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Minion Rush Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Beat All Challenges and Unlock Everything

Just as video games in general were initially considered as a fun way to pass time, mobile games were also primarily aimed towards people who can or want to only spend a few minutes for each gaming session. Among the most successful genres that flourished early on in the mobile gaming industry was the endless runner genre, spawning countless titles that either feature all-original concepts or themes and characters from a popular franchise.

Minion Rush is a 3D endless runner from Gameloft, that features the cute and wacky Minions from the hit movie series “Despicable Me” who also starred in prequel self-titled movies of their own. Since its launch in 2013, Minion Rush has maintained its popularity, keeping abreast with developments in the movie series and short films to add to its own brand of unique events and content.

minion rush tips

Minion Rush has core gameplay mechanics certainly familiar to avid endless runner lovers. While some players may feel that having seen or played an endless runner game feels like you have seen or played them all, Minion Rush is sure to offer plenty of features and mechanics that are certainly not comparable to loosely similar games in the mobile gaming market.

While the usual requirements of precision and focus remain, Minion Rush makes use of the minions’ colossal numbers to incorporate different strategies for various challenges that come your way. There are currently 125 different minions to unlock and use in Minion Rush, each with its own unique special ability that can impact your run.

Even for complete beginners, the simplistic swipe gesture control scheme coupled with straightforward gameplay mechanics makes it very easy for everyone to pick up and play Minion Rush. If you have just started diving into it and want faster progression and performance improvement rates, then our Minion Rush Guide will lead you towards acing each level and challenge!

1. Use Global Goals As Your Guide

The basic idea in endless runner games usually revolve around being able to run as far as you can to earn more coins or resources as well as to set and beat your own records or perhaps even see your peak performance compared to the general population of players. While you can basically still do that in Minion Rush, there are missions for you to accomplish as a top secret agent and in doing so, you will progress much faster in your career.

minion rush global goals

There are various mission types available in Minion Rush but the one that we recommend prioritizing is the Global Goals. You can check these along with other missions through the “My Career” icon at the bottom of your screen. Global Goals are comparable to campaign missions in other games, that basically serve as your main guide towards progressing your adventure. On top of earning rewards for each objective completed, progressing through the global goals will unlock new costumes as well as new locations for you to play in, opening even more opportunities to fulfill more targets and earn extra rewards.

The Global Goals consists of 20 chapters or operations, each with a set of 10 objectives to complete. You will need to complete the current objective before you can attempt the next one. To do so, simply click on the current objective, taking note of the required accomplishment, and then tap the “GO” button to be instantly taken to where you need to be. Hit the “RUN” button to take on the applicable target stage.

minion rush mission

The Global Goal targets will often coincide with completing missions in the Despicable Ops mode but may also include other targets, like missions in the different rooms you unlock. In any case the distinction between prioritizing missions in Despicable Ops Mode and Global Goal targets is that the latter is more encompassing, covering progression across your entire adventure in which Despicable Ops mode is a fraction of.

2. Keep Your Eyes Ahead Of The Stage

What makes endless runner game a fun and exciting experience for players of all ages can be attributed to the simple controls and gameplay mechanics that it has. In Minion Rush, the basic controls of swiping left and right to switch lanes, as well as swiping up and down to jump and slide, are altogether very easy for even complete beginners to get used to.

minion rush stage

As far as levels go, they may be generated randomly and have different aesthetics but work the same way to a great extent. On top of bananas to collect and power-up your minion’s special ability, there are extra power-ups you can also collect to help you grab even more bananas as well as protect you from obstructions that block your way or make your run more challenging. In case of mission runs, how close or far you are from completing the mission at hand will also be indicated on the screen.

minion rush minion shield

Regardless of your current goals for each run, you should always make it a habit to focus on what is ahead of the track and avoid everything else as much as possible. You can always use your peripherals to catch a glimpse of when your ability is active and ready for use. As far as missions are concerned, knowing where you are at in terms of completing it will not necessarily make the task easier either.

