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Million Arthur Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Well-known mobile game maker Gamevil is the company behind Million Arthur, a card-based RPG for Android and iOS devices. And if you’re wondering about the odd title, the “Arthur” in question is none other than King Arthur himself, as your goal is to eventually “pull Excalibur from its stone and prove that you are worthy of holding Britain’s fate in your hands.” You’ll encounter other legendary characters from the tales of King Arthur, build a team of knight cards, evolve those cards, and team up with friends (if you choose to do so) to fight off enemies.

If you want to have a better chance of becoming the one true king, we recommend you to take a look at our share of Million Arthur cheats and tips as you prepare for all those exciting card battles.

1. Watch The Story Segments After The Tutorial

Once the tutorial portion of the game ends, we recommend you check the story segments. In fact, the main storyline won’t progress unless you watch all those segments; it may not be in your best interests, we’ll admit, but you’ll get rewards after each segment ends. If the scenes really do bore you, you can swipe left so that they automatically skip.

2. Combine Your Cards

When starting out in Million Arthur, the best strategy to employ when developing a strong lineup is to combine the cards you have. This isn’t anything new if you’ve played other deck-building games in the past, but if you haven’t, here’s how it works. Choose a base card that you need enhanced, and sacrifice unneeded cards so that you can do just that. Interestingly, any duplicates of already-owned cards will automatically level up; remember this when deciding which cards you no longer need and wish to have sacrificed.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Explore

Exploration is actually one of the more basic tips we have to offer, and that’s because of the completely random nature in which you can receive cards. Exploring regions will introduce you to other players, which would then give you some friend points. Once your friend point total has exceeded 200, you can draw a card at random – it can be anywhere between one and four stars.

4. Combine Cards In One Row

When you combine multiple cards in the same row while attacking, you’ll unleash a combo. That’s going to give you a passive boost, which could be the difference between victory and defeat – passive bonuses improve attack rate and HP, among other benefits.

5. Understand The Difference Between Battle Points And Action Points

These two terms may sound similar to each other, but they are actually different from each other. Totally different. Action points are what you’ll need when playing single-player exploration; each zone traveled through will cost you one action point. Battle points are spent when you challenge someone else to a duel in PvP mode. Leveling up would give you a choice of whether to increase your action or battle points – your choice will all depend on whether you prefer single-player exploration or multiplayer.