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MARVEL Realm of Champions Synergy Guide: Our Recommended Team Compositons and Gear Synergies

MARVEL Realm of Champions lets you take on a unique yet familiar incarnation of your favorite characters from the marvel universe. As you dive into Battleworld, you can engage in a 3-vs-3 MOBA duel, a 2-vs-2-vs-2 3-way battle, or a tower defense-like challenge where different versions and builds of each champion come to life.

Despite the relatively miniscule roster of only 7 champions for now, MARVEL Realm of Champions offers a wide array of customization options for each existing champion. To start off, each champion can equip 2 basic types of weapons armed with its own unique set of skills, enabling a shift in role in some cases. Non-weapon gears, on the other hand, can have set effects in the form of synergy that you can unlock with the right combinations of equipment.

Despite the challenge of acquiring different synergy effects early on, continuously partaking in matches will soon earn you what you need and the more trying part can be choosing from among the synergy combinations which one to go for.

Synergy in MARVEL Realm of Champions is not only limited to the unique feature that comes with higher rarity gears. Given that battles you engage in across each game mode are team-based combat, synergy between or across each member is crucial to the team’s success.

Surely enough, two or three members of each team can choose the same champion and still be able to score a victory. Going up against 3 Hulks, for example, can be initially intimidating for beginners and even experienced players. Against a well-coordinated team that has good synergy, though, it can easily be defeated.

marvel realm of champions team compositions

Before we jump into our recommendations for team compositions and gear synergies, we invite you to read through our MARVEL Realm of Champions beginner’s guide if you haven’t done so. If you have just started playing the game and still learning the ropes, then our beginner’s guide can help hasten the familiarization phase of your adventure as well as provide you with useful tips and strategies to start out strong.

It will be a challenge to unlock all seven champions in MARVEL Realm of Champions but it is not an impossible feat as well. In any case, be sure to head over to our heroes guide for an in-depth look at each champion’s roles and skillsets. While Iron Legionnaire, Hulk, and Sorcerer Supreme should be considered available for each player, the guide should help you choose the next hero to unlock with the units you earn as well us give you an idea on how to work and deal with each of them.

Each champion currently has 4 different sets of armor with different synergy boosts. With 5 different gear types that can activate synergy buffs, you will need 2 to 3 pieces of gears to activate their abilities. In this sense, players can mix and match different stat and ability buffs from 2 different sets of gears. Note that synergy sets are not tied up to the appearance of the equipment. Gear sets are different from synergy sets, which means that the same synergy ability can appear on any gear set. Different synergy effects are tied up instead on the gear type.

Balanced PvE Team 1

Hulk (Hammer – Battle World Bastion)

Iron Legionnaire (Super Laser – Reactor Overload)

Sorcerer Supreme (Book – Mystic Shelter)

In both the Stronghold and Onslaught game modes, your team needs to eliminate waves of enemies one after another with a dark champion on every third wave. Crowd control is a necessary function here as you would want to clear groups of enemies within the time limit and swerve towards a more defensive stance against the dark champions.

Arming Hulk with his hammer gives him an edge in fulfilling his role as a tank and crowd controller. Given that he is the only melee fighter in this team, his role is to stay at the front end of the formation and ensure that he will be the only one to take most of the damage, saving AoE attacks to avoid being overwhelmed by enemies and utilizing crushing damage to disrupt as well. The idea is to have as many enemies focus their attacks on him as his allies are more likely to become the prime targets of enemy champions.

balanced pve team 1 marvel realm of champions

A full Battle World Bastion set works best for this setup as it tremendously boosts defense especially when health is above 50%. The set also increases health and armor as well as provides resistance against both melee and ranged attacks. Additional armor is gained as well when inflicted with slow or stun, boosting survivability in combat.

