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Marvel Tsum Tsum Tips, Cheats & Guide to Clear Out More Boards with Three Stars

Marvel Tsum Tsum is a new mobile title from XFLAG, a Marvel-themed game based on the original Disney Tsum Tsum from Line. Basic mechanics are as basic as they sound – all you have to do is to collect three Tsum Tsum of the same kind or more to erase them, as you play in either Battles or Stages. In the former mode, you’ll have to defeat Super Villains in order to win, and blow up bombs and activate skills to make more progress. Stage Mode, on the other hand, requires you to complete missions within a given period of time, with each stage progressively more difficult than the last. This mode, as you may surmise, rewards fast and furious play and quick thinking and actions.

The game does not make it extremely obvious in the description, but going back to the mechanics, this is a Match 3 game that should not be difficult at all to play for those who have experience playing titles in this genre. But there are certain twists here and there that may throw you off, and the Tsum Tsum franchise knows how to differentiate itself from others in this super-popular genre of gaming. So join us, as we now present you our detailed Marvel Tsum Tsum strategy guide, which includes a couple of tips, tricks and hints to complete more levels with three stars.

1. String Together Big Combos

This is classic Match 3 basics, but something that we should remind you about. Clearing three identical pieces will remove all of them, but if you can string together a combo of four pieces or more, then all the better. By clearing seven pieces or more all in one go, you will create an area bomb, which destroy all of the Tsums surrounding them. Blowing up an area bomb and getting rid of all those Tsums is a great way to fill up your special bar, or combo bar if you may.

2. Unleash Your Special Move

After you’ve filled up the combo bar completely, you can then tap it and unleash your special move. In other words, you want to unleash your specials during a Mega Charge, which takes place when the combo bar is full, and once that happens, you will earn thrice the amount of points you normally would. Look at the combo bar before detonating a bomb or using a special, so that way you don’t end up failing to reach your high score potential.

You can have and launch a second special move once you’ve improved your character and gotten the ISO-8; this second special will take a bit longer to charge up via the combo bar, but will have an even more powerful effect. And if you want to get more three-star levels, you’ll have to launch a good number of bombs and special moves.

3. Don’t Mind The Stars Too Much At First

Marvel Tsum Tsum differs from other Match 3 games in the sense that it makes things more challenging, despite the similarity in a lot of the mechanics. One way things can be challenging is the high score requirements for three-star levels, even in the early parts of the game. Now you’re probably used to Match 3 games where the first five, or even first ten levels are a walk in the park, but even when you’re playing the first couple levels here, you’ll notice that the score requirements are very steep in comparison. But when you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t mind the requirements and the stars too much. Just keep on replaying those levels, and strive for completion, even if it’s just one star to your name.

4. Remember The Passive Score Bonus

Know what we mean when we say passive bonuses are often more important than the active ones? That’s the case here, as the game will reward you with a passive score bonus based on your level. The higher your level is, the more points will be rewarded as a bonus once you’ve completed any given stage. That’s what we were talking about when we suggested replaying levels; if you replay a level once you’ve leveled up sufficiently, you’ll have a much easier time hitting the score requirement for three stars. Likewise, as a bonus tip, your Tsums also give you an end-of-level bonus, and will also passively benefit your score if you keep leveling them up.

5. Save Your Tsums’ Skills To Get Bigger Bonuses

If you’ve matched a Tsum often enough, you will be able to use its skill, which may depend on the Tsum you are matching. In most cases, though, they remove a solid chunk from the board or better. Still, you’ll want to save that special skill a bit, as if you don’t use it even when it’s charged up, you’ll earn a bigger bonus. That happens when the game matches all the examples of a random Tsum, though the number of points you will earn will mostly depend on luck. But it will always be better than what you’d get if you had used your skill in a normal situation. Try not using your skill if you deem it to be less than useful to your needs for the level.

6. Then Again, You Should Use Those Skills In Battle Levels

Now even if your Tsum has a skill that you feel won’t help you out too much, you will still want to use that skill in the battle levels. If you hit the Tsum you’re up against with one of your skills, you’ll knock off a good amount of hit points. That means you should build up your skill ASAP when you’re in a Battle level. When it comes to getting three stars in battle, you will often have to defeat an enemy Tsum within a given timeframe, and since there’s no time to take it slow, you should focus on building up those skills.

7. This Is Not A Game Where You Want To Take Your Time

Speaking of things like that, we should remind you again that this isn’t your traditional Match 3 title that can be played by leisurely studying the board and making your decisions in a similarly leisurely fashion. There are time limits to deal with here, so you should keep those in mind at all times.

8. How To Fight Boss Battles

When it comes to the boss battles in Marvel Tsum Tsum, each boss has their own specific game plan that they bring to battle. But you can prepare yourself for them in a good way by choosing a Tsum that’s particularly strong against that boss. Once you’ve chosen the right Tsum, then it’s all about your combos. Create bombs in as much as possible, and use them to take away from their health; it’s best that you detonate the bomb as close as possible to the boss. Then you’ve also got your special moves, which can really do a number on the bosses if launched properly.

9. How To Get More Tsum Tsums

While some Tsum Tsums become available if you complete a certain level, you will have to buy them in most cases. You can buy the common ones by buying a coin box for 30,000 coins. But if you want a rare and powerful Tsum, you will have to buy an orb box, which costs five orbs, the game’s premium currency.

10. Use Your Orbs Wisely

Since orbs are very rare in this game if you’re trying to get them for free, you should make the most out of them by purchasing orb boxes if you can afford them. Do NOT, in any case, spend your orbs for an extra ten seconds to complete a level! Should you fail to complete a level, the game will ask you if you want to spend an orb for ten bonus seconds and another chance to complete it, but we would advise you to save that orb so you’ll have enough for those boxes.

For now, these would be our tips and tricks for Marvel Tsum Tsum. Do you know other hints to complete more levels with three stars? Let us know in the comment section!