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Mucho Taco Cheats & Tips: 5 Killer Tricks for Running the Best Taco Restaurant Out There

Casual gaming leader Noodlecake Studios has a new title for Apple devices, and it’s called Mucho Taco. It’s described as an idle clicker game where you make zillions of tacos with the power of the sun tortilla and the guidance of Barbacoatl, an enigmatic taco connoisseur. Sounds quirky? Indeed it is, but your goal, through all this taco-making, is to build and manage taco restaurants, make salsas for your tacos, and “throw hot and vibrant fiestas.” Indeed, all that idle clicking is bound to get you somewhere, but if you don’t quite know how to get there yet, consider checking out these Mucho Taco cheats, tips and strategies.

1. Get Into The Swiping Groove

Mucho Taco is a swiping game, and not really a clicker game per se. That means the usual strategies we suggest for clickers, such as using two fingers or more, won’t be that effective. Instead, most of what you’ll do is swiping, and it will be very important for you to balance swiping speed as you do so with both hands. Swiping too fast is just wasteful, as the game won’t be able to recognize all those swipes.

2. There’s A Strategy When Collecting Rewards

You’ll find out soon enough in the game that it is possible to double the rewards received from Pinatas and Super Pinatas. But don’t get too excited about these double rewards. The ads you’ll be able to watch per day are limited, which means you should time those double rewards in such a way that it’s all worth it. The only time we suggest doubling the rewards is when you’ve got a good mix of ingredients, when you’ve got two or more coins, and a Taco boost. Otherwise, you may want to leave the rewards as-is.

3. Keep A Close Eye On Your Restaurants

Like you would with a real-life restaurant, you should make sure to watch your restaurants and be vigilant. Perhaps checking them every one to two minutes would be fine. The tacos customers drop in your restaurants will have a bigger value if your restaurant is at a higher level. Being watchful of your restaurants is a fantastic way to increase the number of tacos per run.

4. Choose Upgrades Wisely

Start out by getting the first two restaurants and upgrading them once apiece. Keep making tacos until you can afford the ingredient upgrade, which costs $20,000. Go back to your first two restaurants and level them up to Level 3; it’s only then when you should buy your third. Lastly, go for Level 4 grilled beef, and stop so you can devote some time to your restaurants. This is how we’d suggest going about your upgrades and running your restaurants effectively.

5. Use The Time Lapse Cheat For An Additional Taco Boost

If you really want more of a taco boost, then you can go to your phone’s settings and perform the time lapse cheat. Change the time on your device by setting it forward by as far as necessary, return to the game, and collect your rewards. There have been some reports that this cheat has already been nerfed, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a whirl.