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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Fortify Your Teams, Gain Edge in Battles and Thrive in the World Tournament

As a game representing one of the oldest and thriving combat-heavy anime of all time, Bandai Namco’s Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is intimidating to take on. The numerous challenges and modes, storytelling sequences, and seemingly-infinite battle options may be alienating to new players, even to those who are not totally new to the Dragon Ball universe.

dragon ball z dokkan battle generic teaser

We won’t sugarcoat; it’s a complicated game and we understand that’s what you’re here for. This Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle guide shall help you tame this beast of a game. We’ll do our best to keep things simple so you won’t have to switch too much across multiple guides.

Just like the franchise it represents, this game has shown longevity too; Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has been around for 7 years now and it just keeps on evolving. This is technically our fourth guide related to the game and this time, we’re giving a clean a recap of the things that matter the most in the game whether you’re a beginner or a veteran who’s here for some game knowledge alignment.

dragon ball z dokkan battle early dragon ball z

This guide is meant to get you equipped or have your Dokkan knowledge be refreshed. We have to note though that if you’ve been playing Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle for years already, chances are, you already know most if not all of the information we are sharing here. But still, feel free to hang around as you may have valuable insights to share in the comment section.

As you move through this Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle guide, any specific units/characters we mention will be colored according to their Ki in the closest way the game has assigned them: red for STR, brown for PHY, violet for INT, green for TEQ, and blue for AGL. Units will also be expressed in their full name at first mention.


Treat your journey in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle with a mindset you would assume in playing tycoon or business simulation games: your growth and approach will have a slow start and your ability to progress relies on your persistence to keep on building and expanding your facilities. In simulation games, new buildings and improved facilities allow you to meet major and minor objectives. In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, recruiting and building up powerful characters are your ways to meet objectives which are spread through different events and clearance tasks with varying difficulties.

dragon ball z dokkan battle character pool

Melding with the above concept, we must also state that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a gacha game; your capability to progress quickly – to a huge extent – relies on sheer luck when drawing characters. However, what separates Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle apart from other games of gacha nature (and what endeared it to over a hundred million players) is the fact that recruiting characters does not really oblige you to burn real currency.

dragon ball z dokkan battle summon

The stream of resources is pretty good in the game and the RNG mechanic in draws act as a fair balancing mechanism. To hold a decent chance in time-limited summoning events (that promises LRs and URs), you must hoard the resources for it, Dragon Stones.

1.1 Spending, Managing, and Earning Dragon Stones

The main catalyst for recruiting (or from this point on we’d rather say “summoning”) is the premium currency of the game, Dragon Stones. Clearing any stage of any mode for the first time awards you with 1 to 3 Dragon Stones (depending on the difficulty level) and boy! Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has thousands of it!

dragon ball z dokkan battle featured batch

Apart from clearing stages, the daily login bonuses and some event missions give Dragon Stones too. The supply is abundant, as long as you don’t max out spending your Dragon Stones impulsively, you should be able to use up all the discounted bulk summons and beyond to get a few of a batch’s top cards (which are the first few units when you browse Featured).

dragon ball z dokkan battle discounted summon
Every player is given a few discounted summons per event; pictured here is a pay for 9, take 10 deal.

According to pros and veterans of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, spending Dragon Stones to summon is the most optimal way to spend them. After all, the regularly-changing festivals or summoning events does present powerful LR characters. Naturally, the ones you can get from such events are better than the ones you can get for free (through grind), so it will be smart to save about 200 Dragon Stones to stand a chance to earn strong, event-summoned cards. Apart from summoning, there are other uses for Dragon Stones but basically the other ones that give the most bang for the back would be:ű

dragon ball z dokkan battle stamina

Stamina replenishment: If you’re a few fights away from getting into the next account rank, spending a Dragon Stone to refill your stamina would be an economical choice. Using a Dragon Stone to recover stamina will give an amount equal to your current, absolute max stamina value. As such, the higher your max stamina is, the greater is the value of 1 Dragon Stone. Because the supply of Dragon Stone is near-infinite, you should be able to ceaselessly grind.

dragon ball z dokkan battle continue

Continuing crucial battles: If you came across our guide because you’re struggling against bosses and hard stages, chances are, you already know this. Dragon Stones is essentially the “insert coin(s) to continue” prompt we’re all familiar with in arcade games. Similarly, it will only be wise to continue if you’re about 75% done into finishing a stage (fight against the final boss/opponent included). Otherwise, it will be wiser to start all over even if you’ve spent stamina in the failed attempt.

Remember, 1 Dragon Stone is equal to the absolute value of your max stamina, so it is ALWAYS wiser to just go back to square one if stage clearance wasn’t just a few attacks away from when your team fell.

dragon ball z dokkan battle in-battle support

The ability to continue is handy to have, but you should not rely on spending Dragon Stones to push through difficult opponents or bosses. Instead, consider using support items to sustain yourself in battle and bolster your team’s damage and defense potential. Support items are cheap to buy and easy to randomly acquire, so do not hesitate to always equip yourself with a couple of heals and boosts.

Dragon Stones has a few other uses, but apart from the three above, the other avenues may be unnecessary. Unless you’re planning to pump real currency into the game, keep the spending limited to summoning, stamina reloading, and extending your life force to close out challenging battles.

1.2 Farming, Gifts, and Rewards

dragon ball z dokkan battle daily gift

In contrast to most games that gives measly daily login rewards, the everyday ration in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle always include at least 1 Dragon Stone and a load of other useful stuff including leveling and awakening essentials (potential orbs, training materials, Master Kai or similar). Sometimes, the package includes an Incredible Hourglass which is considered precious because it only appears very rarely in Baba’s Shop.