minion rush path

For some beginners, it is fairly easy to get distracted by a lot of details. On top of all the other info you will see on your screen, another fairly common error beginners are prone to is actually looking their minion as they switch lanes, jump, slide, or do all sorts of crazy things. This is actually a habit that can be difficult to break if you are used to it, but still, a much better performance awaits you if you master the skill of always keeping your eyes ahead of the path.

sliding under obstacles in minion rush

Relative to this, you may be wondering about the other minions that you actually bump into while running across any of the levels. Doing this does not really have any impact on your run other than some of them blocking a piece of your view for a second or two. Minions you hit, or hurt as a result of running into them or their work, as well as destroying obstacles in your way, contribute to despicable actions and some missions can potentially revolve around this mechanic. Without any mention of it, though, you should not worry much about whether or not to hit or avoid them in your runs.

minion rush run

3. Always Keep The Objective In Mind

In general, endless runner games make the run distances serve as the most important metric in determining your progress in your adventure. Given that Minion Rush holds a plethora of goals and missions for you to accomplish, though, it makes each run different from most in the sense that you can have different targets with each succeeding run.

minion rush mission completed

Considering missions, there are varieties of feats to accomplish in most runs you will engage in like meeting a certain number of obstacles to jump over or slide in as well as the usual distance ran and bananas collected. While simply adhering to the above tip makes it fairly easy to accomplish the latter 2 mission examples, some objectives may have you be extra conscious of what is ahead of your tracks.

In general, the idea behind making a habit out of keeping your eyes up ahead is to have to survive and extend your run as much as possible. This means that your aim will always be meters over everything else and will choose even lanes with less or no bananas just to work towards the goal. Since most mission runs are not actually endless runs as it ends immediately after reaching your goal, then what would matter more in some runs is to actually focus on the mission specifics.

minion rush jump

This does not necessarily invalidate our earlier strategy of keeping your eyes ahead. However, instead of always thinking about the safer route towards extending your run, your focus would be to look ahead with the intent of strategizing around your target. For example, if the mission would require you to run a certain number of meters with the vacuum power-up, then you should make an effort to spot those power-ups at the soonest and grab them as often as you can.

Mission runs will expectedly be very easy in the earlier stages but it will soon have unique challenges that will surely test your reflexes and strategies. As such, it is best to make a habit of both keeping your sights ahead and focusing on the mission at hand as grooming yourself to these basic strategies will reap its rewards on the more challenging runs later on.

4. Choosing The Right Minion Matters

As we mentioned earlier, what spices up Minion Rush to outclass the host of other loosely similar games out there are its titular characters. The minions have instantly become a hit sensation not just for kids, but for some adults as well. Although there are only a handful of recognizable minions in the movies and short animations, Minion Rush broaden their distinctions even further with their wardrobes.

minion rush wardrobe

A huge fun factor in the game comes from collecting and using each variety, not just for the unique appearances but also for the unique abilities that come with each one. With the exception with the classic minion, which is the default character you get at the start of your adventure, each other minion or wardrobe in the roster of 125 characters to collect has 2 unique abilities: a costume skill, and a costume ability.

minion rush costume

Minions to unlock also come with rarity grades, with those having blue auras being the common ones. Rare minions have purple aura while epic ones sport a golden aura. Typically, a higher rarity costume or minion will have much better costume skills and costume abilities but cards to unlock them and upgrade them will be more difficult to obtain as well as require more numbers.

Just because you have already unlocked an epic grade costume does not necessarily mean that it will be the best one to use across all runs moving forward. What you need to do is to check their innate abilities relative to the objectives you currently have. Fortunately, Minion Rush provides recommended minions and costumes for each mission you have. In the event that you do not have the top recommended characters, there are also easy ways to rent 1 of the 3 costumes with an ad boost.

minion rush recommended costumes

Between going into runs, do spend some time to get to know each minion, even if you have yet to unlock them. Knowing the perks that come with each unique costume will help you identify which ones are best suited for you in specific mission runs. Recommended costumes, especially ones you can rent are certainly a convenience but then, you may not always have the luxury of time to spend even 30 seconds just to rent a costume for a quick mission.

