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MementoMori Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Liberate the Land from Darkness

Curses, death, devastation. All of them require scapegoats. Certain magically gifted individuals, branded as witches by the Church of Longinus, are said to be to blame. Everything seems hopeless – that is, until the bearer of the Staff is chosen.

mementomori guide

MementoMori is an AFKRPG that’s similar in vein to titles such as Among Gods or League of Pantheons. What sets this game apart is the gorgeous watercolor art and soundtrack – seriously, download the Laments whenever you can.

In this game, you take on the role of the Duke of Fran, who serves as a beacon of light (and tolerance) in the world by rallying witches to his side rather than persecuting them. It’s not just protecting witches from the Church of Longinus that you need to do though, as some witches are actively destroying the world, and it’s up to you to stop them. MementoMori is available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Veterans of the AFKRPG genre will no doubt navigate their way seamlessly throughout the world of MementoMori. If, however, you’re new to the genre, new to the game, or just want a heads-up on what the game offers (and maybe pick up some tips on the way), read on!

Rush The Campaign

Quick Tips:

  • Most content is gated by reaching certain points in the campaign so blitz through it as fast as you can. Said content is time-gated (Space-Time Cavern resets every few days, quest board refreshes daily) so the faster you go, the better.
  • You’ll be given decent starters (Iris, Natasha) but don’t overinvest in them.
  • Resources are scarce; spend as little of your resources as possible until you have a character you like and only invest in 5 characters.
  • Once you unlock auto-resolve and spam auto-resolve in close fights – it’s possible to win.
  • If you absolutely must level your starters, do so one level at a time, then try the stage again. Combine with auto-resolve spam to squeeze out victories with minimal resource spending.
  • AFK gains cap at 24 hours at which point any more just vanish forever.
  • Your first 10 roll gives a guaranteed SR: Florence and Cordie are good carries, Amleth is okay and Rean is passable. Fenrir is a good support character. Ivy and Amour are good single-target damagers if that’s what you’re looking for.

The single, perhaps most important tip for beginners is this: rush the campaign!

mementomori republic of nedel
You heard me, girls – just run through the fire really fast and you probably won’t get hurt!

As with most games in the AFK genre, much of the content is gated behind the campaign. Thus, it’s in your best interest to rush through the early stages as quickly as you can. Important levels to clear include 2-4, which unlocks the Space-Time Cavern, 2-8, which unlocks the Infinite Tower, and 3-4, which unlocks Guilds. We won’t discuss these until later in the guide. The most important thing is that you get these options available to you ASAP.

Murderizing The Early Game

Fortunately, the early game is relatively easy and you’re given some decent tools for the job, namely Iris and Natasha. Do note that while they will do a serviceable job of clearing the first couple of levels just so you can unlock other features, it’s very important not to overinvest in them.

mementomori iris
The pink-haired companion of the protagonist. Where have I heard that before?

MementoMori is a game that rewards the careful investment of resources (as you will be bled dry by the lack of Kindling Orbs later in the game) so it’s important to remind yourself that these early-game characters will probably be swapped out for better ones down the line. So while it’s important to clear the early stages as fast as possible, it is equally important to spend as little of your resources as possible when doing it.

mementomori natasha
Oh look, it’s the witch who tried to kill us and use our corpses as flowerpots, but now she’s our FRIEND.

Iris is okay for the first couple of missions, but she suffers from having only 3 skills as well as inherently lower stats. Natasha, on the other hand, is just straight-up difficult to ascend because of her Radiance soul (we’re talking “if you get another copy of her you will have bad luck for the rest of your life” kind of rare)

The best tips I can give are this: be stingy with leveling your early game crew, drip-feed them one level at a time only if you absolutely can’t clear a stage, and save your Kindling Orbs for later characters.

Mash The Auto Resolve Button!

Assuming we’re following the “level up everyone just enough so that they can beat a stage with a sliver of HP left strategy”, it follows that we’ll also be losing some fights. After all, I did say “only level up your characters if you absolutely cannot clear a stage”.

Because of how random numbers and number deviation works, we can low-roll some of our attacks, or the enemy might get lucky and land some big crits. But it’s also because of this deviation that it’s possible to win some fights that you keep losing.

mementomori lose

Normally, I try doing 10 or so auto-resolves before I actually watch the battle to see what’s going on. This is also a good way of evaluating how far you need to upgrade your team to beat the stage – though I will still advocate for the drip-feed treatment. There’s no energy or stamina system, so losing costs you absolutely nothing!

mementomori fight 2
Auto-resolve in yellow, speed up in blue.

