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Mini Golf Smash Guide: 4 Tips & Tricks to Become a Pro Golfer

The premium feel of a polished putter in your hands, adjusting yourself to the perfect position and then with a mighty show of strength, swinging your way to the top of the scoreboard. Even if you are not a good golf player in real life but dream about becoming as famous as Tiger Woods one day, then you can get a pure golf experience simply by downloading and playing the brand new game on the market, Mini Golf Smash. This tap and swipe to play arcade game is a new offering in the already popular category of arcade sports games available on the app market and comes from the gaming development powerhouse of Dignity Games Limited. Mini Golf Smash is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store. The game comes in a reasonably tiny package size of only 135 MB and provides days and days of gameplay in that size unless you become so addicted that you manage to end the game in 24 hours.

The free version of the game has adverts by default and they can be a bit frustrating at times but there is a very simple solution to get around this problem. You just have to pay a one time charge of $ 0.99 to remove all the annoying adverts from Mini Golf Smash. The game also receives regular love from the developers and they pay close attention to the suggestions and feedback from the players and are continuously striving to maintain and increase the standard of this game. The most recent version of Mini Golf Smash is version 2.2 and was updated on 23 September 2017.

Mini Golf Smash is one of the rare purely tap and swipe to play games available exclusively for iOS operating devices and this factor helps in keeping a high quality for development of the game on a single platform. The game stems from browser versions of flash games with the same concept that got immense popularity in a relatively short amount of time on the internet. Introduced in an age where flash gaming was the latest thing, the original sports based flash games quickly gained a loyal and devoted player base because of the ease of access that they provided to players who wanted to play sports but could not be outdoors all the time. The unique and extremely addictive gameplay was also a huge motivating factor for players of all ages and gender to join in on the flash games bandwagon.

Mini Golf Smash basically continues upon the legacy of the original browser based games and incorporates all the elements of an interesting and engaging gameplay in addition to providing a beautiful looking and highly interactive user interface. Where the original sports flash browser based games were just mindless swiping games where the main objective was to obtain as many points as you could get in a given amount of time, the mobile game builds upon an interesting storyline and takes you on an adventure as you compete with your friends on Facebook for the coveted title of the Ultimate Pro Golfer!

The gameplay mechanics of Mini Golf Smash are fairly straightforward and the game is designed to be played by players of all ages and genders so naturally the difficulty level is quite low. However, earning the title of an Ultimate Pro Golfer in the game is something reserved only for the most dedicated and passionate players. The game has an exponential reward rate but that comes coupled with an even more sharply increasing price rate for upgrades and power ups in the game.

Purchasing in-game items or the Golden Putters as they are referred to in Mini Golf Smash is also an alternative option for those players whose fingers start aching from tapping and swiping on the screen too much or if you think swiping the screen too fast might be detrimental to the health of your smartphone. Therefore, if you are not a pay to play player, this guide includes some tips on how to proceed with the best playing strategy in order to level up the fastest and follow the fastest path to becoming the best Pro Golfer for miles around!

1. Always Trust What Your Gut Tells You

Yes you read that right! Instead of blindly following the leveling up pattern that the game has set out for you, it is prudent to go for a much faster and easier route of gameplay. Mini Golf Smash is a game where you have to define your priorities at the start of the game and act according to them. So first of all you will have to decide whether you are a true swiper or just someone who likes to play the game in his or her leasure time. A true swiper is at the true core of this game and spends hours upon hours swiping on the various different paths in the middle of the screen to earn as many coins as he can and undergoes a lot of mental stress while trying to find the best sweet spots for maximum bonuses, not to mention the endless swiping that the screen of your smartphone has to endure.

On the other hand, a player who plays the game just for enjoyment achieves a certain base swiping rate per second and lets the game do the work for him or her after that. However, the Watcher will still be spending almost as much time as the Clicker on-screen except for the fact that he or she will not have to be incessantly tapping away on the screen like a maniac. Once you have decided the role you want to take up in Mini Golf Smash, you need to focus on developing the right set of skills for the requirements depending upon the type of gameplay strategy that you chose for your time in Mini Golf Smash and always remember that your choices will determine the outcome of how the game progresses going forward.