Overall, the game isn’t only generous with its premium currency. Its lesser currency, Zeni (which is used for purchasing some items in Baba’s shop and paying for training/awakening), is easy to obtain. In the very early game phase (before level 100), you may want to take on multiple times the weekends-only Growth stage called “Big Bucks Hercule Challenge.” Don’t fret to go Z-Hard on it because the single battle within should be a cakewalk (any 2 level 80 character and it should be breeze). Each run can net you somewhere from 500,00 to over 800,000 Zeni.

dragon ball z dokkan battle big bucks
Conserve your 1s to collect as much of the end stretch coins, each of them gives you 100,000 Zeni.

Most Chapters and modes have their own set of missions where you can earn a variety of rewards. The bounty may include characters, Dragon Stones, training essentials, potential orbs, and other valuable items. The bottom line is to accomplish as much missions as you can because maxing out missions is simply part of every Dokkan player’s grind.

dragon ball z dokkan battle mission rewards

It is also important to not miss out the once a day and once a week stages in the Home > Start > Event > Growth tab because they can assure that you will continue progressing in the game even when you feel that you’ve hit a plateau. The “Study Hard, Play Hard” (daily) and “Pan’s Secret Adventure” (weekly) guarantees that you will gain 2-4 ranks per run (if you’re still in the early game phase). The stamina obtained from ranking up can be used towards repeating Story, Challenge, and Z-Battle quests which helps when you’re grinding for Dragon Stones, Awakening Medals. or duplicate characters.

While paying players have the advantage of having more Dragon Stones and other sweet utilities, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is structured in such a way that Free-to-play (F2P) gamers can still pretty much enjoy the game. You just need to be diligent with claiming all gifts and rewards and be willing to devote your time in clearing the Dragon Ball Story and the Quest Dokkan Story in the early game.

1.3 Early Game Roadmap

dragon ball z dokkan battle very early game

All Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle guides you will find have a common advice for beginners and that is to focus on completing the stages of all the series within the Dragon Ball Story. Once you’ve cleared them, proceed to conquer the areas of the Quest Dokkan Story.

Your first “checkpoint” is to reach Rank 100. The very early game phase (Rank 0 to 99) will understandably feel slow. No matter how dragging it may feel, just keep laser-focused on clearing stages until you reach Rank 100 because by then, your max stamina would be 80. It is an important milestone to any Dokkan account because it gives one an access to the do the Hard mode of Pan’s. It’s a stage that has an absolute 7-day cool down where you can rake in some resources and up to 200k rank XP.

dragon ball z dokkan battle pan advantage merged

Like hinted earlier in this section, the XP you get from Pan’s weekly stage stacks up well with the daily Study Hard, Play Hard. This combo plus beating stages in the Dragon Ball Story – Quest Dokkan Story clusters will help you meet checkpoint 1 faster.

Your next checkpoint, which should be done within or before the Rank 100-150 range, is to max out your second or third LR unit. The chances to draw LRs in summoning events in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, quite surprisingly, isn’t as bad as in most gacha games; one really stands a decent chance to draw at least one LR and a couple of URs with menacing damage outputs.

The goal from this point on is to expand your roster and find viable characters that can perform well in different events and modes.

dragon ball z dokkan battle free full teams

Your final checkpoint as you exit the early game phase or get past level 150 is to have at least more than two max-leveled, full teams that can thrive in the Event>Story quests and cruise through Quest Dokkan Areas. Your best bet for expansion is to acquire all members of Team Bardock and Ginyu Force. The story-obtainable members of those two squads may not be super impressive as individual units, but the synergy they have when used as a full team is amazing. Note that it will just take one week to acquire them all.


There are hundreds of different base form characters in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. You can mimic teams in the actual anime or even compose one made up of different versions of your favorite character. However, it will take more than sticking to the lore or fan love to build an actual, versatile, and formidable main team. This section bears the general facts that encompass what you need to know about the units available in the game.

2.1 Rarities and KI types

Much like in other games that involve character collection, the units you acquire in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle have their own rarity levels: N (Normal), R (Rare), SR (Super Rare), SSR (Super Super Rare), UR (Ultra Rare), and LR (Legendary Rare). From SSR to LR, some characters have an Awakened/Z-Awakened state in between them or after.

Naturally, the rarer units that have a longer progression path end up stronger than the ones with shorter paths because they will have more room for growth in terms of stats (attack, defense, and HP), Hidden Potential, and a much elaborate and advanced passive abilities and Super Attacks.

dragon ball z dokkan battle sacrifice low

For their purposes, units rated as N or R are merely used as sacrificial training partners to quickly level up more valuable characters. In rare times where you might be constrained for deployment energy cost or stages that your main guns can’t come and play, Rs will be welcomed fillers. If you’re short on coins or Baba Shop points, you may also wish to sell your Ns and Rs, especially if you want to make room in your character inventory.

A lot of good units start as SRs and the way to learn which are they is to scout through Team > Dokkan Awaken. Units you’ve already acquired will be highlighted with gold, but for quicker browsing, you may want to adjust the “Type” filters accordingly, else it will be an incredibly long list. To do that, simply tap on the Type at the lower right, select Acquired and return to the list.

dragon ball z dokkan battle dokkan check

The number of quality units in your roster dictates your overall strength in the game. Strong characters are your means to take on difficult stages like Prime Battles, Dokkan Challenges, etc. Additionally, it is also important to have variety of units in your active rotation, by that, we meant that you should have 3-4 trusty characters from a particular Ki type. This particularly holds true when facing battles against bosses that can shift from one Ki to another.

dragon ball z dokkan battle ki changing

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has the rock-paper-scissor dynamic among Ki types: PHY > INT > TEQ > AGL > STR > PHY.