To auto-resolve a battle, tap on the fast forward button on the lower right of the screen during a fight. Note that you may need to make some progress in the campaign to unlock this button. If you’re in less of a hurry, or want to watch the battle play out to see where your team is getting flattened (or just want to watch the pretty visuals), there’s also a speed up button in roughly the same place.

Rerolling The Game

Now that you’re drip-feeding your early units, you should have more resources to go around. The third reason for rushing through the campaign is to unlock the gacha as soon as you can so you can get your guaranteed SR from the 10 roll and decide if you’re going to reroll your account.

You can consult tier lists, world chat, or other communication methods to see if who you get is good – but generally, you will want a big hitter. Maybe you’re a duke who just rolls with whoever they get. But regardless of your stance on waifu versus meta, there are some standout characters that you should definitely keep if you get them.

mementomori cordie

Florence is a hilarious warrior carry, Cordie hits multiple enemies, has an undispellable 30% ATK boost and makes DEF break an actual threat, and Fenrir is a great support character that makes her team harder to kill just by existing. Other serviceable carries are Amleth, or in a pinch, Rean. If you want characters that excel at single-target damage, you can roll with Ivy or Amour.

Where Are My Kindling Orbs?

Another reason you want to rush the campaign is to increase the amount of loot (and by loot I mean Kindling Orbs)you gain via auto-battle.

mementomori loot
The more loot you have available, the bigger the bag gets!

MementoMori simulates battles even while you’re offline, so the further along you are in the campaign, the better your idle gathering rate. This can be seen in the lower left of the screen, and this area displays how many exp orbs and player exp you get per hour, as well as how many gold and Kindling Orbs you get per day. To get your loot, just tap on the gold, coins, and random valuable stuff that pops up at the bottom of the screen. The longer you’re AFK, the more you’ll get, and the bigger the pile will be.

Do note: this has a cap of 24 hours and anything beyond that vanishes into digital oblivion.

Leveling characters in MementoMori gets very expensive very quickly, so the sooner you get to a good auto-battle level, the better. As the section’s name might imply, Kindling Orbs are going to run out very, very quickly – so do whatever you can to stretch out resources via both drip-feeding and level linking.

mementomori auto battle
Always set it to the last stage you can reliably clear.

It’s not enough to just reach a higher level, you also need to select which stage to do auto-battle in. You can do this by selecting the level, then tapping auto-battle on the left side of the battle preview panel. Note that your first party is the one that will be used by the AI in auto-combat, so line up accordingly.

mementomori boss battle
The numbers you want are at the lower left.

Don’t worry about the winning percentage when you select a new stage. Stick around for a bit, and that should climb up to 100% if your party is strong enough. I find that it’s a generally good idea to camp the last stage that you can handily win, though you can experiment with tougher stages if that’s your thing.

Careful Character Investment Pays Off

Quick Tips:

  • Level linking means you only really have to level up 5 characters.
  • Rarity influences stats and maximum level; you need to feed duplicates and/or characters with a similar rarity and soul to boost this.
  • SR characters start with 4 skills, so pretty much only use them as much as possible.
  • Kindling Orbs = skill upgrades = major power boost.
  • Souls are elemental rock-paper-scissors; Azure -> Crimson -> Emerald -> Amber -> Azure and Radiance <=> Chaos.
  • Formation bonus for souls: 3/4/5 of same, 3-2 split; Radiance counts as any, Chaos has its own bonus table.
  • You can reset characters to get a full refund on spent materials; costs 50 Diamonds. Try not to be in a situation where you have to use this.

Now that I’ve persuaded you to rush the campaign (I hope), we can now pay attention to actually leveling the characters you get.

Actual Combat and Key Investments

Before we begin, it’s important to understand how combat works in MementoMorithey’re flashy cutscenes. No, I am not joking.

mementomori fight
Anime time go!

All combat is automated and turn-based. At the start of a battle, characters will be shuffled into a turn order based on their Speed stat (remember what I said about Speed being about the only important sub number?) and will automatically use their skills on cooldown, and normal attacks if they have no skills available. This continues until one side is wiped out.

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With that in mind, the only thing you can do to prepare for combat is to bolster your characters. But how does this tie in with my Roald Dahl levels of cruelty and stinginess when it comes to feeding my characters’ levels?

Level Linking AKA Cheating Out Levels

Simple: we use level linking.

mementomori level link
Virtual levels!