In Mini Golf Smash, it is quite tempting at times to let random events and luck take you on a wild adventure where you score points entirely by virtue of the random algorithms that the game developers have put in place for Mini Golf Smash. However fun this style of gameplay might be, it is not always the best strategy when you want to become the Ultimate Pro Golfer and truly showcase your golfing prowess in front of your family and friends because leaving your fate to luck and chance will only get you so far on the earlier levels and when you progress to the higher levels, you will be faced with much harder and time limited challenges and to surpass these you will definitely require a gameplay sense that can never be learned through playing on luck and chance alone. Therefore read on to get a true flavor of what lies in wait of you when you progress to the higher levels throughout the game because one thing that is guaranteed is your victory if you learn and play along the way.

2. Swiping Your Way To The Ultimate Title

So you have decided to become a true swiping golfer! This is the chosen path of the professionals, the true men who never hesitate to give their all in the quest to rise above the abundant hordes of simple amateur golfers . Beware of the dangers that will beset you when you take this path for they are not few and certainly not easy to overcome. The first and foremost requirement of following the path of the professional swiper is to make sure your fingers are very well rested and you are not in a family gathering or public event where you could be scolded for the extreme swiping behaviour that is required.

You begin with zero talent points and only a golf ball on a tack in the center of the screen of your smartphone. Swipe on this and when you release your finger from screen of your smartphone, the golf ball will follow the trajectory of the swipe that you made prior to releasing your finger from the screen. If you are familiar with the world famous arcade game Angry Birds, this concept of swipe and release to make the ball follow a designated trajectory will not be too hard for you to follow. This coupled with the fact that swiping on the screen to create a trajectory is a very easy task makes Mini Golf Smash a very good pastime if you are willing to put in the initial effort in learning the basic gameplay mechanics.

There are no extra perks or swiping effect benefits available to you at the start of the game but as you progress to the higher levels, many upgrades and power ups will start to unlock for you. Due to this your gameplay will gradually improve with the aid of these perks and upgrades to your character and equipment in the game. Remember, you have chosen the path of the professional swiper so it is best to invest the points that you earn from achievements and into upgrades and perks that increase the power and range of your swipes. DO NOT spend your hard earned gold coins on the swipe angle increase after 1 upgrade point because you will not get any advantage from this upgrade unless you keep on playing Mini Golf Smash for the entire day.

Try to get as many levels as possible into the “increase your swiping range” and “power shot” upgrades as these will be your bread and butter for earning much more gold coins in the game. Getting many levels into this upgrade will be quite difficult as the gold coin requirement for each successive upgrade increases exponentially. There is a solution to this problem though: as soon as you get the first golden coins, instantly unlock the perk known as “Successive Multiple Shots”.

This perk allows you to gain a golden coin multiplier for 10 times more the coins for the same amount of effort that you put into a putting shot and removes the minimum limit on the number of bounces which a golf ball is able to make while on a long put shot trajectory. This allows you to gain an insane amount of gold coins in a very short amount of time while the multiplier boost is active. It also reactivates after every 300 seconds therefore it is a must have perk to get the maximum benefit of combining maximum coins earned per second with double power of your putting shots as a result of the upgrade points you put into the “increase your swipe range” and “power shot” perks.

Another core tip for all players who have decided to follow the path of the Swiper is to avoid spending gold coins on additional features like “Lucky Chance” or the “Surprise Box”. Both of these features eat up your gold coins very fast and you will not be able to save up for the later perks which give you a really huge boost like the “Power Shot” and “Bounce Increase” perks both of which nearly double the amount of gold coins that you are able to earn in a short period of time.

At the end it all comes down to how much time you can spare for this epic time wasting game. Be mindful of the fact that swiping away at a small golf ball is a very addictive experience and you will find yourself unable to think about anything else while you are senselessly engaged on the screen of your smartphone. Therefore choose with caution and do not let Mini Golf Smash take over your life!

