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NinjAwesome Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

NinjAwesome is a recently released Android and iOS game that claims to be the best ninja game ever. This is an arcade game by GameResort, where you have to swipe on your screen to avoid various traps and grab the coins you see along the way. And it also wouldn’t be a ninja game without some (or a lot of) slashing at enemies, as you’ll also have to launch shuriken to take out your enemies while you jump. You can upgrade your Ninja Powers, collect different types of shuriken, master five mission types (Assassination, Infiltration, Sabotage, Espionage, and Wandering), and enjoy the game on a more casual level in Endless Mode.

All things considered, the learning curve in this game isn’t as steep as it is in other games we’ve covered as of late. However, since we want to help you earn more coins and complete more missions, we’ve come up with a pretty cool list of NinjAwesome tips and tricks that you can use regardless of the mode or mission type you’re currently playing.

1. Keep On Breaking The Lanterns

If you want to earn more coins, the fastest way to do this is by breaking every lantern that you see. A broken lantern will yield five coins, and those coins can add up as you keep on playing; breaking lanterns will, in fact, be your main way of earning money in the game. But apart from the coins, lanterns can also yield power-ups. There are only two power-ups in the game for you to collect, but they could both be helpful in your quest to kill more enemies and earn more coins. And, as a bonus tip for earning coins, enemies drop five coins once you kill them – make sure you’re trying to defeat as many of them as possible!

2. Get A Running Start When Trying To Break Statues

If you slide into the gray statues, you’ll be able to break them, though there is a bit of a technique to doing this. Waiting too long and being too close to the statues before sliding would result in failure, as your character’s slide move requires some time to warm up. If he bumps into something prior to the slide, that will effectively abort the slide. So, with that in mind, get your ninja off to a running start when trying to break statues by sliding.

3. Play Endless Mode For More Coins

Why should you be playing Endless Mode in NinjAwesome? Aside from allowing you to enjoy the game in a more casual way, or allowing you to relax in between your recently completed missions and the new ones, Endless Mode allows you to earn more coins. Just try to go as far as you could without dying – that’s all there is to it, as there are no other goals beyond that.

4. Open Chests After Completing A Level

You’ll be able to open a chest after defeating a level; tap on the chest and wait until the designated time is completed. These chests contain coins, and sometimes include shuriken skins, which change the design of your shuriken, but don’t add anything special in terms of powers. Make sure you’ve got a chest queued to open whenever possible, as the game will only allow you to hold four at a time. You’ll also be warned about playing a level while holding four chests, so pay close attention to this one.

5. Upgrade Your Ninja

There are several ways in which you can upgrade your character in the game. For starters, you can upgrade any one, or both of the power-ups. You can upgrade your ninja so that he can throw more shurikens, so he can slide for longer, and so he can take more damage from enemies before getting killed. So what upgrade should you prioritize first? We suggest the latter, which is the health upgrade. It’s good to be able to take multiple hits before going down, so upgrade your ninja’s health as your first priority.