This basically means that a Ki type deals more damage and takes less damage if it interacts with a target bearing the Ki type next to it.

Calculating how much damage a Ki type does to another is a tricky topic in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Since there are many variables (attacker’s ATK, target’s DEF, alignment, turn, leader and friend skills) and the pace of battle is always fast, numbers crunching using any available formula in the wiki would be futile, so we’ll leave it at that. But in our bid to extract realistic data and be able to share something here, we ran an experiment using a unit with a multi-target Super Attack, Explosive Gamble – Chiaoman. Below are the results:

dragon ball z dokkan battle chiaoman

Ki obtained: 8 (7 red, 1 rainbow); baseline generated damage: 119,946

dragon ball z dokkan battle cm-sa

The movement of numbers are congruent when we tested Ruthless Invader – Raditz whose Super Attack hits all enemies as well:

dragon ball z dokkan battle raditz

Ki obtained: 6 (2 red, 4 rainbow); baseline generated damage: 402,217

dragon ball z dokkan battle rd-sa

For transparency, we obtained these numbers from the stage 3 of “The Low-Class Warrior: Raditz Pride” at Z-Hard difficulty. Currently, that is the only place in the entire Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game that offers uniform enemies: five Saibaiman, one from each Ki type. It took us hours before the RNG gods showed mercy and set the two units as part of Turn 1 with no critical strike intervening the 5 attacks.

Apart from the number of obtained Ki spheres, the only thing different between the two multi-killing Super Attacks is the Friend Leader, which explains why the Chiaoman has a slightly better damage proportion. Note that we have used a neutral Ki for them to ensure an impartial outcome.

dragon ball z dokkan battle finally

Getting data from Turn 1 is a must because ATK and DMG numbers are at their purest state since no damage-increasing effects from teammates’ passives and Super Attack effects are active yet. As you can see in the tables above, the value of damage dealt to enemies with Ki type disadvantage hits at least 75% harder; meanwhile damage is tapered by 50% at least when the target has Ki type advantage.

The general point here, of course, is to always leverage on Ki type advantage and it is much possible to do that if you are running a team with a variety of Ki types. You may eventually let go of the variety (only have 1 to 2 Ki types in your main team) once you have recruited really good characters which are all gacha-drawn and they might take years to complete. Apart from the resources and time element, you also need to make sure that there is a designated tank and supporter that may be from a different Ki type, so it can’t be, say, a pure PHY team.

2.2 Hidden Potential

This is the part where we boldly claim that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, as a gacha game, is a cut above the rest. You are not required to have the best characters to thrive and dominate. If you went as far as researching in Google what are the top 10 best units in the game and felt bad because you have not seen a glimpse of them yet in your account (despite playing the game for a while now), THAT IS FINE. Those in your roster or the ones you can acquire without topping up should be enough.

dragon ball z dokkan battle hidden potential

Our claim is backed by the neat feature called Hidden Potential. Activating Hidden Potential basically extends the viability of every unit in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle that can be awakened as a UR and it will only be open once a character reaches the said rarity. If you have duplicates of any unit that you wish to enhance, you can grant that character the ability to do an extra attack, score critical hits, evade damage instances, and other sweet passive buffs that will increase combat effectiveness. Below are the different Potential Skills and a brief analysis of their application.

Combo Attack – also called as Additional Attack/AA. Adding points to it grants the character a chance to perform an extra attack which may also become a Super Attack.

Analysis: This one excels in clearing or damaging multiple enemies, making it viable both in Story/Event battles and in the World Tournament. If it kills the primary target, the extra attack will hit the next enemy to the right or cycle back to the first enemy when there is none. Although deemed as the lesser offense choice than Critical Strike, it allows by-chance debuffs like stun and super attack sealing to proc more often.

Critical Hit – gives a character 2% chance to score a critical hit per level (applies to both normal and Super Attacks).

Analysis: Helps to further amplify the damage potential of characters with naturally high damage and has no inherent chance to score a critical in their kit. Since it offers a separate critical chance from any passive or conditional critical chance of a character, putting points here will make it rain crits.

Evasion – each point here provides a 1% chance to avoid incoming (applies to both normal and Super Attacks).

Analysis: Works wonders for your survivability especially for characters with an evasion chance as part of their passive skill. Like Critical Hit, its percentage to proc is held as a separate stat. In our experience, the RNG for this on characters with no natural evasion is pretty good; we’re able to weather through fights where we are disadvantaged in paper (Challenges and World Tournament).

dragon ball z dokkan battle better for dmg

Type ATK Boost – further improves the damage bonus when attacking a type-disadvantaged target.

Analysis: Since obtaining matching Ki spheres and particularly targeting type-disadvantaged enemies is a regular strategy, it is deemed as the most beneficial boost.

Type DEF Boost – increases the natural damage reduction when a unit is attacked by an enemy bearing the Ki type he/she is weak against.

Analysis: Offense is the priority in the game and the thought of receiving damage just to benefit from a boost sets this one as rather mediocre, add to that the fact that there is already a natural damage discount when a targeted unit is attacked by a type-disadvantaged enemy.

Super Attack Boost – upgrades the damage dealt by the character’s Super Attack.