Having a solid idea of what each costume can do will open possibilities for you to go beyond the limited choices presented in the pre-run screen. The recommendations are undoubtedly good but if you have limited choices, then you can stray from conventions and still go with whichever minion or costume you prefer.

In all honesty, each unique mission or challenge that comes your way can still be completed even without any special costumes or using ones that do not fit the recommendations. It will certainly be more challenging especially considering objectives that depend a lot on special powers. However, every challenge is still doable in Minion Rush.

minion rush island hopper

Relative to costumes in the wardrobe, always remember that unlocking them is just the first step towards completing your collection as each one, with the exception of the classic minion, can be upgraded using duplicate cards and spending a few bananas.

5. Learn To Use Double And Triple Swipes

As 3D endless runner games are very much comparable to earlier 3D platformer games, control designs are usually assumed to only adhere to what is basically provided in the beginning tutorial. In the case of Minion Rush, the most basic aspect of the tutorial would naturally cover controls, with the usual left and right as well as the up and down swipes to supposedly perfectly navigate your way across the challenges.

Minion Rush, however, holds very nifty tricks with regard to controls fit for advanced players as well as beginners who can dish out really quick hand gestures for masterful maneuvers. Learning these tricks will not only help you perform much better in some early challenges, but will become your top tools of the trade in the more challenging runs you will have later on.

minion rush controls

It might come as a huge surprise for endless runner newbies but there is such a thing as consecutive swipes in Minion Rush. One exceptional application of this trick is when you need to switch lanes while airborne. It is fairly easy to assume that once you swipe upwards to jump over an obstacle, you will have to stick to that lane until you hit the ground. With consecutive swipe gestures allowed at a fast pace in the game, however, you can immediately swipe left or right while in mid-air, allowing you to switch to a better or safer lane even before you land.

Another decent application of this handy trick comes when you have jumped a little ahead of time and need to restart your jump for an oncoming gap or obstacle ahead of you. While in the air, you can immediately swipe down to shorten your jump and be able to swipe up with better precision.

Note that double swipes can also be used to switch lanes while sliding or jump even before the slide ends. Even more advanced applications of this trick an enable you to jump grab something from another lane, and swipe back to your original lane before you land. Another triple swipe combo could be jumping, swiping down to shorten the air time, and then finally sliding under an obstacle or switching lanes immediately.

minion rush swipe

All these tricks certainly require some time and effort to fully master but if you are raring to become a pro minion runner fast, then we recommend learning to utilize these tricks as soon as you can. It may not have much use at the early part of your runs where the pace of running is not that fast but given that speed increases the longer you run, these tricks will certainly come handy across all challenges that come your way.

6. Accomplish Daily Quests And Achievements

Simply engaging in runs, even without necessarily accomplishing missions will earn you bananas in Minion Rush and there are numerous events as well that let you earn even more resources at absolutely no cost. Beyond outright rewards for simply actively engaging in runs and accomplishing Global Goal targets as we discussed earlier, Minion Rush provides additional objectives for you to accomplish, for extra rewards, of course.

minion rush daily tasks

Under the “My Career” icon on the home screen. There are extra tabs to access Daily Tasks and Achievements separately. Daily Tasks will basically serve as your routine each day, as the objectives outlined within it are the easiest to complete. Achievements, on the other hand, document your milestones across different aspects of your adventures and some of the targets expectedly take a little more time to accomplish.

Both daily tasks and achievement objectives do not necessarily entail exerting more time and effort in your adventure considering that these targets are well in line with the usual activities you should engage in. For the sake of efficiency, though, it is recommended to take note of each goal, most especially the daily task targets, and use it as your guide towards getting the most out of these features.

minion rush achievements

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts And Special Events

As a free casual mobile game, you can certainly expect Minion Rush to have its share of ads. While there may still be players out there who are simply turned off or annoyed by the presence of ads in games they play for free, we once again stress the importance of having ads incorporated into such games.

