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Ark Legends Beginner’s Guide – All the Basics to Get You Started

Ark Legends, the eagerly awaited RPG from Melting Games, is at long last nearing its global release having soft-launched today in Canada and Indonesia for Android. For those of you not in those countries, pre-registration is still currently underway with a host of rewards available for those who sign up, including IRL rewards such as Amazon Gift Cards and AirPods and more courtesy of Ark Legends’ ongoing Lucky Draw event.

Considering Ark Legends is Melting Studios’ very first game, the amount of content the game has to offer is truly impressive. To help new players with tackling that content, the following beginner’s guide will cover the core basic concepts of Ark Legends’ so that you can hit the ground running.

ark legends strategic teams


Ark Legends opens up with Alex, a prestigious warrior and the game’s lead character, flying aboard the airship of Captain Jacob. The Airship serves as Ark Legends’ main base for all things concerning Hero management and you can jump aboard it any time using the navigation bar in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Perhaps the most important feature about the Airship is the ability to summon Heroes,  which are provided by a number of events which offer random units based on their Grade and Faction. There is also another event which allows you to choose the Hero you’d like to summon from a selection. The latter type of event will require you to spend more Summoning Tokens, but if you’re after a specific hero or hero type then it’s well worth it. What’s more, if you change your mind about the Hero you want then you can choose a different one at any time before you summon them.

ark legends legendary heroes

Aside from Summoning Events, the Airship is also where you’ll find the rewards section in a menu on the top right of the screen; checking this section daily is essential as free gifts will be available for consecutive log-ins and for achievements earned by advancing through the game. If you’re lacking any items after collecting your rewards, then you may find what you need at the Airship’s shop, called the Grocery.Here you can buy useful resources and items using Gems, like: Potions (which are used to level up Heroes), Gold, and Summoning Tokens.

The City:

During the game intro, Captain Jacob will be forced to set down in Ion City – a beautiful middle-age style town which is the main port of call for advancing Ark Legends’ story. You’ll get to meet a number of interesting citizens and busy yourself with plenty of tasks, which means you’ll be spending a fair amount of time travelling between locations in the town. If you ever get bored of going from place to place, you can make use of a really nifty auto-path feature by clicking on the Quest-line Caption that appears on the left side of the screen, whenever a quest is active.. This will automatically send your Hero to where he needs to go without you having to lift a finger.

ark legends exploration


The Outside is basically Ark Legends’ term for its dungeon area, which consists of two locations: The Forbidden Location and The Lost Sector.

You’ll need to take on dungeon quests in these locations whenever you wish to earn more materials, or gain experience points for your Heroes. Ark Legends features many different items and Gear types (over 30+ available at launch), so there’s a wide variety of dungeons to offer the materials you’re after.

Before venturing in though, always be sure to take note of the dungeon Boss’ strengths, as you’ll have to get past several rounds of minions before taking on the Boss himself.

fighting epic enemies in ark legends


There are three different Grades of Hero available in Ark Legends, with each type determining the overall quality of the Hero. These are: B-Grade (3rd best), A-Grade (2nd best) and S-Grade (very best). These Heroes will also belong to a Faction, which will influence what their core skills include. These Factions are: Earth, Wood, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark.

Lastly, every Hero will belong to a particular Class: Mage, Tank, Warrior, Assassin, Support, Marksman, and Fighter.

Getting to grips with these three qualities will be essential to understanding how best to use them in battle, particularly when it comes to deciding on your formation.

limitless ways to upgrade heroes in ark legends

Ark Legends also features a shared Mana system which means all battle points are received and distributed evenly by your entire team, allowing every Hero an equal shot at building up and using their special ability. Whilst the auto-battle feature can do most of the work for you, it’s a smart idea to use manual control on occasion to make sure the most useful attack/buff is delivered by the right Hero, depending on the circumstances.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what Ark Legends has to offer, you can start delving further into what this epic RPG truly has to offer.

You can pre-register now on the official website to give Ark Legends a go as soon as it’s released, or you can visit the official Facebook page and Tiktok to stay updated on all the latest developments.