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Ark Legends: Reasons to Dive into this Google Play-recommended Adventure RPG

Ark Legends, Melting Games’ open-world adventure RPG, invites players to embark on a quest to save the land of Ark across a gorgeous 3D landscape. The fantasy RPG features a prestigious Google Play recommendation thanks to its vibrant visuals, unique heroes, character progression system and more as players discover the secrets of the Arquette organisation to solve an imminent crisis plaguing the world.

Currently soft-launched in Canada and Indonesia, Ark Legends is expected to receive a full launch in the near future. For right now, Ark Legends has opened up pre-registration to its fans who’ll receive a host of in-game boosts for signing up, as well as a chance of winning real-life prizes, including Apple AirPods and Amazon gift cards.

If you’re curious to see what the fuss is about, here are just three of the reasons why you should give the game a go!

Unique 3D art and character progression system

Luana is an Assassin and a Dark Chakram, while Ray is a tanky Battlefield Vanguard. Bo, on the other hand, is a Warrior and The Spirit of Asylum, while Lila is a powerful Mage as is fitting of the Saint of Judgment.

These characters and more can be collected and levelled up to build the ultimate deck, as you explore the 3D world around you and fight monsters along the way. There are various character attributes to tinker around with, along with diverse stories you can unlock the more you develop your heroes. The World Map also features six factions or alignments that you can learn more about as you travel through vast landscapes.

Epic boss fights and strategic battles

More than 60 different heroes are just waiting to be developed as you boost your teams to take down massive bosses in turn-based combat. As you buff up your characters’ skills, you can strategise the best way to maximise their special abilities and even find the best strategy during formations in battle.

You can also find the right combinations for gear sets that prioritise offence, accuracy, defence, life and more. Six factions are available for heroes – Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Light and Dark. These can be deployed across a grid depending on their roles. Plus, you can build up your shared mana resource to unleash devastating damage to enemies using each hero’s unique skills.

Different game modes to keep players entertained

You won’t have to worry about running out of materials as you can farm in-game goodies at the various raid dungeons available. There are also daily missions and special quests to keep players preoccupied, along with Guild activities and a handy auto-path navigation system for those who want to feed their wanderlust.

If you’re keen on learning more, you can visit the official Ark Legends website as well as check out the game’s Facebook and TikTok channels. As mentioned above, players that pre-register will receive in-game rewards once it’s available, and a chance to win IRL prizes thanks to Ark Legends’ ongoing Lucky Draw event.

Players eligible to play Ark Legends right now can also benefit from some extra in-game goodies by redeeming the code “HELLOARK” when you begin the game.