The level linking system is unlocked at higher levels (30, if I’m not mistaken). What this does is pick out the five highest-leveled characters among your ranks, and give you slots to put more characters in. Characters in slots will then be boosted to the lowest level among your five highest. The higher your level, the more slots you get. Alternatively, you can shell out some Diamonds to get more slots (as much as possible, do not do this).

The level link system has multiple implications. Let’s start with the basics: it’s a great way to try out characters that you’re on the bench about, and if you need to assemble a new team on the fly, you can level link some characters who were sitting around. In these cases, remember that ejecting a character from a level link slot incurs a 24-hour cooldown.

Most importantly though, the level link system allows you to stretch out your limited Kindling Orbs resources by restricting pouring your resources into just five characters. This is why I advised just drip-feeding your starter characters – so you’ll have more resources to commit to the characters you like. And since you can make up the slack via level link, you’ll be able to conserve your resources for the five Witches that do matter!

Character Stats

MementoMori has a very simple character stat system. On a character’s page, you’ll see 4 stats: Strength, Dexterity, Magic, and Stamina.

mementomori freesia
What pretty numbers she’s got!

These stats are basically the entire numbers system of MementoMori:

  • Strength increases physical defense and accuracy, as well as the damage of Warriors.
  • Dexterity increases both evasion and crit rate, as well as the damage of Snipers.
  • Magic increases magic defense and the chance of inflicting debuffs. It also increases the damage output of your Sorcerers.
  • Stamina increases HP and crit resistance, so it’s important for everyone.

The class of a character can be seen beside their name on their profile page. A red sword indicates a Warrior, a yellow gun means a Sniper, and a blue book means that character is a Sorcerer. A character’s class also influences what type of damage they do: Warriors and Snipers deal physical damage, while Sorcerers deal magic damage.

mementomori stats
I’m going to do what’s called a “pro gamer move” and ignore all these numbers.

If you like numbers, you can tap on the info button beside a character’s BP, then tap the question mark to get the full readout of all their numbers. This is an invitation to madness; in general, the only number you need to know here is Speed, which affects turn order.

Character Skills

Each character in MementoMori has several skills that they’ll automatically use in combat. The higher a character’s base rarity, the more skills they have at their disposal – thus, I suggest just building up SR characters as they have the most skills to play with.

mementomori skill
Numbers! Numbers as far as the eye can see.

Skills are easy to level up as they automatically gain levels at certain hero levels. However, any level that would either increase a skill’s level or unlocks a new skill requires Kindling Orbs – those red stones beside gold. If you’ve gotten this far in the guide, you’ll know that these things are incredibly precious, so use the drip-feed strategy if you’re early in the game, focus on just five characters so that you can get the most bang for your buck, and exploit the level linking system.

Rarity And Awakening

MementoMori’s rarity system directly ties to a character’s capabilities. They are, in ascending order, N / R / R+ / SR / SR+ / SSR / SSR+ / UR / UR+ / LR. The rarer a character is, the higher their base stats and the higher their maximum level. Note that you cannot pull a character above SR rarity.

mementomori nina
You can see a character’s rarity above their class symbol.

Increasing rarity isn’t just a matter of upping shininess. By increasing a character’s rarity, you bolster her base stats, and more importantly, increase her level cap. As most characters cap out at level 100 by default, you’ll quickly find yourself overshadowed by campaign enemies if you haven’t awakened anyone.

Strengthening your characters is pretty simple. If you have a witch you like, you can raise her rarity by sacrificing duplicates and/or characters of a certain rarity. And yes, you didn’t misread that – some rarity levels can be cleared by using characters of a certain rarity over dupes.

However, rarity levels that do this require you to have tributes that match the soul type of the character you’re ascending. This is why Natasha falls off in power as there are no common Radiance characters that you can feed to her to bulk her up.

mementomori fuse
Do your release missions, and you get two Soltinas – one to use, one to fuse.

Being able to do this means that even your low-rarity characters have a use. By continually fusing and awakening your common characters, you can create high-rarity characters to feed to the witches you actually want to use. Brutal? Maybe. Efficient? Oh yes.


Souls are MementoMori’s elemental system, and for those who are familiar with AFKRPGs, you can skip this part.

mementomori mimi
Upper left of their portrait.

There are 6 soul types in the game, and they essentially work as an elemental rock-paper-scissors system. If a character has a soul advantage over another character, they deal 25% more damage. The weakness chart is as follows:

  • Azure beats Crimson, Crimson beats Emerald, Emerald beats Amber, and Amber beats Azure.
  • Radiance and Chaos are both strong against each other.

On top of this, there’s also a formation bonus for bringing characters with certain souls together.

