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Destination Solitaire Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Clear All Levels

Destination Solitaire takes the classic solitaire game and takes it to the next level by combining it with popular puzzle-solving mechanics. MobilityWare’s new mobile title is all about clearing boards with a set of cards on it. The cards are spread in a way that only the topmost cards are revealed and you will need to remove them in order to see the cards underneath. Just as in the original solitaire game, you have to match cards according to sequence in order to remove them from the board. The good news is that you can go one card higher or lower, making the game a little more flexible. Since it is based on a classic card game, the mechanics easy to understand and pick up. However, the levels get more difficult to clear as you progress. You will need the help of our Destination Solitaire tips and tricks in order to conquer them all!

1. Work On The Combo Meter

Whenever you make a match, the combo meter at the top right corner of your screen will be activated. You will then have a few seconds to make another match in order to keep the combo going. Making consecutive matches quickly will help keep the combo meter active until it fills up completely. Once you fill up the combo meter, it will transform one card on the board into a special blue card. Match the blue card in order to add extra cards onto your hand. The more cards you have on your hand, the easier it will be to match the rest of the remaining cards on the board. Just make sure you avoid drawing a card from your hand while a combo is active because it will automatically reset the combo meter.

2. Aim For Three Stars

Each level in the game awards you with stars when you complete it. The most number of stars you can get in a level is three stars, and you will need to accomplish a certain set of objectives in order to earn all three. The first star is awarded to you when you just complete the level. The second star requires you to beat the present high score for that level. Lastly, you earn the third star by completing the level within a given time limit. You can replay the game as much as you want in order to get all three stars.

You are probably wondering why you should work so hard for these stars. Every star you earn goes into your passport. You need a specific number of stars in order to unlock a souvenir. Souvenirs give you various rewards including golden tickets and boosters. Golden tickets are the premium currency of the game so make sure you grab any chance to get these for free.

3. Don’t Waste Your Draw

When you are in a hurry to make matches, you might be tempted to draw from your hand just to get a match. However, you need to make sure first that there are no available matches on the board so you don’t end up wasting your draw. During the earlier levels, an existing match will shake if you attempt to draw. After the introductory levels, however, you will be on your own.

4. Prioritize Clearing Packages

Packages are obstacles in the game that cover a number of cards. You won’t be able to flip those cards until you get rid of the packages. In order to remove them, you will need to spend a house card. There is no way around it so try to remove them as soon as you can. Getting access to those covered cards right away will help you clear the board more quickly.

It’s time to show off your card-matching skills and clear all the levels in Destination Solitaire! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you’ll surely succeed!