3. A Race Against Time

Mini Golf Smash is one of the few games on the market which pits your reactions against a fixed amount of time and you have to score a “in the hole” as soon as possible in order to avoid being a victim to the continuosly running clock. The clock timer is indicated by a white bar with a small wall clock on the left side and is located at the top centre of the screen of your smartphone. The time bar is also animated which means that it keeps reflecting the state of sensitivity on your stage. So, if you have very less time remaining, the clock bar will start shaking to point out the importance of your time running out and you will have to decide quickly about the move that you want to make or forego your turn for the stage and start from the beginning.

The constantly ticking clock also means that you will have to act as soon as the new stage begins because as you move to the higher levels, it becomes harder and harder for you to keep track of time as there are many obstacles between you and the target hole and you have to decide the best swiping path all in the very limited time that you have on your hands. The best trick to overcome this issue of a very limited time is to make a basic swiping path with your finger while the next stage is loading.

Although this takes like 2 or 3 seconds, but it is quite sufficient for you to formulate a good swiping pattern so that when the stage really starts you are ready to fire your golf ball and win that coveted extra time bonus. If you manage to complete a certain level before the timer clock bar reaches half of its full value, you will be entitied to a sweet bonus after you complete the stage at the scorecard screen and even though this bonus may initially seem like a very minimal amount, it really adds up to a lot of gold coins if you manage to follow this completion pattern successively.

Another trick to keep the coins flowing and your sanity intact as you battle your wits against the ultimate foe i.e. time is to ensure that you always have a clearly defined trajectory in place for the golf ball before you attempt to release your finger from the screen. This helps to make sure that whenever you release your finger from the screen, the golf ball will not just fly off into a random direction or slow down suddenly after striking the ground because once that happens, you do not have any other option but to watch in pain as you will have to repeat the entire level once again and from the beginning. Therefore it is important to play Mini Golf Smash with a combination of wits and brain as well as a cautious sense of physics and the trajectory that a simple golf ball is supposed to follow through the air.

4. Gold Coins Are Your Best Friends

In game currencies are getting increasingly popular these days and just like any other new game, Mini Golf Smash also has its in game purchasing currency which is known as “Gold Coins”. You will first be introduced to the gold coins and its various purchasing options during the beginning 10 levels of the game. Mini Golf Smash will also give out 30 gold coins to you upon the successful completion of all three objectives listed for level 10. Remember to not spend these cookies on the purchase of any other perk except for the “Power Shot” and “Swiping Range Increase” upgrades. The earlier upgrades are really not worth the spending of gold coins and neither should you be tempted to spend these on the “Lucky Draws” and “Random Coin Scratcher” machines.

Unlike many other games on the market however, Mini Golf Smash has granted a great in game mechanism for obtaining gold coins which is heavily in favor of the players who have chosen the “Swiper” path. There is a random Gold coin drop while you are playing the game and you can click on the rapidly moving gold coin to add it into your current gold coin balance which is displayed in a small bar in the lower left corner of the screen of your smartphone.

Be mindful of the screen however because this elusive opportunity passes by in a flash and you have to display lightning fast reflexes in order to catch it in time. In a way this promotes another positive aspect of Mini Golf Smash which is that it increases the concentration and attention span of dedicated players while also markedly improving their reflexes.

Another great way to earn free gold coins in the game without much effort is to head over to the More (indicated in blue with a plus sign) and perform the different tasks listed there. For example liking the Facebook page of Dignity Games and following them on Twitter. The liking and follow grant you a nice amount of gold coins one time only but there is a third option which gives you gold coins every time you watch a sponsor ad or video by swiping on the “Watch A Video” link. You can even get an extra life sometimes by watching the sponsor videos so always keep your eyes peeled for such an opportunity.

Despite all these in game options to help you out with your thirst for gold coins, if you still feel a hunger for more, than you need to put a point in the perk “Golden Rain” and subsequently its higher levels which provide great benefits to those who have chosen the “Swiper” style of gameplay. A progress bar in yellow shows you how far you are from the drop and you can use this to your advantage and be prepared for when the Gold Coins drop and you click on them.

It is quite hard to get the maximum amount of gold coins but you can easily get at least one coin from the drop and for Swipers who are already doing a lot of swiping this is not a bad payoff at all. Therefore you have to decide what is best for your continued progress at all times throughout the game and depending upon your gameplay style, following the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide will surely help you become the Ultimate Professional Golfer for miles around!