Even though some casual games like Minion Rush do offer paid content or micro transactions, it cannot be expected for the game to continue being available for free with regular updates simply because some players can opt to patronize premium services, especially if you can play and enjoy the game without necessarily having to spend even a single penny. While Minion Rush does play a 5-second skippable ad after each run, the rest of the video ads you will see in your adventure will be absolutely voluntary.

On the other hand, you can also opt to rid yourself of all these ads as Minion Rush, by design, can be played entirely offline. If you want to engage in runs without any interruptions whatsoever, you can simply turn of your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection before launching the game. However, doing so will also prevent you from taking advantage of the numerous in-game ad boosts and, to be honest, each one is so enticing that you would want to spend some time in them for the extra resources.

Even after taking into account the strategies we laid out regarding runs you engage in, or even if you are well experienced in other runner games, Minion Rush will continue to make it challenging enough for you in that simply running a mission flawlessly will be a feat to appreciate. There will always be something to get you in certain runs like missing some gaps, bumping obstacles, or failing to duck or jump at the exact time.

minion rush multiplier

Normally, experiencing mishaps like these should end your run unless you have your shield on, which prevents you from falling victim to these obstructions once. To continue on your run instead of starting all over, you can spend Gru Tokens, which is hardly recommended, or you can play one of the best ad boosts we consider.

Whenever you hit an obstruction or simply fail to complete the mission run, a countdown will appear on the screen, giving you a short opportunity to continue on with your run. Not clicking on anything is actually a third option, but playing an ad boost in these instances is what we would naturally go for. There are limited ad boosts per run, though, but for the most part, 3 attempts to continue running should very much cover the earlier mission runs.

You might not be as inclined to peek into the shop that you can access via its icon on the lower right side of the home screen. Regardless of whether or not you have bananas or Gru Tokens to spare, most players will instinctively hoard these currencies for later unless they absolutely have to spend it as in the case of upgrading some costumes. There is at least 2 important reasons to frequently visit the shop in Minion Rush, and both of them lead to earning more banana coins, Gru Tokens, and even costume cards.

minion rush silver prize pod

Under the Prize Pods category within the shop, the Silver Prize Pod will be free several times a day. You do not need to spend banana coins or Gru Tokens each time you claim them as you only need to tap on the “Claim” button. In several instances as well, you can claim extra Silver Prize Pods by playing a 5 to 10-second video ad.

Although the Prize Wheel counts as a special event in Minion Rush, it also basically works as an ad campaign. You can access it through its icon at the upper left side of the screen. You have 30 attempt daily to spin the wheel and claim random prizes. Each spin only requires you to play a short video ad and you can earn varying amounts of Gru tokens as well as free costume cards that includes epic Legionary costume cards.

minion rush prize wheel

At the time of this writing, A Minion Festival is ongoing as a time-limited event. Although this will only be available for a few days, players can expect that a plethora of special events will continuously be available in Minion Rush. In essence, this special event adds even more rewards for you to earn based on the level of activeness in accomplishing goals set in your adventure. The Minion Festival provides you with a unique set of targets to accomplish for the duration of the event, which determines the overall rewards you can earn.

minion rush minion festival

Expectedly, the targets set also coincide with the usual objectives you have relative to daily tasks and achievements and while some of them may seem tougher to accomplish than others, actively playing enough is all you need to secure the top rewards. It is best to take advantage of these limited events especially if you are rearing to bolster your wardrobe collection since a lot of the costume card rewards you can obtain here are difficult to obtain outside of special events.

Practically every reward you earn across all features and game modes in Minion Rush can be increased. Earned bananas in each run can be doubled or increased by 500 by playing an ad boost. Whether it is a mission reward or an event reward, every item or card you receive can be doubled as well with little to no effort if you patronize the opportunity presented by ad boosts.

minion rush collected bananas

That covers all the tips and tricks we have for Minion Rush. We hope that you will get to apply the tips, tricks and strategies we discussed to your succeeding runs in the game. If you have discovered more tricks or strategies, then feel free to share them with us and your fellow readers through the comment section below!


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