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Bladebound Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Defeat the Evil Forces

The kingdom of Ezura has fallen into darkness, and it is up to you to defeat the evil Betrayer in order to restore peace in the land. Bladebound is a new action-RPG from Artifex Mundi, that’s now available for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you take on the role of a warrior whose mission is to bring back the light to the fallen kingdom. The game offers dozens of options for you to create your own unique hero. There are thousands of possible attack and spell combinations for you to forge your own battle style. You can also choose from over 500 different swords and armor to help you on your journey. There are also three different difficulty levels for each dungeon, allowing you to continuously test your strength in various ways. With the fate of mankind resting on your shoulders, you will need the help of our Bladebound strategy guide in order to succeed!

1. Fuse Matching Elements

As you play Bladebound, you will amass quite a number of extra equipment. Don’t throw them away because you can use them during fusion to strengthen your favorite gear. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should just throw together whatever items are available for fusion. Fusing the right materials together will help you get the most out of each equipment.

If you fuse together equipment that have the same elemental affinity, the gear being upgraded will receive bonus experience. Doing this will allow you to max out your equipment upgrade without having to use too many fusion materials. Another bonus you should consider is the Mastery bonus. You get a low Mastery bonus chance whenever you fuse two items of the same type. That means if you fuse an artifact with another artifact, you have a chance to activate a Mastery bonus.

2. Consider The Elemental Advantage

Aside from allowing you to gain more experience during fusion, elemental affinities also have an influence in battle. Using the right element will allow you to deal more damage to your opponents. There are six elemental affinities that interact with each other. You need to know how these elements interact in order to maximize their use.

– Water is stronger than Fire
– Fire is stronger than Nature
– Nature is stronger than Dark
– Dark is stronger than Light
– Light is stronger than Water

Aside from these six elemental affinities, a seventh one exists called the Physical element. This is the equivalent of a neutral element in the game, and as such, it does not have any strengths or weaknesses. Try to have at least one weapon of each element. When you hit auto-equip at the beginning of a battle, the game will automatically use the best weapon depending on your opponent’s elemental affinities.

3. Complete Your Daily Tasks

The game provides you a list of routine tasks for you to perform every day. While it may seem repetitive for you to go through these tasks every single day, they are actually designed to ensure you stay on the right track in terms of progress in the game. As an added bonus to having a guide for your daily progress, completing your tasks for the day will also reward you with 5 gems. Gems are the premium currency of the game, so every little bit can go a long way. With that in mind, make sure you also complete other quests and achievements in order to get even more gems.

4. Replay Completed Levels

If you find yourself stuck on a certain level, you may need to get better gear or level up a bit more. Instead of banging your head against a wall, you can just go back and replay older levels. Remember, there are three difficulty settings for each level. Completing a level on a higher difficulty will reward you with better loot. Try to complete all previous levels on different difficulties in order to get better equipment along with a ton of experience.

5. Watch Out For Special Objects

Scattered throughout the different levels are special objects that you can interact with. Use these special objects to your advantage by luring enemies towards them. For example, the poison pods in the Forgotten Citadels can cause considerable Nature damage to opponents. You can use them to damage multiple enemies. Just make sure you stay out of their poison range.

Save the kingdom of Ezura and become the ultimate hero with the help of our Bladebound tips, tricks and hints. In case you’ve come across additional tips for the game, be sure to let us know in the comment area below!


Friday 5th of August 2022

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