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Word Cakes Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels

WordCakes is a fun word puzzle game from KKZAP which is sure to make you remember the years at school. Yes, it’s SO easy! Even young learners of the English language can play it. Gradually it becomes more demanding but it’s sure to keep you not only alert but also satisfied for being able to find all the words in each level.

There may be times you will feel it’s something like a tongue twister since some words can be formed from the previous in backorder but, we assure you, it’s not just a word game that is good for the brain. It’s very understandable and easily enjoyable.

This list of Wordcakes answers, cheats and solutions covers the first 100 levels of the game, so if there’s a question that you can’t figure out, this is just what you need to cover you in such situations.

Word Cakes Answers, Cheats & Solutions for All Levels



1. at, bat
2. he, her
3. go, ago
4. if, in, fin
5. is, it, sit


6. an, and
7. am, mad
8. at, cat, act
9. on, own, no, now
10. to, pot, opt, top


1. air, hair
2. it, rid, dirt
3. do, old, of, fold
4. be, blue
5. lie, mile, lime
6. in, ice, nice
7. loop, pool
8. go, ago, yoga
9. nut, run, turn
10. to, toe, vote