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Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Renovate Your Hotel

Makeover simulation games may not appeal to everyone but if you enjoy one kind, you are highly likely to enjoy the rest. Pair that up with a challenging adventure that tests your level of precision, time management skills, and multi-tasking capabilities and you will have a unique blended experience much like what Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover offers.

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Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover immerses players into a relaxing and satisfying hotel makeover game on one hand while providing aptly challenging levels to complete on the other. As a new manager for the hotel, you are tasked to managing its operations as well as its renovation. Tending to each visitor’s needs from the reception down to all available services forms part of the operational tasks and coins, gems that you earn can be invested into upgrading facilities.

Stars that you acquire with each new level completed serve as your currency for the makeovers, where you get to choose 1 of 3 available designs to use on every part of the room. You certainly cannot go wrong with the renovation aspect of Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover but the operation part can certainly provide a surprising challenge even for experienced players.

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Completing makeovers every step of the way makes all the effort worth it and if you are raring to do just that and beat every challenge, our Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover has all the tips, tricks and strategies you need to do so!

1. Master The Basic Mechanics

The core mechanics of Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover is actually very simple and the initial levels you complete within the tutorial basically covers everything you need to know. Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover, however, has gameplay mechanics that are somewhat easy to learn yet difficult to master and playing through just a few levels after the tutorial may lead you to see just how challenging it can become.

With a hotel named Coco & Tom Hotel, you just know that you will be taking control of both the main characters, Coco and Tom as they operate the regular hotel operations. Tom is in-charge of manning the reception, which includes designating rooms for guests as well as receiving their payments on checkout. Coco, on the other hand, cleans the rooms after the guests leave and serves them their orders.

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There are a set number of guests to expect in each round and there are also targets to be reached like amount of coins earned or likes received. There is also a limited period of time within which you must satisfy the conditions. In the early stages of gameplay, you can expect a lot of leniency in terms of making errors and missing out on some much needed likes and coins but as you move on from one level to another, the constraints do get a little tighter.

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With the increasing levels of challenge that new levels come with, it becomes important to master all the basic mechanics in such a way that you know every detail like the back of your hand. Paying attention to small details can improve your performance a lot, ensuring that you make it through every level of challenge that comes your way.

Tom’s job is actually the much simpler half of what you need to manage as you will only click on each customer twice per stage. You will hand them keys when they arrive and take their coins when they leave. Like almost everything else in the adventure stages, there is also a time limit set for up to when you can interact with them.

If you fail to hand them some keys in time or lead them to their rooms, then they will leave. If you take too long to grab their payment before they leave, then they leave without paying. In case you are working for likes, then you cannot expect to secure a like from anyone who waited too long for them to be served as well.

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Coco actually has the bulk of the challenging tasks. She has to clean rooms when customers leave and also serve them if they ordered food or drinks. You can expect a time limit imposed as to how soon guests receive their tea or hotdog after they asked for it and rooms have to be cleanup up and prepared for the next set of visitors as well. Both food and drinks will also take some time to prepare and the machines that basically generate them has limits as to the available stock Coco can pick up.

An important detail to consider is that Coco can utilize both hands to prepare for the tasks at hand. On the initial levels, consistently having cleaning materials on one hand and drinks on another will be a perfect setup but once you unlock the food cart and you are ready to start serving hotdogs and the rest of the amenities your guests can enjoy, then things will become even more challenging for Coco and Tom.

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There are upgrades you can purchase to help you out and then there are also consumable boosters you can use on a stage to make it a little easier. While these features can extensively help you out, your primary focus in Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover is to ensure that you are as efficient as can be even without the help of upgrades and boosters. With all the basic gameplay mechanics familiar, you can strategize on how to best work on boosting your efficiency and perfecting each stage run.

As basic as Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover’s gameplay mechanics are, it will take some practice for you to fully master managing both Tom and Coco. While precision, speed, and multitasking skills are required more the further you progress in your adventure, consider it only natural for you to improve on these important skills over time.

2. Keep Coco Stacked And Ready

Unless there is a bit of tutorial at the start of the round to introduce a newly-imposed gameplay mechanic, you can already give commands to Coco in preparation for her busy day at the hotel. On the initial levels, you can opt to always keep her hand full, literally, and be prepared for when a guest asks for a drink as well as when the guest leaves and you have to ready up the room for another one.

As you progress through the adventure, you can expect Coco to have more tasks to handle. The opening of the food cart alone, making hotdogs available for customers will invalidate our original strategy of always keeping your hands full before customers start coming in. However, it should not leave you without any opening strategies or continuous ones that apply across every level you take on.

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If you think about all the tasks that fall in the hands of Coco, you can categorize it into 2 sets. The first one is guaranteed to be needed for each guest that comes in while the second half involves probability or chance. You may have guessed it right already! Coco will always need to clean after the guests once they vacate the rooms. All other chores or services that she provides, like taking orders, are not a constant task that stands consistently for every customer that comes in.