Analysis: if a Potential Skill nodule makes you choose between this and another, forget the other option. Every unit in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, regardless of role, will help you close fights with a stronger Super Attack.

Recovery Boost – improves the amount of heal when a character obtains Ki spheres that matches his/her type.

Analysis: According to the Dokkan wiki the calculation for this is [0.030 + (0.0015 X Recovery Boost level)] X current DEF of the character in battle X number of obtained spheres. As turns rack up in fights, the DEF rating of units increase, thanks to overwhelming number of Leader Skills and passives that buffs defense. Due to this, Recovery Boost will help sustain your team in long battles especially if your team does not have a healer.

dragon ball z dokkan battle hidden potential focused

To fully appreciate the wonders of the Hidden Potential feature, you need to unlock all 4 nodes and achieve 100% activation. A fully activated character is termed as “rainbowed” (pertaining to the star at a character’s portrait).

Rainbowing will only be possible if you have at least 5 copies of a character; 1 as the base, 4 as the sacrifices to open each node. If you only have 1 copy, especially if that unit is summoned (acquisition is paid by Dragon Stones, hence non-F2P), you can simply select the node that has more glowing stars in its cluster to gain access to more Combo Attack, Critical Hit, Evasion, and boosts. That one is usually the lower right node, but there are variations so you just have to manually check.


Success in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is not only assured by having units with insane damage and synergistic passive skills. There are angles to check to ensure 100% chance of victory, after all nobody wants to waste time and stamina at failed attempts, especially if you are tackling a stage within the Portal of Memories (a version of the Events that holds missions/stages that already expired or is not part of the current free rotation). The keys to access team are utterly precious and you would surely not want to end a stage empty-handed or spend Dragon Stones just to continue.

dragon ball z dokkan battle key required

3.1 Fight Prep

Surprises in fights is a staple element in Dragon Ball (well, basically, EVERY combat anime in existence). A mid-fight transformation, secret technique, or a mysterious second wind where a character suddenly gains the power to escape death, it all happens. Quite fortunately, you can avoid such surprises against you or at least be fully prepared for them in your fights in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

dragon ball z dokkan battle scouting fights

When taking on boss-only stages, the info view will give an outline of any Ki changes that the enemy will undergo. It will also likely tell what kind of attacks and other challenges you can expect in the stage. In stages where no support items are allowed, it will be brilliant to bring in characters with disables and heals. With the amount of intel the info view gives, there is no good reason to veer away from taking a smart approach.

3.2 Shot Selection

If you are up against more than three enemies and your 3 characters in Turn 1 did not get to clear the foes, the board will be preserved with the exemption of fighting special enemies that can alter KI spheres or having a unit for the incoming turn that can convert the colors of Ki spheres. This holds a bit of relevance because you can essentially set up a Ki-rich board for your next set of attack.

dragon ball z dokkan battle ki rich

If you are confident that your team can tank attacks in Turn 1 and then turn the fight around in Turn 2, you can essentially setup the board by only activating badly-placed Ki spheres. This is particularly applicable if the units in Turn 1 happened to only be supports or low-level ones that you only included in the lineup to leech XP.

3.2 Turn Micro

As you take on stronger foes in (i.e., Dokkan Challenges), you will notice that simply hitting the max chainable Ki spheres right away, for whoever’s turn is it, gradually loses its effectiveness. This linear approach will continue to be applicable in baby-easy missions, but as you take on more challenging battles, you will eventually be compelled to micromanage your team. By micromanaging, we mean manually rearranging the attacking order you’re given in each turn.

dragon ball z dokkan battle switch

The main idea is to follow the Ki type cycle: switch your units’ order in the turn to make sure that none will be attacked by an enemy bearing their counter Ki. You may refer to subsection 2.2 to get an idea of damage percentage between Ki types. There are a few boss battles where your opponent has the ability to prevent switches. If a unit has a questionable defense rating, it will be wiser to heal back to full health or us a defense-boosting support item for that turn.

dragon ball z dokkan battle pick target

If your priority is offense, you need to manually change targets. The default target when a battle starts will be the first enemy portrait on the left. If your unit in turn has adequate accessible spheres to dish unleash a devastating attack, just tap on the portrait of the enemy bearing the Ki type that he is strongest against.

dragon ball z dokkan battle in-battle team

As for defense, scout the turn wheel and a list of your seven units in the battle will open (your six + the friend/guest). If the high numbers of DEF don’t satisfy you, you can tap on a character’s portrait then swipe all the way to the right and see their Hidden Potential page. The idea here is to check which ones has points on Evasion, you may refer to the strategy on the section we dedicated to the World Tournament for something similar.

3.3 Pocketing Active Skills

If you are locking horns with a boss that has several HP bars with insane damage potential, you may opt to save or “pocket” an active skill to negate the threat. In the fight we’re in for the image below, the active skill of our Game of Death – Androids #17 (Future) & #18 (Future) is ready for use in the first turn.

dragon ball z dokkan battle merged pocket active

This is a Dokkan Challenge against a transforming Magin Buu capable of healing 1.6M health four times over two consecutive turns. The effect of our Android 17 and 18’s active skill is a total cancellation of queued regular attacks and Super Attacks of a particular target. Deploying the active skill in Turn 6 allowed us to finish in 8 turns a mission that would otherwise take (our relatively low-tier team) 10 rounds with good RNG or 12 with bad RNG (no critical and double attack procs).

dragon ball z dokkan battle buu ended in 8

3.4 Utilize Supports and Defenders

As all characters are presented uniformly, one can barely tell from the surface which units are defense or offense oriented and the only way to discern which is which is by reading their descriptions (hold on a unit’s portrait).

dragon ball z dokkan battle support character

Like Angelic Instruction – Whis, some units are designed with passives meant for survival and sustain. It can either be in form of an evasion chance, high damage reduction, heals, and stats boost.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a constantly evolving game which is why it is both important to read what’s already in the game (News, character info, Missions, etc.) and what is yet to come (reports from other players who play in the “advanced” server which is limited to Japan accounts).