Iron Legionnaire armed with super laser can also excel in dealing damage to groups of enemies. The challenge here is maintaining balance between keeping a safe distance from enemy attacks while effectively providing firepower support to Hulk and at the same time staying within range of Sorcerer Supreme’s healing and shield. A stick-and-move tactic comes naturally to this setup and using more damaging specials are best saved for enemies targeting you or the Sorcerer Supreme.

The Reactor Overload synergy set further increases Iron Legionnaire’s damage outputs through its Arc Charge feature that generates with each light attack use. Beyond added raw power, this can provide Iron Legionnaire with increase critical rate as well as faster charging of his ultimate move.

Equipping Sorcerer Supreme with a book makes her fit for a more defensive play in combat. The book grants her the ability to heal nearby allies and provide them with a shield. She can also inflict weakness on enemies, cutting down their offensive prowess and effectively boosting the team’s survivability.

While she can still deal damage to enemies, the priority here is actually providing support to allies with her skills, which means positioning yourself constantly to keep both of them within your skills’ reach. Additionally, enemies that are after you should be led to either ally, preferably the Hulk or an area within the reach of Iron Legionnaire’s assault.

The Mystic Shelter synergy set for Sorcerer Supreme further amplifies her defensive strength with more shield power and duration. It also reduces the cool down period of Divine Conduit, which means she can perform heals more often. Each dash grants allies a shield and when Divine Conduit is active, using a heavy attack and a special attack will grant her team a shield as well.

Balanced PvP Team 1

Hulk (Gauntlet – Realm Reaver)

Iron Legionnaire (Drones – Realm Reaver)

Sorcerer Supreme (Orb – Realm Reaver)

The basic 3-vs-3 team combat in Arena Conquest serves as the main game mode in MARVEL Realm of Champions. While there can be bots within your team as well as the enemy team’s roster early on, climbing up the leagues leaves more instances of actually engaging other players.

Beyond the potential differences or gaps in power, the difficulty lies in the development and execution of strategies that can be flexible enough against different team rosters of thinking players.

Slapping a gauntlet on Hulk lessens AoE damage capability but provides more control skills, which are more critical against player champions. He still maintains being a tough cookie that belongs in the forefront of an engagement, blocking enemy attacks while knocking back, stunning, or knocking down opponents who go after his allies.

balanced pvp team 1 marvel realm of champions

Realm Reaver is a synergy set that boosts the champion’s damage against enemies that have HP below 50%. This synergy set can also reduce cool down period on his heavy attacks and SP2, as well as boost his stamina regeneration speed.

On its own it may not do much, especially since Hulk is a tank and not a damage-dealer but given that we considered a Realm Reaver synergy set for everyone in this team, then Hulk can definitely contribute a lot to the damage-dealing function of the team.

Iron Legionnaire with Drones as his weapon will not deal as much damage to enemies as his super laser would. This, however, will grant him a little more control as well as an AoE attack that can be used defensively. His Sol Electro-cage is an excellent deterrent against enemies who choose to go after him or Sorcerer Supreme. Airstrike Barrage, on the other hand, covers a wide area and can be a very helpful skill to have when contesting the capture point as well as finishing enemies who have low HP.

Again, Realm Reaver will perfectly fit this control-oriented team strategy as the array of crippling effects the team has gives them plenty of time to wear down any enemy champion’s HP easily to drop below 50%. Once a target’s health drops to less than half, each member can greatly contribute to finishing them off with ease.

While Sorcerer Supreme’s book gives her and her team superb defensive strength, arming her with an orb indirectly leads to increasing her damage outputs. Krakkan’s Curse is definitely worth saving for when the enemies are within the team’s assault reach for more extra damage. The stun effect that comes from Crimson Bands of Cyttorak can be used for both offensive and defensive plays.

Like Hulk, Sorcerer Supreme is not really built to deal damage. She still has healing with an orb, which is a huge plus, but once the enemies’ HP goes below 50%, her attacks begin to make their mark, especially with Krakkan’s Curse active. Realm Reaver is a decent synergy set that can be used by an individual champion but when 2 or 3 champions on the same team utilize them, they can be very difficult to beat.