  • 3 same-soul characters give your party 10% max HP and 10% more ATK.
  • 3 same-soul characters with 2 other same-soul characters (different soul) raise this bonus to 15% max HP and ATK.
  • 4 same-soul characters give 20% max HP and 15% ATK.
  • 5 same-soul characters give 25% max HP and ATK.
  • Radiance souls count as every type of soul except chaos and can be used to activate same-soul bonuses.

Chaos souls have their own bonuses, depending on how many Chaos characters you have in the party. These are cumulative, meaning that if you have 5 Chaos characters, you get every single bonus on this list.

  1. 25% more DEF
  2. 5% lifesteal
  3. 1000 DEF Break
  4. 10% counter
  5. 30% crit damage

Of these soul types, Radiance and Chaos souls are the rarest.Because of how ascension works, characters that have these soul types (Natasha, Fortina, Lunalynn) are much harder to strengthen. And while their formation bonuses can be quite good – Chaos characters in particular – good luck assembling a team of sufficiently awakened characters.

Resetting Characters

At any time, you can reset an unlocked character which will refund all the resources you spent pumping them up. That means you get a 100% rebate on spent gold, Kindling Orbs, and exp orbs. This will not, however, de-fuse characters that have been used to augment a character’s rarity!

mementomori reset

This isn’t free though: it’ll run you 50 diamonds each time you want to reset a character. These are diamonds you could have spent on better stuff (like gacha), so a bit of foresight and planning goes a long way.

Fine-Tune Your Equipment

Level Linking

With how expensive it is to strengthen characters, anything that gives free levels is very welcome. That’s what Level Linking is all about. Level Linking is a great way to not only test out characters to see if you want to invest in them, but also to give yourself an immediate boost to combat power.

You unlock Level Linking at higher player levels, 30 if I’m not mistaken. Once this feature is open, you gain access to level link slots via the character page. These slots can be filled in with characters whose level will be raised to the lowest of your 5 highest leveled characters. In the image above, my level link slots are boosting characters to level 61, as that’s the lowest level among my 5 highest leveled characters.

Fine-Tune Your Equipment

Quick Tips:

  • Always give everyone equipment – there is an auto-equip button after all.
  • Equipment can gain + up to its level; you can transfer + level when switching gears.
  • Smelt gear to potentially increase its letter grade or get scrap to buy new equipment.
  • Augments give extra stats to equipment but require S-grade items – keep smelting to max level and you’ll eventually get lucky.
  • Runes give targeted stat boosts and can be switched around as they’re equipment-based.
  • Remove runes by going to Runes -> Mount -> tap on the equipped rune.
  • Higher level runes = bigger boost, but are expensive to make.

One of the best ways to increase your BP by leaps and bounds is making use of MementoMori’s equipment system.

mementomori gear
Count ‘em.

Each character can wear a maximum of 6 pieces of equipment – a weapon (exclusive to each class), a helmet, body armor, a necklace, gloves, and boots. Each of these pieces of equipment possesses not only base stats, but also substats which can affect your 4 main stats!

As classes do more damage based on their main stat, you can greatly boost a character’s damage output by giving them equipment with substats that would contribute to their damage. Again, that’s Strength for Warriors, Dexterity for Snipers, and Magic for Sorcerers.


Not all the equipment you get is stellar, though. Most of them are literal junkyard scrap that passes off as barely-usable equipment. That’s where smelting comes in.

smelting in mementomori
Mostly trash, sometimes treasure.

Smelting sacrifices equipment for a chance to make gear of a higher tier or fragments. More often than not, most of your smelting will result in fragments. Take heart though – you’re going to get so much trash equipment that I suggest always smelting them anyway as you’ll inevitably hit A or S rank with some of them.

Fragments aren’t useless, either. You can visit the equipment store to trade in your fragments for equipment (which is usually at B tier), so there is a guaranteed way to get at least decent gear for your girls – or you could just buy them all and smash them.


You may have noticed that equipment has levels, which dictate what the minimum level of your character needs to be to use that item. But did you know your levels can have levels?

mementomori gear upgrade
No failure rate!

Each piece of equipment can be upgraded to a + level equal to its required level; for example, a level 20 sword can go up to +20, and so on. The higher a weapon’s upgrade level, the higher its base stats go. As combat in MementoMori is often decided in a matter of turns, I suggest going for weapon upgrades first and foremost on all your characters.

Do note that upgrading your gear requires Upgrade Water, which you get from clearing stages and other game modes. And just like Kindling Orbs, Upgrade Water vanishes fast. Don’t vacillate on Upgrade Water as there’s no level link-like system for it: use your Upgrade Water only on the characters that you actively use. Also, I recommend that you upgrade their weapons before anything else as ATK increases are oftentimes more impactful than anything else.

