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Mr Juggler Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete All Levels and Get a High Score

Juggling may often be associated with clowns, but it is definitely no joke. It requires focus and lightning fast reflexes. Mr Juggler is a brand new simulator game from Digital Melody that puts your juggling abilities to the test. The game lets you juggle just about anything, from knives, to balls, and everything in between. You can also collect over 25 different characters, including Vikings, punk girls, circus ring masters, and more! Don’t let the funny-looking characters fool you, though.

The game dishes out 20 levels of fast-paced juggling. Just when you think you have it mastered, you are faced with another 20 levels of extreme difficulty! Even the developers admit that the extreme levels are almost impossible to beat. You will need a good strategy and a whole lot of luck. We can’t do anything about the luck part, but our compilation of of Mr Juggler cheats, tips and tricks should help you get through all the levels and improve your high score!

1. How To Earn Points

mr juggler cheats

When you start playing Mr Juggler, in the earlier levels you will only have one ball to juggle. This would be the perfect opportunity for you to master earning points. You earn a point whenever you successfully tap on the ball, or whatever you are juggling, just before it hits the circle. Doing so will ensure that the hand will be able to catch it and toss it back into the air. This will also keep the game going until you complete the level. Timing can be tricky at first, so try to practice in early levels until you are confident with your taps. As you progress through the levels, you will need to juggle more items, so don’t move on until you are comfortable with the current number. Otherwise, things will just get a lot harder and more frustrating for you.

2. Don’t Let Speed Confuse You

Once you start juggling multiple items, it may sometimes look like they are moving at different speeds. Don’t let their movement distract you. All the items you are juggling always move at the same speed. That means you don’t have to worry about one ball suddenly reaching the circle before you are ready. Even if the items change in speed, they all change at the same time. The real difficulty here is the number of times you would need to tap. Speed is just there to pressure you into making mistakes.

3. Collect More Stars, Here’s How

Stars can be earned by playing through the levels, but if you want to earn a bunch of them quickly, ad offers are the way to go. Just go into the Star Store and tap on the free stars button. You will be rewarded with 20 stars after watching a short video advertisement. You can do this repeatedly until you run out of videos to watch. Just make sure you are connected to the internet when you do this, so the game can access the ads from the server.

4. Watch Out For The Star Chest

mr juggler high score

Aside from the ad offers that are always available in the store, you will occasionally come across a free Star Chest. A Star Chest typically contains around 60 stars, so consider yourself lucky if you get one. Before you get too excited to open it, though, make sure you agree to watch another ad first. Doing so will double the number of stars the chest contains. That’s a whopping 120 stars in one chest!

5. Unlock New Characters

Now that you have a lot of stars in your pocket, you can go on a shopping spree. The Star Store will sell you a random character for 100 stars. Mr Juggler follows a gacha system, so you will never know which one you will get. Keep in mind that all characters play the same way and have no impact on the game itself. It is just a way to keep things interesting, so feel free to unlock them all or stick with your favorites.

Juggling isn’t easy, but with the help of our Mr Juggler cheats, tips and tricks, you will be tossing balls like a pro! If you know additional tips for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments!