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Tower Dwellers Tips, Cheats & Guide: 8 Fantastic Hints You Need to Know

Noodlecake’s Tower Dwellers is nothing new if you’re a regular mobile gamer – you probably know it as one of those paid titles on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, it also happens to be a free (or more like freemium) title now for iPhone and iPad users, and it may have piqued your interest if it didn’t in the past. Just to give you a refresher, this game allows you to create units from each tower and form your own “strategic army,” engage in real-time battle, choose the territory to conquer next based on the upgrades, and pretty much complete the “hilariously narrated” tale. You can also work on your strategy in the game’s encyclopedia sandbox mode, by “staging battles” that are mostly for the sake of practice only.

Yes, this is one of those epic, yet fun strategy games, but it’s also no fun if you are having a hard time playing it. So with that in mind, we shall now bring you our list of tips and tricks in our new Tower Dwellers strategy guide. Right now, there aren’t any cheats we can suggest to you right now, not even the time-tested, and often-seen time lapse cheat, but if there are, we will be sure to let you know. Without further ado, here are those tips and tricks.

1. Start By Defending The Easiest Areas

Although, you may not have money at first to build several towers or perform a good number of upgrades, you should always have your sights set on your “going forward” plans. Look for the areas in your base that cover the most entry points for enemies, and bolster your defenses in those parts.

2. How To Plan Your Base

This is a frequently asked question and there isn’t any real right or wrong answer to it. But we would suggest starting out with a standard swordsman tower or two, and leaving some open areas at the back. That’s where you can build archer and mage towers , so you can take out the enemies at range after they’ve been softened up by your hero and your swordsmen.

3. Complete The Stages In Normal Difficulty First

When starting out in Tower Dwellers, you first want to focus on the normal difficulty and complete the stages on there. After that, that’s when you can expect to see new stages unlocked for the different upgrade options. You can always grind previously completed stages, but it’s best if you do that while playing at a higher difficulty level than you did the first time around. With the upgrades you would have received at that time, it shouldn’t be much of a problem, even with the difficulty ramped up a bit.

4. Know The Importance Of Grinding

We’re going to reinforce the importance of replaying stages you have already completed – that’s “grinding” in gaming jargon. As we told you above, you will get best results by finishing all stages in a chapter at normal difficulty, then repeating them when you’ve got a lot of upgrades, albeit at a harder difficulty level. Why is this so important? The stars you’ll receive by re-completing a level at a higher difficulty will be more plentiful, and you can use those to buy even more upgrades. Make sure you’ve grinded it out on every prior difficulty level before you move on to Impossible, because that’s where you eventually want to be.

5. Get Familiar With Tower Upgrades

You should, at a certain point in the game, be familiar with the tower upgrades. There’s a good number of troops you can craft, and each of them have their own distinct strengths, weaknesses, and skill sets. In all, there are 20 troops you can have, and you can refer to the Encyclopedia if you need help in unlocking them. This would typically be done by adding support buildings.

6. Keep Your Troops Specialized In Most Cases, But Focus On Placement

Having a specialized set of troops is usually the best practice in Tower Dwellers, but you can also mix them up and win some of the harder stages with a blend of different troop types. Placement may be a better thing to focus on, as setting up your towers as we suggested above may ultimately be more helpful than any mix of troops you may come up with.

7. Be Aware That You Can’t Purchase All Upgrades Immediately

There also has to be some sort of planning when it comes to your upgrades. You won’t be able to purchase all of them right away, so plan things out and go for the ones that boost your troops’ stats and make it less expensive to buy towers. Upgrades also should be split evenly among the different troop types; start out with your melee units as they’re the ones who get crafted first, and the ones that get used most frequently. But in case you’re not satisfied with the order of your upgrades, you can hit on the Reset Upgrades button so you can start fresh and try something that you believe has a better chance of working.

8. Take Advantage Of Your Spells

Spells are going to be your most useful type of ranged attack, and it is mentioned (or more like implied) in the game’s description that you will be using them a lot in battle. When you reach the later stages, you’ll need them so you can keep up a solid winning streak, and as you use them more often, you’ll usually see better outcomes. Like spells in almost every other strategy games / RPGs, they do have cool down times, so it does help if you’re familiar with them. Spread them out in such a way that you wouldn’t have to wait too long, if at all, before casting another spell.

As a bonus tip, the yellow spell is typically best when taking out rival ranged units, especially if you still don’t have any archers among your troops.