There is some wiggle room in the upgrade system though. If you swap out upgraded gear for a new piece of kit, you can transfer all the upgrade levels on your previous equipment.


While the higher base stats afforded by S-rarity equipment is more than enough to warrant regularly blowing up your stocks of gear. But there’s another reason to do so – namely augments.

mementomori augment
Squeezing that extra bit of performance out.

S-rarity items have two augment paths, holy and dark. Each of these gives powerful extra stats depending on the item they’re on; for example, holy augments on a weapon give %ATK, while dark augments give a flat ATK boost. The higher the augment level, the bigger the boost.

On the flip side, upgrading these is a chore. While there are items that can raise either level (their names elude me), most of the time you’ll get levels from feeding that item equipment that has either a dark or holy augment to increase its respective progress.

mementomori holy fragments
All that effort and they just end up being fed. That’s the way the world works.

This raises the question: where do I get more of the stuff?

Dark gear is simpler to get – you just keep smelting even more crappy gear, and hope that you end up with a new item that has a dark augment. Rinse and repeat. Holy gear, on the other hand, pretty much only comes from the shop. You’ll need to trade in holy fragments that you get from PVP and guild raids to get your hands on these items.


Runes are very, very important. This is because they are one of the few direct, targeted stat upgrades in MementoMori. Character stats just scale with level, and skills do their own thing. But runes? Runes open up a ton of options to you. Want more punching power? Slap on some ATK runes. Want to crit more? Crit runes. Dying too fast? HP runes aren’t too much individually, but they add up. Bad gacha rolls? No runes for that, sorry.

mementomori rune stat
Every bit helps.

Which runes you use are entirely up to you and the strategy you’re going for. But as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to get some ATK runes going as, like I said earlier, ATK boosts are often the most appreciable areas where you can improve in games like this. As you can get random runes via the course of normal play, as well as from the shop (where you can actually buy the runes you want), you do have some room to experiment – though like I said, if you’re unsure, get ATK.

removing runes in mementomori
Tap on the runes on the right side to eject them.

Don’t worry about changing your mind about your selected runes, either. You can remove runes by tapping on the equipment in question, then going to Runes -> Mount, then tapping the runes you want to remove (they’re on the right side).

mementomori rune shop
Rocks for sale.

Runes mostly come from opening the sealed chests you get with keys. You also get Rune Tickets, which you can use to buy runes straight from the shop, via the gacha.

The bonuses that your first runes impart may seem lackluster, and you’d be right to think so. This is where rune combining comes in. You can combine two runes of similar levels into one of a higher level, to a maximum level of 15. This means that your trash low-level runes will eventually combine to become something noteworthy. On the downside, this is a lot of runes. Two runes of similar levels mean that you need 2 for level 2, 4 for level 3, and so on.

The higher up you go on the rune upgrade tree, the more expensive it gets, and it’s up to you, your strategy, and your characters as to whether you want to go tall or wide with your runes. For example, if your party is wholly dependent on a single carry, it may be in your best interest to give her ATK and crit runes to help her kill. If, however, you’re more of a sustained DPS person or just want to have everyone do their thing, then a lot of mid-level ATK runes might serve you better. Again, it depends on what you want to accomplish with your runes.

mementomori rune
I didn’t know they had power drills in this world.

Each piece of equipment can have sockets engraved into it, into which you put runes. The first socket on an item will cost gold, but any succeeding sockets will cost Diamonds, and you can have up to 4 sockets on gear. Do note that sockets are transferable in the same way as upgrade levels are.

Fight On Other Battlefields To Gain Resources

Quick Tips:

  • Don’t spend Diamonds on quick battle (but do use your free quick battles).
  • Space-Time Cavern: gives coins to buy character shards and also gives resources. Pick as many fights as you can to maximize runs. Bring a healer.
  • Space-Time Cavern more or less scales to your current BP.
  • Infinity Tower: One-time Diamond payout when clearing a floor for the first time, can also grind for resources 3x a day.
  • Temple of Illusions: Team raid, you can match with randoms, pays out healthy amounts of basic resources. Only open at 12:30 – 13:30 and 19:30 – 20:30 daily.
  • Fountain of Prayers: Send whoever for non-Guerilla quests, send only your rarest characters for Guerilla Quests.
  • PVP: Gives Diamonds, holy fragments, and other resources based on your ranking.
  • Guild Raids: Gives you Diamonds (sometimes), holy fragments, resources, and gives your guild EXP. Also gives a daily reward based on cumulative progress.
  • Guild War: Big resources if you’re one of the big fish in your server. If you’re F2P, pretty much ignore this.

