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Mobile Puzzler ‘Euclidean Skies’ Arrives to iOS on October 25

The sequel to Euclidean Lands, a mobile puzzle game that had at its core Rubik Cube-like landscapes and could be defined as an isometric architectural puzzler, Euclidean Skies will be released on October 25th on iOS. Developed by Miro Straka and Kunabi Brother, Euclidean Skies will allow players to unfold and reshape puzzles for multiple solutions, thus enhancing the gaming experience.

According to the developers, unlike Euclidean Lands which was based on a system that required symmetry, the puzzles in Euclidean Skies can be reshaped and unfolded from the original silhouette as the player advances towards the solution. Each level has multiple solutions, allowing players to follow their own path of discovery.

In addition, the game comes with an AR mode that allows players to walk around the puzzles that lay before them. Though the game comes out tomorrow for $4.99, if you hurry up you can still pre-order it and benefit from a 40% discounted price.

If we are to look back at Miro Straka and Kunabi Brother’s previous successful creations – such as Blek or Frost – Euclidean Skies certainly does raise high expectations. So hurry up and get it from the App Store before its release for only $2.99!