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Master The Movement And Momentum Needed To Best OCMO’s 80 Levels

Specifically designed to better reward those who master its caveats, OCMO is the new physics-based platformer for iOS which ratchets up the challenge. Placing you in the role of an ink-like monster with an unusual hankering for bunnies, the game implores intuitive touch controls to let players grab, swing, and reach with precision.

To celebrate the release of Team Ocmo’s tough-as-nails rope-swinging platformer, we’ve put together these top tips to help you stay ahead of the hazards and obstacles that lie ahead.

Rope Length

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to learn that it’s better to latch onto ropes that are as long as possible when swinging through OCMO’s stages. Long ropes give you more control over the direction you’d prefer, and allows for more acceleration thanks to more pulling length.

By choosing a rope with the longest length your progression through levels will be faster and more precise. This will work in tandem with your natural timing skills to give you the best chances possible at dodging the various dangers litter throughout.

Grab Location And Duration

In OCMO, it’s essential to maintain your momentum throughout each level. Grabbing ropes, walls, and ledges when pulling while swinging will sustain any high speed you’ve built up, and likewise grabbing with a tentacle from behind will reduce speed, but sacrifices your current direction. Grabbing from ahead the tentacle becomes slack, so be sure that Ocmo is close enough that the rope is tight when grabbed. Otherwise your trajectory will not be affected.

In terms of duration, there are two types: rapid grab and long grab. Rapid grabs can be used to steer your direction slightly to a more preferred path, while longer grabs change direction more and are much easier to perform. Using tactics like this can make OCMO feel like a rhythm game at times, and you will eventually give into a noticeable pattern/beat.

Walking And Running

Landing in on a low angle to the ground following a jump means that you will retain your speed in OCMO, a useful tool when wanting to jump longer or trying to decrease your speedrunning time. When Ocmo runs, it will maintain its speed on flat surface regardless of direction, but be careful, as stepping on corners or any bumpy surfaces will reduce speed substantially.


Ocmo will always jump with the same force when running or walking along a flat surface. Going down hills or swinging upwards will affect the amount of vigour you can put into any jump, so this should always be accounted for in order to stay balanced. Remember to jump in a way that you have good rope length to successfully achieve your next grab too. It’s important not to leave yourself short.

Gaining Momentum

One of the biggest opportunities to gain the most momentum when swinging or running in OCMO is to pull at a rope whenever you’re facing it horizontally. By releasing and grabbing again you can repeat this until you find your perfect speed, assuring that you’re never loss for time during a speedrun.

Following these basic steps act as a nice stepping stone when mastering all of OCMO’s quirks and in-game physics, letting you master the skills and abilities needed to beat all 80 levels as fast as possible.

You don’t have to wait to prove your platforming prowess, OCMO is available to download on iOS platforms now.