You did rush the campaign like I said, right? Because if you haven’t gotten a grasp of how expensive it is to strengthen characters, you probably do now. Luckily, if you’ve blitzed through the campaign, you now have a slew of options with regard to earning those sweet, sweet resources that you badly need.

Quick Battle

Once per day, you can gain 2 hours’ worth of AFK gains via the Quick Battle button on the lower right of the campaign screen.

mementomori quick battle
2 hours of resources is a lot less than it sounds.

You can optionally do this more than once, but each use beyond the first will cost you Diamonds. I recommend you don’t buy more quick battles as 2 hours of resources isn’t worth much unless you have VIP levels from spending money.A Diamond saved is a Diamond earned!

Picking Fights Across Space and Time

The Space-Time Cavern is unlocked once you clear stages 2-4, and you should do this whenever it resets. No questions about it.

mementomori cave of space time
A branching path of no return.

The Space-Time Cavern is super important as it provides a quick burst of Kindling Orbs, which is one of the slowest generating resources in the game (if not *the* slowest). You also get some other resources, which are okay, but the main reason you want to complete the cavern is to nab those Kindling Orbs. And, if for some reason that’s not motivation enough, you also get Diamonds for clearing the whole thing. Oh, and more importantly, Space-Time coins that you can use to buy an SR character from the shop.

The Space-Time Cavern is an almost-roguelike mode. In this challenge, you’ll need to clear 3 floors by accessing various nodes in a path. These nodes can contain more enemies to fight (and resources to get), temporary allies, healing and revival, and even limited shops with special stocks (they cost Diamonds so don’t hold your breath). You’ll need to select a node to travel to at each step of the way, and you can’t turn back once you’ve taken that step, so choose modestly, and choose wisely.

mementomori blessing
Pick fights, win prizes.

My advice is to always pick as many fights as you can.

Each battle won means you get a bigger payout at the end, and you also get a random, persistent buff for each fight that you win. This means that winning a lot of fights gives you the potential to snowball through later floors, and the fact that you can stack and upgrade these buffs does wonders for your team’s BP.

Ideally, this means that at every junction, you’ll pick a fight. This also means that you’ll want a dedicated healer and maybe even an off healer so that you don’t need to waste nodes by visiting healing trees and revival fountains. Remember: battle damage in the Space-Time Cavern carries over from fight to fight, so unless your team is super over-leveled, you will want a medic to keep your girls in fighting form.

To The Infinity Tower And Beyond

This ominous spire shouldn’t scare you off. Each floor contains a veritable stash of goodies, which you’ll definitely want to get though.

mementomori tower of infinity
I’m just here for the cash.

Each floor of the Infinity Tower hosts a party of powerful foes who will test the mettle of your party. Fortunately, battles in the tower are straightforward, with no specific rules or restrictions.

Clearing a floor for the first time not only nets you resources like gold and exp orbs, but also gives you shards and Diamonds. And do note that while Diamonds are a one-time thing, the other prizes are not, and you can run a floor you’ve already cleared by spending a daily attempt, of which you get 3 for free. And you can pay for more runs if you want to (if you’re F2P, don’t – it’s not really worth it).

Temple of Illusions

The Temple of Illusions allows you to team up with up to 3 other players – either friends, guildmates, or randoms – to take down a pumped-up NPC team of 5 members.

mementomori temple of illusions
Quantity over quality.

For ganging up on these poor NPCs, you and the other team members will receive a rich payout of resources (which depend on both which room you challenged and what difficulty) IF you win – and you can do so up to 3 times a day, with a bonus payout if it’s your first time to clear a room. However, the Temple of Illusions is only open for 2 hours each day: from 12:30 – 13:30 and 19:30 – 20:30 server time.

Fountain of Prayers

The Fountain of Prayers is a fancy name for what’s essentially a quest board.

mementomori fountain of prayers
Work work work.

At the Fountain of Prayers, you’ll get random quests that require you to dispatch characters for a certain amount of time. Note that quests sometimes require characters with specific Souls or rarities, which restrict who you can dispatch.

Once you’ve sent your characters off, all you need to do is wait down the timer, show up at the Fountain of Prayers menu again, and presto – new resources. Do note that the characters you dispatch are still usable in battle.