3.5 Team Composition

Appoint a leader that will bring the most benefit to your team. It is preferable that the Leader Skill can affect every single team member. Usually, the ones that gives higher ATK and DEF boosts have category restrictions. Setting such leaders would be an advanced strategy as it would take time to collect a solid team of six that fulfill a particular category requirement.

dragon ball z dokkan battle team view

In addition to your Leader Skill, it is also essential to choose a Friend Leader whose Leader Skill will greatly synergize with your team. Leader skills does stack so the possibilities are basically endless. This stacking phenomenon is not applicable in the World Tournament, however.

You may also want to explore the number of active Link Skill in your lineup because the percentile increments they can give will improve your offense and defense potential.


Shenron, the iconic mythical Dragon, whom you can summon upon collecting all 7 Dragon Balls, grants you a wish each time you complete a full set. There are four types of wishes with incremental values as you progress through each clearance stage. The maximum number of times you can acquire the 7 Dragon Balls is 3 so you get to pick three wishes. Here are the wish types and what they grant at Stage 1:

dragon ball z dokkan battle shenron wish

I want more allies basically expands your account’s ability to acquire more cards by expanding your inventory space by 10 slots and granting you 10 Dragon Stones.

I want a bunch of itemsgives you items that can help in and out of combat. This generous package is composed of 20 locations(1x Supreme Kai’s Planet, 1x King Kai’s Planet, 3x Snake Way, 5x Kami’s Lookout, 10x Korin’s Tower) and 95 Support Items (25x Videl – 5 for each KI Type, 25x World Tournament Announcer – 5 for each KI Type, 10x Oolong – 5 each for AGL & TEQ, 15x Puar – 5 each for STR, INT, PHY, 5x Cargo, 5x 2500hp Recovery Drink, 5x 6000hp Recovery Drink, 5x 10000hp Recovery Drink).

I want a full belly gives you Stamina-replenishing items consisting of 10x Aged Meat (S), 3x Aged Meat (M), and 1x Aged Meat (L). They give 20, 60, and 100 Stamina, respectively.

I want help in battle expands your quest inventory and lets you equip 2 copies of Support Items that you bring in combat.

You can have up to 3 sets of wishes. To collect all balls and progress to the next set of wishes (say, when you’re done with the first). Just simply tap on the particular Dragon Ball you wish to hunt and the stage where you can obtain it shall be displayed. If you have been faithfully finishing the Dragon Ball Story and Quest Dokkan Story missions, completing the Dragon Balls should be a breeze.

dragon ball z dokkan battle shenron lead

According to veterans of the game, the quality and amount of rewards from this feature are deemed underwhelming when you have reached beyond rank 150, so it may be wise to allocate your early game stamina bulk in completing the first set at least. This opinion apparently holds true even if you reached the second and third sets, as such, this is better treated as a bonus/side quest.

TIP: On the third set, the “I want to try more challenges” is the most valuable one since challenge keys are rare. However, if you’re farming for Potential Orbs of a particular Ki type, then go for the option that


dragon ball z dokkan battle world tournament part

As the mode in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle that is closest to a PVP experience, the World Tournament is where players can flex their scouter-breaking power levels. This once a month event is a good source of all sorts of resources; from Awakening Medals, Dragon Stones, Summoning Tickets, Potential Orbs, Zeni, rare characters, name it, basically everything. Beyond the loot, what draws the millions of Dokkan players to pour time in the grind here is bragging rights (global rank). Quality rewards and bragging rights earnable in one, focused grind? That’s pretty hard to pass up.

Before you jump into your next (or first) World Tournament in Dokkan Battle, we’re giving you key tips and pointers that will help you triumph and take shinier spoils of combat.

dragon ball z dokkan battle world tournament rewards

AI assumes control of the teams you will face in World Tournament; their line-ups however are based on the actual team composition every player “submits” upon participating in the event. You can expect that participants will assemble their best offensive teams to beat all opposition here. We have to emphasize it: offensive teams. Think of Cobra Kai’s motto, “Strike first. Strike hard. No Mercy” because winning in World Tournament is 90% about dealing damage and playing aggressively.

dragon ball z dokkan battle kill gap

(Left) Turn 1, the match is pretty much even. (Right) Turn 3, the enemy is ripe to be finished.

Once the battle screen is up, analyze your opponent’s turn, theirs will be fixed, but yours will be changeable, as usual. If you have a unit that can single turn kill an enemy attacking within the same turn, it is generally a good idea to drag it to a slot before the “killable” foe. Below are the considerations you have to think of when attacking.

5.1 Heavy guns to the front

If your team has the advantage of executing the first attack, move a Ki-advantaged unit to take up slot 1 and ensure that there are enough Ki spheres for him/her to dish a Super Attack. As long as you nominate a target whose Ki is at a disadvantage (ex. PHY attacks INT), a Super Attack is almost guaranteed to one-hit kill. Actually, even if it’s a neutral Ki clash (ex. AGL attacks PHY), as long as your attacker has a high damage or (better yet) outfitted through Hidden Potential to have a chance to trigger an extra Super Attack or critical hit, consider it a confirmed kill.

dragon ball z dokkan battle world tournament leaders

Friend leader skills does not work in the World Tournament, so your topmost criteria when selecting a friend or a guest is to pick the one that has a multi-attack skill or a groomed Combo attack and Evasion through Hidden Potentials.

