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Trigger Fist Cheats & Tips: 5 Excellent Tricks to Defeat Your Enemies

Trigger Fist, created by Lake Effect Applications, is an iOS game that was forged in the minds of battle-hardened gamers. It has been described by TouchArcade as a “shooter tailor-made for mobile,” and has gotten some glowing reviews from other well-known gaming publications. In here, you can play any one of four different multiplayer modes, as you compete against gamers from all around the world via Apple’s Game Center Matchmaking. You can unlock new weapons, skins, and other goodies as you increase in rank. And while the game’s description shines a lot of light on the multiplayer aspect, you can also play offline and compete against the game’s AI.

Whether you’re playing against the AI or against other real-world players, we have put together some useful Trigger Fist cheats, tips and hints that can propel you to the top of the leaderboards…or at least close to that.

1. Pay Your Way To Success By Purchasing ‘Next Unlock’

Trigger Fist doesn’t come with its own premium currency which you can use to buy higher-end equipment that you otherwise couldn’t buy with the standard currency. But if you don’t mind paying a dollar per pop, the Next Unlock feature allows just that – you can buy the next weapon or equipment unlock for $0.99 per. That’s actually quite affordable, so we suggest giving it a try by going to the Equipment area and clicking on the icon of the item you’re looking for.

2. Don’t Run Into The Wide Open Space

Most players already know this, but if you’re a beginner, you probably have been guilty of this a few times. Running into a wide open space is an invitation for enemies to shoot you down, so avoid doing that if you want to avoid giving opponents the satisfaction of getting an easy kill.

3. Play As All Three Classes

There are three classes you can play as – Scout, Rifleman, and Gunner – and each class comes with its own distinct set of weapons. But unlike other games where you’re restricted to just one class per game, you can actually play as all three classes when you’re in multiplayer or single-player mode alike. By earning experience points for all three classes, you can get XP for unlocking. Simply wait till your character dies in order to switch classes for your next re-spawn.

4. Use The Sensor On The Top Right

You’ll notice that there’s a sensor on the top right part of your screen that tells you a number of things – aside from notifying you if an enemy is firing a weapon, it will also tell you how close that person (or AI enemy) is. Make good use of this and you’ll survive longer in battle.

5. Use Your Secondary Weapons When Necessary

By swiping the weapon icon left or right, you’ll activate your pistol. Swiping up or down brings up your grenade launcher or RPG. Grenades, on the other hand, are found on the bottom right part of your screen. These are your secondary weapons, so use them when the occasion calls for it.