One thing you should look out for in the fountain is Guerilla Quests. These are limited quests that show up once per day (randomly, I believe). These quests differ from other quests in that they have the potential to give out a lot more resources than your regular fare – although the rewards will be marked with a question mark. This is actually accurate – the higher the rarity of the characters you assign to the Guerilla Quest, the better the prizes (thanks Reddit!). Thus, don’t just mash auto-fill when it comes to a Guerilla Quest.


The world of MementoMori may have gone to hell, but that’s no reason to stop beating each other up for fun and profit, right?

mementomori pvp
Whose day will we ruin?

PVP is unlocked at some point in world 4. In PVP, you’ll first be tasked with creating a defense formation, which other players will try to beat up – make sure you update this formation whenever you can as you don’t want to be easy prey.

As you may have surmised, PVP in MementoMori is asynchronous, with you picking fights with 3 randomly-selected players who are roughly in the same area on the PVP ladder as you (and yes, you can reset the fights if your opponents have way more BP than you). You can pick up to 5 fights a day.

mementomori prize
Yummy yummy blood money!

The main reason you want to continue the Church of Longinus’s persecution of witches fighting other players is that you get daily prizes based on your placement at the end of the day. Naturally, the higher your rank, the more the prizes, and the fiercer the competition.

Guild Raids

Did you join a guild? Join a guild. You get Diamonds for doing so. Oh, and you get access to guild raids.

mementomori sonya
I’m about to level up Amleth, and you look like just enough exp.

Guild raids can be done twice a day, and have you fighting what is essentially an invincible boss until you either time out or they beat you. The more damage you do to the boss, the better – damage from all guild members is added together, and the more damage all of you have done, the better the prizes. Not to mention you also get individual rewards just for fighting.

Guild Wars

If you really want to go to the big leagues, you can join the guild wars if your guild is strong enough.

mementomori guild wars
Sprout. I will not apologize.

At certain times of the day, guild wars become active, and you can attempt to take outposts on the guild war map. Why would you want to do this? Well, if you manage to take and hold an outpost until the end of the guild war, you’ll get prizes. Now, the outlying castles may not have too big of an award, and that’s fine – free resources are free resources – but you do want to keep an eye on the castle of Brussellin the center of the map. If you can take and hold that, you’ll gain a huge amount of resources.

But be warned: everyone else will be trying to do the same thing. And more often than not, it’ll be players that have actually paid for the game who’ll be competing in this mode. If you’re fully F2P, just pretend this mode doesn’t exist and that everything is fine.

Free Stuff And Where to Find It

Quick Tips:

  • Each character has a story that gives 20 Diamonds per chapter, increase levels to unlock more chapters. N rarity characters have all chapters unlocked from the start.
  • There is an activity bar for both dailies and weeklies. Completing them gives you free pulls.
  • Make friends, send and get points, use for pulling in friend banner. Profit.
  • Lots of free stuff in the release festival / new player quests.

Free stuff is always nice, so let’s talk about all the freebies you can find in the game. You can get a large number of free resources and Diamonds if you know where to look!


Memories are a great way to get to know your characters better. It’s also coincidentally a great way to get free Diamonds.

mementomori memories
TLDR, being a witch SUCKS.

Each character you get has a series of memories that are unlocked as you level them up, or in the case of N rarity characters, are instantly unlocked. Each memory you watch nets you 20 Diamonds, and because of how quickly you’ll get new characters (hopefully), it adds up.

A hot tip for you: level linking a character just to watch their memories does work. Enjoy!

Dailies, Weeklies, Main Quests

Of course, MementoMori has dailies, weeklies, and main quests. These are accessible via the main menu, and give you a lot of free resources.

mementomori daily quests
While you’re at it…

It’s important to do both your daily and weekly quests as filling up the activity bar on the side gives you free pulls. You do want more witches, right?

On the heels of that, there’s also a daily login reward. The daily login rewards in MementoMori are tied to what day it is of the month, and while all of the prizes are good, make it a habit to just pop in and claim the daily freebie.

Friend Points

“If you want to go far, travel together” is a pretty old saying, but it’s still correct. By making friends in MementoMori, you can both send and gather Friendship Points that can be used to pull in the Friendship banner.

mementomori friends
Quid pro quo.

Don’t be afraid to make friends with randoms on the campaign map. You don’t even need to chat, and they’ll (and you) will be grateful for the extra Friendship Points. And if you join a guild, feel free to send friend requests to everyone!

Release Anniversary

If you haven’t started MementoMori yet, now’s the time. As the game (as of writing) has just been released, there’s a huge amount of free stuff up for grabs.

mementomori release
And you can retroactively clear the quests, too.

