a challenge to fully utilize him.

One of Dynamight’s unique trait in the game is that one of his skills can only be used after utilizing any of his other skills or performing a full basic attack combo. With some charge, it does deal a lot more damage and can certainly work its way towards depleting an enemy’s HP fast. Bakugo’s damage potential is boosted by his high crit rate as well, giving him an opportunity to deal massive loads of damage if utilized perfectly.

Ochaco Uraraka [Codename: Uravity – Quirk: Zero Gravity – Type: Speed]

ochaco uraraka my hero academia the strongest hero

Ochaco Uraraka is among the main supporting characters that seem to have more screen time than the rest. She is like the Hinata for Naruto and while far from being among the most powerful characters, has her own unique set of special qualities that make her shine. Uravity does not seem like a typical favorite in the game and her kit is not as easy to grasp for beginners. She is good to have in PvE and with some patience and practice, could be a surprise factor in PvE combat.

Uravity’s play style banks on her ability to levitate herself and her opponents. Knocking down and stunning opponents are a good addition to her kit as well and she also has damage reduction and damage boost passives. With her range attacks, she can be an easy target on the ground and most ranged skills leave her open as well. There rae ways to work around her kit but she seems like a best fit to support teammates in combat.

Tsuyu Asui [Codename: Froppy – Quirk: Frog – Type: Speed]

tsuyu asui my hero academia the strongest hero

Last on this tier but of equal potential to all the above is the in-game loading mascot, Tsuyu Asui. You just know that frog powers can make a very unconventional and tricky set of skills to play with and that is exactly what Froppy gives you in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero.

Froppy has move animations and combos that can be very confusing for both the users and player targets. Once you get the hang of it, though, you can level Tsuyu up as far as PvP potential is concerned. She has poison, paralysis, and stealth and her frog tongue has its way of closing the gap between you and your targets as well.

Her poison and paralysis can be a great help to PvE content and her stealth skills can really give your PvP opponents something to be ready for, most especially if you utilize switching to a more offensive unit after disappearing as Froppy and attacking an unsuspecting opponent by surprise.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero C Tier Units

Though these remaining heroes are at the bottom of our list, it does not necessarily follow that you will not be able to use them. In fact, characters like these may often come with a nifty surprise if you dare master them as the rarely used characters often come with those same advantages. For general play and, of course, considering limitations of resources to enhance your roster of heroes, it is recommended to prioritize resource consumption on characters at higher tiers.

Mashirao Ojiro [Codename: Tailman – Quirk: Tail – Type: Power]

mashirao ojiro my hero academia the strongest hero

Mashirao Ojiro is the martial arts expert who also happen to have a tail for his quirk. Although we feel that My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero is a game that can be enjoyed even by gamers who are not fans of the franchise, we would like to think that most players have at least some episodes of the anime. Are there players who would actually pick Tailman as their top favorite character? Probably not. We are not huge fans of him as well but to be fair, he does bring value to his classmates in the franchise.

Tailman’s incarnation in the game centers around his martial arts skills and his combos can grow beyond most characters’ combos with the martial realm dynamics. Tailman is a purely melee fighter who can boost his offensive strength with his passive. Setting up for extended combos can make him a decent cannon in some PvE battles but the lack of any control skills makes him a poor choice in PvP.

Minoru Mineta [Codename: Grape Juice – Quirk: Pop Off – Type: Technique]

minoru mineta my hero academia the strongest hero

Most likely ranked number 1 for characters nobody would take seriously, Minoru Mineta’s role does not exactly limit him to being a comic relief in the MHA franchise. Although his quirk, his appearance, and his hero name will put a smirk on most people’s faces, Grape Juice has already proven several times over how his unique Pop Off quirk can be put to a variety of uses.

In My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero, Grape Juice is a largely ranged combatant whose passives give him more juice, so to speak, in dealing higher damage outputs against his targets. Although one of his skills grants immunity from break and control skills, he has an AoE ultimate, and can also root enemies, his overall performance still makes him easy to tag and combo when countered properly. He is perhaps more useful in PvE content especially with mobs not utilizing dodges but he is very tricky to utilize and win with in PvP.

Tenya Iida [Codename: Ingenium – Quirk: Engine – Type: Speed]

tenya lida my hero academia the strongest hero

The class president of Class 1-A certainly has his leadership skill to add to his speedster abilities although you can expect that only the latter will be represented in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. He is yet another unit in the game built very uniquely and may not be as easy to fully utilize for beginners. He has good range, decent damage, and lots of invulnerability opportunities granted by his assortment of skills. It will definitely take some time to make him shine in PvP and as far as PvE is concerned, there are plenty of other characters as more viable options.

Like some of the more complex characters in the game, you need patience and timing to take advantage of Ingenium’s kit. His basic attack and skills will show off a yellow glow much like dodging would and these are the skills you would want to capitalize on in combat.

Given the number of abilities each character has in the game and knowing for sure that more characters will be joining the roster, we likewise feel that some sort of adjustments will come to some of these characters at least, with the hopes of improving balance across them.

Additionally, the introduction of new characters will give rise to having some of the earlier characters new combination opportunities. Although we ranked these characters based exclusively on how we see their kits and not how well they synergize with other characters, it can certainly happen that some low tier units will shine brighter with the right partners.

We are looking forward for more things to come to My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero but for now, this is where we will leave our tier list. We hope that it can serve as a guide for you to identify which from among the characters you have are the best ones to invest all those hard-earned resources in. We likewise respect and understand discerning opinions on the list we provided.

Did your favorite heroes make it to the top of our list? Do you agree with the entirety of our tier list? We are so eager to find that out so don’t hesitate to chuck us your views and opinions down in the comments!