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Modern Sniper Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become the Best Sniper Out There

Modern Sniper is an Android game from Candy Mobile that has been around for a few years now, but it’s only now that we’re checking it out. This is an over-the-top shooter where you can go on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld, and as the title suggests, you play the role of a modern sniper, one who’s going to be participating in assassin missions – the game has more than 50 different missions for you to complete. You can take out one single high-profile target, or kill a large mob of enemies at street level. And as you can expect from this game, you’ve got access to a range of sniper rifles and assault rifles (only seven of them, though). Do you have what it takes to make consistent headshots and complete more missions?

If you think that completing all those missions sounds like a daunting task, we could possibly help you out with that. Check out our exclusive list of Modern Sniper tips, tricks and strategies, as we talk you through what you should do in order to get your weapons up to speed and have a better chance of completing even the tougher missions in the game.

1. Getting Ready For The Missions – The First Steps

You wouldn’t want to go out on a mission and find yourself going down in a hail of bullets as you fail the mission in epic fashion. Instead, you’ve got to be prepared before accepting a mission – buy enough first aid kits and repair your armor, in order to prime yourself for the big encounter. You would, in particular, want to have your armor repaired before anything else, as that could reduce your damage; armor that has not been repaired won’t work too well, and may result in enemies taking advantage of that and shooting you down at the same time. First aid kits are also important, but as a bonus tip, be careful not to accidentally tap on them while trying to tap the shoot button. It’s quite easy to make this mistake, so take care when shooting.

2. You’ll Also Need To Have Enough Bullets

Another thing you should take into account when prepping yourself for the game is the number of bullets you have remaining. Sure, the game will prompt you if you run out of ammo, and you can easily buy bullets in the middle of a mission. That won’t affect its timer either in a significant way. But is it all good? Not always, as having to buy bullets while in the heat of the action could reset your momentum and cause you to lose your focus.

Just like you should make sure your armor is repaired and that you’ve got enough first aid kits on hand, you should also make sure you’ve got enough ammo prior to accepting a mission. What use is a sniper, after all, when he doesn’t have any bullets to fire at his enemies?

3. Replay Previous Missions To Practice

Yet another key part of preparation is knowing what to do and when to do it. And that would require a bit of practice, specifically when it comes to your aim. Go back to missions you’ve already completed, replay them, and using your knowledge of where enemies appear and hide, and how they fire their weapons, try to take them out faster than you did the first time you played the mission. Replaying missions is also tantamount to grinding and farming, as doing so will give you additional cash and experience points, regardless of the fact you’ve already completed them in the past.

4. Buy Better Rifles First And Go Easy On The Upgrades

During the early goings of the game, it would be better for you to buy new rifles, as opposed to upgrading the ones you currently have. The first rifle that becomes available to you will cost you 8,000 in cash, and that’s going to be a discount compared to what you’ll be spending once you’ve upgraded your default weapon a few times. Costs for upgrades increase progressively, and a fully-upgraded base rifle often won’t be as good as a higher-tier rifle that’s still in the process of being upgraded fully. So with that said, look first at buying a newer and better rifle, and limit your upgrades on your lowest-tier, default weapon.

5. Don’t Shoot Anyone At The Start Of A Mission

Don’t make the mistake of being trigger-happy the moment the mission begins. You wouldn’t want to shoot at anyone just yet; instead of firing indiscriminately, look around and observe your environment. See how your enemies move around in their surroundings, so that way you waste less bullets. Next, move the crosshairs over the enemies in such a way that a small arrow shows up above their heads. That will allow you to track them better later in the mission. As the game’s titular Modern Sniper, you’ve got to be stealthy at first, as opposed to being aggressive.

6. Stealth Isn’t The Main Focus Of The Game

Although as a sniper, you’ll want to make use of stealth to help you in many a situation, the game’s mechanics work in such a way that being stealthy isn’t always the best way to go. The moment you kill your first target, the other enemies will spot you, and you’ll become a prime target for their attacks. To that end, you might want to use the silencer to be more discreet in killing that first enemy, though it won’t always get the heat off of you; it’s still possible for the enemies to target you after the first kill. The most reliable way to make the silencer work is to aim for, and kill an enemy with a headshot. And once you’ve been spotted, you can go ahead and unequip the silencer, as it would have done its work by then.