In this sense, you can always choose to still grab the cleaning materials at the start of each level and leave the other hand empty for whichever item is needed by the current customers. Using this strategy consistently even under pressure may take some time to fully grasp but once you have fully incorporated this to your routine, the ultimate impact would be to only switch across the other options for Coco’s other hand. While it will be possible that 2 or more orders will come between having to clean a guest room, it will be much easier to coordinate your tasks with one less activity to consider for your cycle.

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What you would want to avoid is having Coco hold 2 of the same items unless the only 2 pending tasks require them. For example, if you are only preparing for expected tasks with no pending services running, you may want to hold just one set of cleaning materials. Only hold 2 of them if there are 2 pending rooms to be tidied up and customers do not want anything.

Keeping Coco stacked and ready is not limited to having both hands full for the most part of the level. One of the features we certainly appreciate in Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover is that you can also stack a succeeding task for Coco even while her current task is still ongoing. Considering everything she does, only the cleaning part takes some time to complete. The rest of the services she provides are actually a breeze, provided that there are ready supplies of the items that the guests demand.

For example, while cleaning up a room and readying it for the next guest, you can already tap on the tea machine to head there next if another guest wants one. As soon as Coco starts running towards the tea dispenser to pick up a glass, you can already tap on the customer who ordered it. This same concept works in every case, and while this will yet again take a bit of practice to get used to, mastering it will certainly boost your efficiency.

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3. Avoid All Distractions

The challenge levels in Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover certainly provides a lot of info that are certainly useful, giving you details relative to the metrics by which your performance in the level is measured, or rather the targets you need to meet to make it past the level. While you may find all this extra information helpful, they may also serve as a distraction that can get in the way of performing at peak efficiency on each level.

At the upper left corner of the game screen, you can see the set time limit for you to complete the level. Beside that is an icon that shows the number of remaining guests you still expect to check-in. The bar next to the guest icon shows your progress in terms of meeting your goal, which may either be measured by profits or likes obtained throughout the level.

hotel frenzy distractions

The lower the time and the lower the number of guests means you are close towards the end of the level and maxing out the progress bar and earning a check mark on its right side means you have already passed the level. While you can glimpse at all this info while playing, we recommend only checking them out at the start of the level and once a guest comes in, you should focus on the plethora of tasks at hand for both Tom and Coco.

To put it straight, all those indicators on your screen will just be distractions for you, most especially as a beginner. At some point later in your adventure, you should be able to glimpse at the details using your peripherals without necessarily sacrificing your efficiency. Considering everything, though, knowing the status of the progress bar will not really have any helpful or positive impact on your performance and neither does knowing about the time or number of customers left to arrive.

4. Upgrade Your Facilities Wisely

While we would like to believe that you can make good progress across Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover’s levels without relying on upgrades and boosters, the coins and gems you earn are meant for something. The upgrades to sections of the hotel are your primary investment options to spend all those hard-earned coins and gems on but purchasing upgrades will be a challenge in itself.

Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover provides a wide array of upgrade options that can boost the hotel’s performance or at the very least make life easier for both Coco and Tom. As can be expected, the costs attributable to these upgrades will exponentially increase with each level of upgrade and while coins stand as the primary resource needed, a combination of both coins and gems are typical succeeding requirements for next level upgrades on each section.

Each of the upgrade choices are important and will have a fair share in helping you clear levels. Your main concern here, though, is affordability as you will most certainly need to ace some levels and earn extra gems to be able to afford the costs on a regular basis.

For this, we recommend going for the most affordable upgrade options first and work your way towards purchasing the more expensive ones as you progress. Keep in mind that earning increase as you make it through more levels so at the very least you will get to enjoy some of the boosts afforded by a couple of upgrades.

hotel frenzy cleaning supplies

Upgrading the Cleaning Supplies will cut down cleaning time for Coco and, as we mentioned earlier, this is the only noticeable task for Coco that takes a while to complete. It will still take a little more time than others even after you upgrade but a cut down of even just 1 second will tremendously improve Coco’s efficiency.

hotel frenzy standard room

Upgrading the Standard Room will improve costs associated with it, which means that you will start earning more coins with each upgrade. Beyond an increase in check in price as well as check out price, upgrading the Standard Room will also improve the customer’s patience, meaning that they will be willing to wait out a little longer for their orders.

hotel frenzy reception

The Reception will have each guest twice per level. With an encounter for check ins as well as check outs, it can still happen that you will not be able to tend to them immediately, most especially if there are currently no vacant rooms available. Upgrading the Reception will improve the patience of guests standing by.

hotel frenzy beverage dispenser

Although you will potentially not have problems with how the Beverage Dispenser generates drinks, it actually does take time to fill up cups and glasses. Likewise, there is also a set limit to the number of beverages it can keep ready for Coco to take. Upgrading this item will not only improve its production speed, it will also provide additional slots for finished products that can wait for Coco.

hotel frenzy cola

There is a separate upgrade for Cola, or whatever beverages can come from the Beverage Dispenser. Upgrading this will increase the price of the beverage, ultimately yielding more profits for the hotel with each order served.

hotel frenzy oven

If there is a Beverage Dispenser, then you can only expect an Oven to be installed next. Upgrading this item works much like the former and will cut down production time for hotdogs.

hotel frenzy hot dog

Just like the Cola upgrade, The Hotdog upgrade will also increase its price, giving you an opportunity to earn more coins with each order served.