Tip: The goal is to “no-turn” at least one enemy slated to attack in Turn 1 so you only have to worry about two incoming attacks instead of three. With this goal in mind, be extra mindful about assigning just one attacker to hit enemy leaders (the portrait arrangement plots the Team Leader and Friend Leader at each end).

Leaders are usually maxed out characters, thus they commonly deal high damage and they are tough. Most leaders can survive non-Super Attacks from 1 to 2 attackers; oftentimes, they can withstand a Super Attack if the aggressor does not have Ki-type advantage. Make sure to commit accordingly when attempting to kill them off to avoid wasting your turn.

5.2 Cancel threats

In line with the first pointer, you must set to purpose a strong nuker to erase threats. The biggest threats in Dokkan Battle World Tournament are the ones with an attack-all Super Attack (you may check the Dokkan wiki to know which units have such capability). In the battle shown at the image below, we used our roster’s base form (no Hidden Potential branch upgrade) heavy hitter, Legend Reborn Super – Saiyan God Goku, to burst the notorious Indestructible Saiyan Evil – Legendary Super Saiyan Broly so we can no-turn him and ease any worries that he will dish his attack-all Super Attack.

dragon ball z dokkan battle prioritize threats

It is extremely important to be familiar about which enemies pose the greatest threats. Apart from units with an attack-all ability, you should also research the ones capable of stuns and has an instant access to Active Skills and Super Attacks. Quite unfortunately, the Dokkan wiki has not been updated to give you a full list of units with the such abilities and skills so for the meantime, you simply have to learn who they are as you keep on fighting and collecting characters.

5.3 Go with the Gaps

Since turn assignments are random, there will be times that the attacking order will set consecutive attacks with no enemy interruption between. When given such opportunity, take advantage of it to eliminate an enemy at the tail end of the gap. If you encounter a 1-2 split like what we had in the image below, allocate your fire power to take out the bigger threat at the gap’s end.ű

dragon ball z dokkan battle turn gap

Gaps usually mean that you are going to be attacked first, but this isn’t a bad thing entirely. Since we are only talking about Turn 1 here, there is a very slim chance that the enemy going after your first attacker will not use a Super Attack yet. Even so, do not place a Ki-disadvantaged unit to take the hit. Since there is nothing you can do to no-turn him/her (except if you have a pocket disable ready), you can dedicate one of your Turn 1 attacks to delete an enemy meant for Turn 2. This is how you can achieve leads like the one we had in an image at this section’s intro.

dragon ball z dokkan battle forced advantage

Tip: Shall you opt to hit an enemy for the next turn, make sure it will be Super Attack to guarantee the kill. If you are facing a team with all 7 members alive, they will follow a 3-3-1 segmentation. This means if you can successfully kill in Turn 1 an enemy slated to attack in Turn 2, you will only have to worry about two attackers. Following the said split, if you get to clear the last segment ahead of Turn 3, it will be a safe turn because no enemy will attack you. As such you can focus on clearing enemies from other segments while you’re in the “safety” of a pre-cleared Turn 3.

5.4 Respect Threats

When preparing to receive enemy attacks, apart from logically not assigning a Ki-disadvantaged unit and checking the turn number (for the probability of Super Attacks), you should consider your units’ ability to evade or tank damage. Although offense prowess shine better in World Tournament, a clutch damage block or dodge often spells the difference between victory or defeat.

dragon ball z dokkan battle damage anticipation

In fear of the enemy Broly’s multi-attack potential, we checked which unit in the turn has the best evasion chance.

Generally, damage blocks in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle work better than evasion because of their certainty. The problem with blocks, however, is they are all conditional and most blocks only become accessible once you have sustained substantial damage or by turn 4 onwards. They simply don’t synergize with the nature of World Tournament. As much as possible, you want to avoid damage and you must not linger with a good sized hole in your HP because you won’t know when Super Attacks are coming in and if enemy normal attacks would reach six figures each. Additionally, remember that battles only last up to 3 turns.

dragon ball z dokkan battle hp evasion

Evasion, although a gamble, is a better defense option in Dokkan Battle World Tournament. When anticipating attacks, check which of the three units in the turn has an organic (part of the Passive Skill) and/or Hidden Potential enabled evasion. You can do this by tapping on the unit wheel at the lower right of the combat screen and then tap on the portrait of the units when the list pops up. Once you identified your dodgiest character in the field, assign him/her to the slot accordingly and hope for the best. If there is no dodger in the mix, then you simply have to choose the one with the highest defense.

In case you don’t trust luck or you notice a terrible RNG trend, you can help your chances of survival by using support items. Popular choices in World Tournament include health regen, defense boost, damage reduction debuff, Ki type/damage alteration, and turn delays. Our choices include Dende (full heal and debuff removal), Senzu Bean (full heal), King Yemma (50% damage reduction for 1 turn), and Ghost Usher (delays opponent’s actions for 1 turn).

dragon ball z dokkan battle world tournament loadout

5.5 Plan Your Steps and Progression

If aggression is 90% of the winning formula in Dokkan Battle World Tournament, what happens to the remaining 10%? This subsection holds the answer. Five percent of the formula relies on being wise on the board. Just like in regular Events and Story stages, you also navigate a board using three randomly-generated step counts.

dragon ball z dokkan battle world tournament board

The Preliminary stage in World Tournament is a four-man free-for-all. Well, until you decide to choose a “sparring partner” to go 1v1 with. According to multiple Dokkan resources, the AI would prioritize attacking you if are near them. Our advice is to avoid any pursuit and to not engage right away. If you can safely grab the Tournament Points marker or any other loot, do so. If you’re able to snatch loots without being attacked, chances are two teams are already slugging it out.