For those who didn’t read it yet: you get a Witch’s Invitation for filling up the release anniversary bar, which lets you choose a character to get. That should be more than enough motivation, but you also get tons of goodies like Diamonds, two copies of Soltina (who is a pretty okay SR character), character shards, and more!

Maximizing Your Pulls

Quick Tips:

  • Wishlist 5 characters per soul type except for Radiant/Chaos and you’re guaranteed to get one of them (or Radiant/Chaos) if you roll an SR. DOES NOT AFFECT THE BASE CHANCE (4.46%) OF GETTING AN SR.
  • SRs not on your wishlist can’t be pulled IF all 20 slots are filled; Prayer of the Fleeting (limited banner) ignores this.
  • 100 pulls = item that gives a random SR character of a specified soul type (but not Radiance/Chaos); 300 pulls = item that lets you pick an SR character to get.

Lastly, let’s talk about how to get the most mileage out of your gacha pulls. These are expensive, and outside of your initial prizes and quests, pulls will be slow. That’s why it’s important to maximize your pulls.

Wish Lists

If you’re looking for a specific character because you want them in your collection or want to get their dupes, you can use the wish list feature to put up to 5 characters per soul (except Radiance and Chaos) so that when you do get an R or SR character, the RNG will be weighed towards those characters. When all slots are filled, the SR you get will be one of those characters, or a Radiance/Chaos character (you wish).

You can also use the wish list to exclude characters, as SR characters not set in the wish list will not appear although this does require that every slot be filled. However, this restriction does not apply to limited characters if you pull on the time-limited banner. They’ll appear whether or not you wishlisted them.

Do note that while the wishlist does make it more likely that you’ll get a character on it, it does not change the base chance of getting an SR. Whether or not you wishlist, the odds of getting an SR at all remain at 4.46%. All wishlisting really does is give you a slightly higher chance to get the SRs you want, or exclude certain SRs from appearing. Think of it as tipping the scales AFTER you manage to get lucky and find an SR.

mementomori invocation details
You can tap details on the lower right of the invocation panel if you want to see more numbers. No matter what you do, they’ll always total up to a ~4.46% chance to get an SR.

Finally, I’ve made a mistake and thought that leaving blank spaces gives you a higher chance to get the characters you need. It doesn’t. Really, it doesn’t. Thanks Reddit.

Soul Banners

You can also use the Prayer of (Soul Type) if you’d like to filter your wishlist even further. Characters on this banner can only have the soul type that the banner indicates. This rotates every 24 hours.

mementomori prayer of amber
The King in Yellow?

However, you will need Tickets of Souls to pull in this gacha. And as you might have expected, these have to be bought. Good news though – you can get 10 of these for free by completing the mission for clearing stages 7-28; by this point, you should already have a core team and have an idea of what soul type to pull for.

Consolation Prizes

As you pull on basic and limited banners, you accumulate progress toward certain consolation prizes.

mementomori consolation prize
We all get a piece.

Your progress can be seen on a bar found above the Invoke button. Whenever this bar fills up, make sure to tap on the icon at the end to nab your prize. Of special importance are the prizes at 100, 200, and 300 pulls. 100 and 200 pulls get you a Witch’s Letter, which gives you a random SR character of a specified soul type – though not Radiance or Chaos, you cheeky duke.

300 pulls, on the other hand, gets you a Witch’s Invitation which allows you to pick a character. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I used my free invitation from the release missions, and I’m still far away from 300 pulls, so I can’t say if you can pick Radiance/Chaos from this pool.

In between these pulls, you also get Mystery Runes, which gives you a random rune of the same level as the mystery rune.


MementoMori also has a pity system in play, but only for the Prayer of The Fleeting (limited banner). If you pull on a limited character banner 99 times but fail to get the featured character, she’s guaranteed to appear on the 100th pull. Note that this count is separate from the consolation prize count!

Hope Springs Eternal

The world of MementoMori is bleak and lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. With your expert guidance, you can create a safe haven for people from all walks of life, and maybe even restore balance to a land gone mad.

mementomori victory
A long and lonely road where death is my constant companion.

That ends my MementoMori beginner’s guide, and I hope you were able to pick up some tips. Special shoutout to readers that spotted my glaring mistakes – thank you! If you have anything to add or got something to say, make yourself heard in the comments below!


Saturday 31st of December 2022

Thank you for a thorough and complete rundown on this game. It helped clear up a lot of questions I had. Still not sure about equipping runes to characters and the system used. Can you assign more than one rune at a time? Are they assigned to individual characters or all characters of that class in your party?