While efficiency would seem to be the more appealing priority in terms of choosing the right upgrade options to invest in first, spending on ones that cost the least is the best course of action, especially if the costs are exclusively in coins. Do keep in mind that there are plenty more of upgrade options to come as you take on new hotels.

Likewise, the initial items will have extra upgrade levels as you make progress as well so expect that maxing out an item is only temporary as Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover will hardly run out of upgrade options for you to keep increasing efficiency and profitability.

5. Do Not Mind Making Mistakes

Again, we would like to stress the fact that Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover holds very simple gameplay mechanics. The required level of multitasking skills and precision under several points of pressure, however, makes it very challenging to consistently adhere to performing everything perfectly and without fail. It is perfectly normal to make mistakes especially with regard to leading Coco. Understanding this and accepting that you will make mistakes is yet another step towards improving your efficiency across the most trying levels.

hotel frenzy efficiency

Although it is important to learn from mistakes you have made in the course of challenging different levels, what needs to be avoided is an error’s potential to distract you from getting back on track and efficiently continue with the rest of the tasks at hand.  On top of the different info we laid out before that can serve as a distraction, actually seeing an “X” or a disgruntled guest can have dire effects.

For one, if you happen to accidentally grab items you do not need for Coco and want to dispose of them to grab what you need for the moment, you can simply tap on the icons at the lower left side of the screen. The icons represent what Coco is currently holding and a quick tap on any or both of them will have Coco let them go.

Holding an unneeded item can be a result of a judgement error but is never a big deal. What can typically cause panics and disorientations are mistakes like heading to the wrong customer with a different order, trying to pick up an item with your hands full, or perhaps even attempting to clean a room without cleaning materials on either hand.

hotel frenzy items

In any case, the best approach is to consider every session, especially the initial levels, as your training ground where you can learn from each mistake made as well as slowly pick up the pace for faster accommodation of guests.

6. Never Use Boosters On First Attempts

While every bit of upgrade is well worth the investment given that their effects will permanently apply, boosters are consumables that will be gone after the level you used them on, regardless of whether or not you have completed the level or failed to do so.

At some point in your adventure, you will inevitably feel that certain levels will be too tough, enough to warrant the use of boosters for you to pass through them. As much as you are inclined to, though, we recommend at least attempting each level once without any boosters to aid you.

hotel frenzy booster

Admittedly enough, the growth of challenges in Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover can be overwhelming at some point in that you would just likely scratch your head at your performance after failing to complete a level. If you finished your first attempt and feel that you cannot complete it on your second or succeeding attempt without improvement, then do not hesitate to spend a booster. Otherwise, make another effort to do better and improve your performance first.

Of the 3 types of boosters available, the rocket pack is the one we consider as the best. Cutting down production time on machines is good too but having Coco fly around is just undeniably the biggest boost you can get. In any case, these item boosts can be used in combination but aside from the initial 3 that you get for the tutorial runs, they will be a little harder to acquire outside of events and daily freebies.

7. Take Advantage Of Freebies, Ad Boosts, And Special Events

Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover does provide sufficient means for you to earn the resources you need to improve your services and be able to make renovations in the lobby and rooms of each hotel one good step at a time. However, Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover provides a plethora of extra means for you to earn even more through daily freebies, ad boosts, and a host of special events.

Simply logging in on a daily basis will gives you nice rewards, and while gems as a premium currency is harder to obtain than coins, clicking on the “+” sign on your gems takes you to the shop where free ones can be claimed instantly.

hotel frenzy success

As a free casual game, you can expect Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover to contain video ads. The good thing is that none of the ads contained will play without your permission and each one you will see forms part of the ad campaign that earns you decent rewards.

Clearing any level, for one, gives you an opportunity to double your coin earnings, all for the cheap cost of playing a 15 to 30-second video ad. Another excellent opportunity comes from the ad button at the upper left side of the home screen. You can watch 15 video ads here for some coins, gems, and even boosters.

hotel frenzy ad rewards

Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover also hosts a lot of special events. Although events may vary from what we have seen so far, we are fairly certain that these special events will continue to become available from time to time, giving you plenty more ways to rack up some coins, gems, boosters, and even new avatars especially if you play actively.

hotel frenzy golden pass

Hotel Frenzy: Design Makeover holds more surprises as you progress through your adventure but for now, this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide. No matter what challenges and additional mechanics come with the later levels in the other hotels, we are confident that the simple tips and strategies we shared with you will suffice to keep you moving forward through it. If you would like to add some secrets and strategies you discovered, as well as your experiences, feel free to drop u one or a couple down in the comments!


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Why do they not always give me my purple gems? There have been multiple times that I should get 40 gems and they just don't give them to me.