Roam around and try to collect as much items on the board as possible; what you pick up will be yours if you win the round. Try to stay away from combat until there are only 4 or 3 rounds left. Note that the Quarterfinal, Semifinal, and Final stages are 1v1 battles, but still, if you can avoid the fighting and fill your pockets first with Zeni and “disposable” characters, do it.

dragon ball z dokkan battle world tournament board items

Winning a round does not only secure your board loot, the next level of tournament is treated as a fresh stage. That means if, like us, you have a unit with an Active Skill that is ready off-the-bat, that will be useable again. Be careful however if you have sustained a lot of damage in the previous stage because your HP will not be automatically replenished; you will have to use a healing item.

As for the remaining 5%, it is nothing but luck. There will be times that in all three turns in a battle, you will be given unfavorable sets of Ki spheres. For example, there are not enough spheres to chain for a Super Attack or what you get are spheres that don’t match the Ki of your units. The potential responses for such a scenario are: 1) to play defensively until better spheres arrive, 2) setup the board for the next turn, and 3) equip yourself with Puar, a support item that converts Ki spheres from one type to another; pick the color that matches the Ki of most of your units.

Combine the above pointers and tips with the other battle-related information we shared in other sections and you are set to climb the rankings of every World Tournament.


The sweet fact about Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle and probably what gets the millions of players hooked is the seemingly infinite potential of growing one’s power. They say power corrupts; we say power inspires more growth.

dragon ball z dokkan battle max awake

Updates bring new characters and return old ones and it is just natural for you to feel the need to max out everyone that arrives in your roster. Don’t fight the urge, just do it; training > awakening > rainbowing and then deploying your units in boss battles.

As we close this guide here are quick pointers that shall help you keep a healthy and progressive point of view in your Dokkan journey:

1. Be patient in grinding and managing resources. Do all the tangible missions that comes with EVERY event. We have to say tangible because some of them rather and steep and it will be much more efficient to do something else. The more you play the game, the sharper your discernment will become in knowing what is efficient and not.

dragon ball z dokkan battle mission loots

2. Collect and strengthen the best units and team available to you. Things may start slow, but as you enjoy the challenge of the grind and be diligent with Events, your roster would grow in no time. As a reference, the image below shows our roster as Rank 16 and Rank 256 after over two months of gameplay.

dragon ball z dokkan battle then and now

3. Pick your fights well. This applies in playing Event stages that have long boards as well as evading early fights in the preliminary stage of World Tournament.

4. Evolve with the game. Learn the things about to be rolled out in the global server by checking other sites and dedicated content creators who have Japan accounts. This is crucial so you will know when you need to begin hoarding Dragon Stones.

And that’s basically it! But before we end, we have compiled several FAQs that will be helpful to better understand some big and small details in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

Q: Why can’t I use Aged Meats on my own?

A: Aged Meats can only be consumed if your current stamina is not enough to take on a selected mission. Let’s say you’re taking on a Z Hard mission that requires 12 Stamina and you only have 8, you would then be prompted to swap a Dragon Stone for a full regen or use Aged Meats. Shall your choice Aged Meat exceed your current max stamina, it will simply be added on top, just like the surplus stamina when you tend to rank up fast.

Q: What does the different color of damage numbers mean that you see each character when attacking?

dragon ball z dokkan battle dmg text color

A: They indicate the strength of the attack based on the Ki spheres you already obtained. Note that white text means the unit has not attacked yet.

Green means you are unable to rack up enough spheres to register damage equal to your character’s listed number. In plain terms, a weak attack.

Yellow means you are unable to obtain enough spheres to perform a Super Attack. Despite that, if your attacking character has a passive chances in attacks or effect (Combo Attack and/or Critical Hit), there will still be a chance to trigger them.

Red, you are able to fill the attacking character with enough KI, thus the attack for that turn will be a Super Attack. Upgraded LRs will instead do an Ultra Super Attack if the obtained spheres made them reach a total of at least 18 Ki and their Super Attack has been upgraded in training.

Q: What does a glowing blue outline mean?

dragon ball z dokkan battle focused bonus

A: You will normally see glowing blue outlines when selecting characters or tweaking your team formation for a missions that have particular loots (usually, Awakening Medals). Each character with such an outline adds up a certain percentage declaring how much of the preset loots for that mission you may receive as a bonus. Characters with better rarity brings in higher loot chance.

Q: I ran out of stamina and don’t want to use Dragon Stones, how long will it take for my stamina to replenish?

A: Stamina regeneation rate is 1 for every 5 minutes.

Q: When you Dokkan Awaken a character will the Super Attack and Link Skill levels be reset too?

A: The level reset after awakening is one of the minor inconveniencies in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle because you either have to grind levels again for a character or simply spend resources to train it. Treat it simply as, say, you’ve finished high school then you progressed to a university, the new bodies of knowledge you will acquire is simply too vast that you will feel what you have previously learned barely matters. Despite that, the answer is “no.”