Balanced PvE Team 2

Super Soldier (Arc Shield – Counter Rush)

Web Warrior (Gatling Shooter – Web-snipe Wonder)

Storm (Wand – Winds of Vitality)

It may be a puzzling concept for fans of the Marvel franchise to see MARVEL Realm of Champions’ incarnation of the star-spangled Avenger, Captain America, take on the role of a tank alongside the Hulk. While there are certainly variances in play style and skill kits, Super Soldier can definitely hold the fort with his blocks and control skills.

Though we feel that the both the vibranium shield and arc shield have almost identical capabilities, we prefer the arc shield for PvE combat with stun + slow from Arc Bash and AoE damage + knock down from Crackdown. Playing as the Super Soldier means staying ahead of your teammates and blocking the most critical attacks to avoid damage to you and your allies.

While Battle World Bastion, as a synergy set, works great in the Stronghold and Onslaught game modes, we prefer to bank on the Counter Rush Synergy. To some extent, it requires a little more experience and may not be as suitable for beginners given that making it work means being able to successfully block attacks. Doing so gains Super Soldier Rush, which leads to a wide array of perks such as gaining stamina, ultimate charge, slow resistance, and increased power.

balanced pve team 2 marvel realm of champions

Web Warrior is hardly at par with Iron Legionnaire in terms of raw power and range but what makes him stand out is his mobility, most especially when it comes to evading attacks. He is basically an attacker that has lower damage values than his counterparts but have more survivability especially at the hands of someone who likes to keep moving.

Lodging a gatling shooter on him makes him more fit for offense. His SP2, Stick Around, does piercing damage fit for mobs that can also potentially root enemies. His ultimate skill, Rapid Fire Mode boosts his attack damage and incorporates shock into them, along with increased attack speed.

Using a Web-Snipe Wonder synergy set is a perfect fit for an offense-focused Web Warrior. This set can tremendously boost his projectile’s power and efficiency in every respect. Despite still having evasion as a defensive skill for Web Warrior, keeping good distance and banking on his increased web shots power is an ideal strategy.

If you are wondering about how the overall team synergy works across these three champions, then completing the roster with Storm as the support unit should make the team’s cohesion more visible. To start off, Storm does not have healing capabilities from her weapons but that does not make her any less effective than Sorcerer Supreme as far as providing support to the team is concerned. With Super Soldier’s ability to block attacks and Web Warrior’s ability to dodge hits, the team can do well enough without much shields and healing.

Arming Storm with a wand grants her ice powers that inflict chill. The its compounded effect that freezes enemies solid can tremendously incapacitate foes and give her allies more opportunities to squeeze in some damage. For best results, you have to time skill activations and combo in any 2 of Storm’s special attacks to freeze enemies.

Given that Storm does not have healing abilities or shields from her weapon, our synergy set of choice is Winds of Vitality. This gives her increased cool down time reduction and provides healing, armor and damage resistance to her allies following the activation of a special skill. The healing, armor, and heal over time that she can provide her team may not be as much as what Sorcerer Supreme can provide. Super Soldier and Web Warrior should not rely on it as much and instead bank on their blocking and evasion skills for the most part.

Balanced PvP Team 2

Super Soldier (Vibranium Shield – Counter Rush)

Web Warrior (Web Shooter – Focused Spider Sense)

Storm (Wand – Winds of Vitality)

While Super Soldier almost plays the same way with either shield in hand, we are inclined to choose his Vibranium Shield for PvP combat. He still needs to rely on blocking a lot and letting Counter Rush do its good work.

Although Shield Throw’s crushing damage to the target and nearby enemies is cool enough, the more important effect of this skill is stunning the main target. Super Soldier’s Assemble! Ultimate should be used in coordination with his allies as the availability of Storm and Web Warrior’s special skills during its activation can help turn the tide of any engagement.