7. Go For The Headshot

Speaking of headshots, that’s the most effective way for you to kill your enemies in this game. But they do more than just get rid of a foe with just one bullet; if you’re consistent with your headshots, you can earn better rewards. But there are also times when your headshots will miss, requiring you to fire at other parts of their body, like their legs. For that situation, firing at an enemy’s legs would be a good idea if they try to flee, as that would slow them down and prevent them from making a successful escape to safer ground.

8. Make The Most Out Of Those Explosive Barrels

The game’s missions will often include barrels which you can fire at. As you may have guessed, these barrels (which presumably contain some oil or gas inside) explode when fired at, and that works great in killing multiple enemies who are together in a bunch.

9. Perfect Your Aim In The Fifth Mission For More Cash

The fifth mission in chapter one of the game is notable because there’s a large dollar sign over the mission avatar. That’s because your job is simply to kill a group of fleeing enemies, who are simply trying to escape but will, in no way, shape, or form, fire back at you. As you can earn more cash with more enemies killed in this mission, with the cash rewards particularly tempting, we suggest practicing your aim and trying, in as much as possible, not to make any wasted shots. This mission can be replayed once per hour, which makes this the perfect mission/mini-game if you’re grinding for cash.

10. How To Deal With Armored Enemies

Of course, it wouldn’t be a challenge if there weren’t any armored enemies in the game’s missions. These enemies are harder to take down than the conventional ones, but it is possible to easily dispatch of them. You can try firing at them, then quickly taking cover, which would allow you to stay damage-free as the enemy tries firing back at you. You won’t emerge unscathed all the time, but if you keep on doing this successfully enough, you could chip away at their armor and eventually take them down. And as a bonus of sorts, this tactic is a good way to complete the Crack Shot achievement, which requires you to successfully hit the target on a certain number of shots in a row.

11. Keep Your Rifle Stable As You Wait For Enemies To Emerge

In addition to the above, technique, you can try this when dealing with enemies who have yet to emerge from their cover. Slowly move your weapon around, using small, circular motions; strangely enough, this prevents your rifle from shaking too much, and keeps it more stable, allowing you to take a better aim at your enemy.

12. Spin The Wheel For Prizes

Modern Sniper happens to be quite generous with free goodies, as it will let you spin the wheel once a day for a chance at earning some rewards. This may include new rounds of ammo, additional cash, or additional bullion, which is your premium currency. And since bullion is your premium currency and the game offers you the option to spend 10 of it to get another spin at the wheel, we should advise you not to take this option unless you’re overflowing with bullion. In most cases, the standard one spin a day is enough.

13. Watch Ads For Free Bullion

There’s a button on the top right of your screen that says “free +1 Bullion.” Go hit that button and the game will load an advertisement video, which lasts no more than 30 seconds. Once the video is complete, you’ll earn one bar of bullion free of charge, which really isn’t much at all. In fact, it’s a paltry amount of bullion per ad video. Still, the game often has lots of ads to serve up, so go click on the button, go watch as many ads as you could, and play the game while connected to the Internet so you get more opportunities to watch videos.

14. Complete The Achievements

While we’re still talking about cash, and how to earn more of it, you should also keep the achievements in mind, and complete as many of them as possible. They will reward you with a few to several thousands worth of cash, plus a random item, all free of charge. What achievements are there for you to complete? To name a few examples, the Mountains of Bullets achievement requires you to use a certain number of bullets, Persistent Player requires you to play every day, and Expert Medic requires you to use a certain number of first aid kits. These are all things you can do in the general course of playing the game, though you can complete them faster if you remember what they are and work toward achieving those goals.

15. What’s In It For You In Endless Mode?

Modern Sniper has an Endless Mode which you can play once your character reaches Level 5. This game will have you facing an endless stream of enemies, and your goal in this mode is to survive for as long as possible. It also bears mentioning that the enemies would already have spotted you, which means they will be going at you the moment your run begins; stealth or silencers won’t do you any good here. This is another great way for you to earn more cash, as your rewards are based on how long you last and how many enemies you’re able to kill.

Endless Mode is also a good mode to use if you’re aiming to complete certain achievements, such as Head Terminator (specific number of headshots), Cold Blood (specific number of combos), and Bigger and Stronger (survive for so many seconds). Completing the missions will always be more fulfilling, but if you need extra cash or want to complete certain achievements, go give Endless a spin.