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Metal Slug Defense Cheats, Tips & Strategies for Winning Battles (Part 1)

SNK Playmore’s Metal Slug Defense is available for iOS and Android platforms alike, and it’s a mobile version of the Metal Slug games you may know from way back – a tower defense game (as suggested by the name) where you can enlist more than 200 characters for your army, play in multiplayer mode against up to three players aside from yourself, and earn up to 200 different medals for various achievements and accomplishments.

Considering that you’ve got all those different units in the game, you may be wondering which ones would suit you the best. We’ll answer that question and then some as we offer you some stunning Metal Slug Defense cheats, tips and strategies right after the jump.

1. Earn More MSP Early On

When starting out in Metal Slug Defense, you should be immediately concerned with increasing the MSP (the game’s standard currency) you get for completed missions. This would give you the money you need for higher-end upgrades, but for starters, you want to upgrade MSP Gain. And if you’re looking to complete levels faster, the upgrades you want to focus on are Development Speed, Production Speed, and Destruction Bonus – this is ideally in specific order.

Also keep in mind that all your upgrades can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 20, though there’s a chance SNK Playmore will allow deeper upgrades going forward in subsequent updates.

2. Build Your Army Smartly

You need a strong and balanced army to win most, if not all battles, and with that being said, you have ten slots in your deck for your troops. Normally, you may be thinking of using the units you unlock through completed campaigns as you go along. But there has to be a method to the madness, so to say – focus on premium units that won’t cost you too much AP and won’t take long to create, such as the Native and Iron Iso, which cost only 30 AP. You should also shuffle between lower-end units, higher-end units, vehicles, and armored units.

3. Use The Sandbag Unit At The Right Time

The Sandbag is one of your starting units in Metal Slug Defense, and it will serve you well in various points of the game. For example, Sandbags will shield you from serious damage when you don’t have armored units yet. Still, they aren’t designed to stand up well to melee attacks, and shouldn’t be used frivolously; don’t launch a Sandbag if you’re way ahead of the enemy in battle.

4. Take Advantage Of Your Special Moves

Each of your units have their own special moves, which you’ll want to activate at some point in battle. But it also has to be at the right time; if you use those moves too soon, they’ll end up missing, thus wasting your efforts. And if you don’t use those moves before the unit dies, that’s pretty much a waste of a unit. Time their activation perfectly and you can get rid of ranged units before they can even attack.