The level of a unit’s Super Attack and Link Skill will remain even after any form of awakening. New Link Skills may however appear and this is what may have created an illusion of a total reset. However, we have to note that a bug once occurred in our experience; we have maxed the Super Attack of our AOE Raditz but it got reset when we max transcend him to an Awakened UR.

Q: How long would it take to grind out each Ginyu Force and Team Bardock Member?

A: With or without good RNG, you shall be able to gather 14 cards of each member and enough of their specific potential orbs to max or “rainbow” them within just 1 to 2 hours. Once you have a formidable team of six units, it is normally advised to devote time and stamina to recruit the free members of those squads. If you have fully-unlocked (rainbow starred) the default Goku and have a couple of other max leveled damager (LR or UR), they can one-shot kill the only fight within.

Note: Activating auto-map movement is not advised because the AI will only use the path meant for small orbs.

The members of Ginyu Force and Team Bardock can perform well in their particular niche and having the means to make two fully-synergizing teams as F2P is a welcomed treat.

Q: What are the strange icons that appear below the damage number after attacking?

A: Those are indicators of the applied effects by Super Attacks. You can also see similar icons on your characters at their turn order portraits if they are under the effect of buffs from a leader skill, passive skill, or Super Attack after-effect.

dragon ball z dokkan battle skill effect icons

– Fist symbolizes damage; it comes with an upward or downward pointing arrow when there is an attack boost or reduction in effect, respectively.

– Armor vest signifies defense and the crooked arrow pointing upwards or downwards are quite self-explanatory.

– Bloom circle means that a character has received a bonus Ki.

– Bloody splat with an exclamation point signals that a unit’s Super Attack has been sealed. If an enemy is affected by it, you will it see it blinking on an enemy’s portrait.

– Explosion indicates that a unit has been stunned; similar to the Sealed Super Attack effect, the symbol will blink as well.

Other statuses include being turn disabled or shielded. The occurrence of shields will have proper visual representations (animations); as for turn disables, you actively have to use a passive skill or support item so they would be hard to miss and you’ll surely be conscious about their presence. Add to that, other statuses apart from what we listed above are too uncommon.

Q. Which characters should I prioritize leveling up in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle?

A: Since this is a gacha game, earning the best characters will be out of sheer luck from summoning. If you scored a good character, waste no time to make them transcend.

There will be Event missions/stages where you can also earn characters for free (example: Ginyu Force, Team Bardock, and the periodically cycling Story missions (Home > Start > Event > Story).

To check which units you have acquired that might prove to be decent fighters (either by their damage, defense, or supportive potentials), you can check through Team > Dokkan Awaken. Just adjust the filters by activating the Acquired button. That section, by then, shall only display the character you have already recruited. You may also tap + hold units you have not yet acquired or have not transcended into to check their attributes.

If you are keen to know the absolute and current best units in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle (especially the paid ones), a lot of content creators tackle the game in YouTube. Sadly, the information you’ll see in the Fandom wiki and entries in Gamefaqs and Reddit are not updated (translation: they are from years ago).

Q: What is the Ki day schedule in effect?

A: Monday – AGL, Tuesday – TEQ, Wednesday – INT, Thursday – STR, Friday – PHY

Q: What is the effect when you triggered a Dokkan Activate turn?

A: Dokkan Mode occurs when the Dokkan bar at the lower left of the battle interface gets filled (it fills up as you gather Ki). When it happens you will be given a few seconds to hit all six spots in time as a moving circle hovers over them. The idea is to hit all six spots; each well-timed tap grants an incremental percent of damage.

dragon ball z dokkan battle dokkan mode

1 tap = 120% damage, 2 taps = 130% damage, 3 taps = 135% damage, 4 taps = 140% damage, 5 taps = 145% damage, and 6 taps = 150% damage. Do not spam taps as the phase will only welcome 6 taps. If you’ve missed all spots, you won’t deal any bonus damage but the effect of Dokkan Activate still kicks in which is a guaranteed hit for all your Super Attacks in that turn. This means that no evasion or Super Attack-specific block can interfere damage. The defense of your target however still applies.

Q: Apart from the default Goku (Furious Counterattack – Goku) which other LR cards are possible for F2P?

dragon ball z dokkan battle f2p lr

A: Currently, there are three characters with LR paths that you can obtain through Friend Point Summon.

Of the three, the Unbridled Horror – Androids #17 & #18 is considered as the best, currently accessible F2P LR because of their leader skill and that you can Extreme Z Awaken them to increase the Super Attack to 25. If you will groom their Hidden Potential to have double-digit levels in Combo Attack and Critical Strike, they will be potent in World Tournament and be capable to tame the feared STR units.

dragon ball z dokkan battle free lr cycle

Sometimes, the developers slide in LR-capable units in the Events > Story missions. When you encounter one, dedicate your grind time to obtain at least 14 copies. Never say “no” to awesome free stuff!

Thank you for spending time to check our Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle guide. We literally poured months to study the game, play it by heart, and dive into multiple resources to learn what we have shared in this guide. If you like our practical take in creating this guide or have other tips, tricks and strategies that we missed to tackle, please share your Dokkan knowledge with us in the comment section!

Like Goku and the rest of the cast, let’s keep on training to get our accounts in shape as the next update is just around the corner. Keep that power over 9000!


Friday 2nd of September 2022

I'm more intermediate player atm. as u can't reverse ur lvl 100 characters and there are a few Sr characters that can go ur. What's the best way to unlock their potential? Is the only way grind the certain awakening medals and dokan awaken 4 of the same character? Cheers