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Miami Crime Simulator Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Tips to Become the King of the Gangland

Happy Brain’s Miami Crime Simulator is now available for iOS and Android devices, and this game promises a huge city, different weapons, supercars, realistic physic, and cool gameplay. Now, if you come to think about it, this game does sound like a casual take on titles such as those in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s also an open-world action game that takes place in a backdrop of crime, and while it’s very far from having the same polish as any given GTA title, this should be a nice change of pace for those who feel GTA is too intense to handle. Having said that, here is our list of Miami Crime Simulator cheats and strategy guide to help you complete each mission.

1. Tap The Question Mark To View Your Objectives

We weren’t exaggerating when we said Miami Crime Simulator lacks polish – it doesn’t explicitly tell you how to view your mission objectives. But if you tap on the question mark button at the top right part of your display, you can view your objectives, which would usually be killing a certain number of policemen or civilians.

2. Drive Around

Like in GTA, you can get to where you’re at faster by driving, instead of running or walking. And on a similar note, your best bet is to find a car that’s randomly parked, hop into it, and drive to get where you need to (or want to) go. Using the virtual controls, steering can be tricky, but at least you’ll get to your destination faster than the average walk.

3. Go For The Pistol As Your First Weapon

Once you’re done with the first two missions, you would likely have enough money to purchase a pistol. This gun will cost you about a thousand bucks, and would come in really handy when your goal is to kill people.

4. Earn Money And Get Ammo The Fast Way, Here’s How

The logic here is very simple – kill a civilian and they leave money. Kill a policeman and you’ll get yourself a nice ammo drop. So if you’re looking to earn more money, killing civvies is the way to go. And if your ammo is running low, turn into a cop killer and get yourself reloaded the “right” way.

5. Go Close Contact When Killing Cops

If your goal in a level is to kill policemen, you would be better off using a melee attack, and not a ranged one. Fight in close contact, because if you try to kill a cop using a ranged weapon, you’ll be fired back at. Close-contact fist fighting, as it seems, is the best way to go when killing cops.

6. Upgrade Character Stats

There are different character stats in Miami Crime Simulator, and you should level them up regularly; this should begin after you’ve killed enough people for starters. Melee damage would be the best stat to upgrade, while the pistol level-up would allow you to shoot people with a gun. Health and gun damage are two other key statistics, though you would still want to focus on melee damage first.