While Under Pressure and Battle World Bastion are both decent synergy sets for Super Soldier, we are sticking with our favorite Counter Rush, which we feel is the best one across all game modes in this team although entirely reliant on blocking. Super Soldier will not be able to block attacks at all times but using his heavy attack as often as possible provides numerous advantages as a result of the synergy effects.

balanced pvp team 2 marvel realm of champions

Web Warrior needs to be a little more for offense in PvE combat because of its time limitations. For PvP combat, however, we are going with a more defensive play style and choose his Web Shooter instead. Using Web Warrior’s Web Shooter makes him more suitable for picking off enemies one by one awhile at the same time banking on his evasion.

This team-up can make it so that there will be less pressure for Super Soldier to tank and focus on defending Storm alone in an engagement. Web Warrior’s Hangin’ Out! can inflict slow and has the potential to root its target as well. Blockbuster! does heavy crushing damage and inflicts knockdown as well.

Focused Spider Sense further strengthens Web Warrior’s Web Sling and reduces its cool down period, which means that he will be able to activate it more often, subsequently providing more evasion opportunities. Successfully evading an attack increases his attack and critical chance, among other enhancements.

We feel that letting Storm take on the role of a damage-dealer by arming her with a Staff can work well considering both setups of her allies. However, we are still more in favor of having her as a support unit and basically stick with the same weapon and synergy set as the one we recommended for the PvE team.

Arena Deathmatch Team

Black Panther (Spear – Vibranium Burst)

Web Warrior (Gatling Shooter – Web-snipe Wonder)

Arena Deathmatch, which is a 2-vs-2-vs-2 challenge in MARVEL Realm of Champions that is built uniquely in that the team with the most kills will not necessarily become the winner. What is important is to eliminate targets with high points and keep those points at the end of the match. There are numerous great combinations that you can employ in this game mode but our favorite is the tandem of Black Panther and Web Warrior.

Black Panther can be built to become the best solo duelist and excellent for chasing down opponents, prepping him to specifically target high value opponents can win you points with relative ease. In addition to bleed damage and mobility, his kinetic shield leaves him very capable to stand toe-to-toe with anyone.

Arming Black Panther with her Spear enables her to deal piercing and bleed damage to enemies. Her ultimate skill, Hunting Grounds, inflicts stun and piercing damage to the target as well as provides her an armor buff.

arena deathmatch team marvel realm of champions

Although Black Panther’s Thrill of the Hunt synergy set can further up her damage outputs with more power as well as critical hit and bleed chances, we are swerving more towards added defense with the Vibranium Burst synergy set. This synergy set provides Black Panther with a stronger Kinetic Shield, boosting his survivability through various perks.

Web Warrior is our choice partner for Black Panther as we feel that he can also do well on his own and not be heavily dependent on his ally. Web Warrior can opt to provide assistance firepower to whoever Black Panther is dealing with, ensuring a quicker kill. He can stand against other foes in a duel as well with his high damage outputs paired with his mobility for defense.

With Black Panther going for a more defensive synergy set, our pick is for Web Warrior to lay more on the offense with his Gatling Shooter. He will have evasion, some control skills and some damage boosters as well. The ideal strategy here is to provide some assistance to Black Panther to more quickly dispose of some threats and then utilize evasion, slow, root, and Rapid Fire Mode when you are in danger.

Keep in mind that Black Panther’s synergy set provides him a bit of healing, and he has armor as well. As Web Warrior will not have any means of replenishing lost health in combat, it is best to save some special skill activations to avoid being hit by massively damaging skills.

Arming Web Warrior with the Web-snipe Wonder improves the damage of even his most basic attacks. This makes him an effective back lane assist for his Ally as well as become a stick and move solo duelist against his own enemy in the arena.

Again, despite having only 7 champions to choose from in MARVEL Realm of Champions, you can see from these sample team combinations that there are a plethora of possible combinations and variances on each one.

If simply considering a solid synergy set is not enough to fill your need for variety and customized builds, then remember that you can come up with a combination of any 2 synergy sets for each champion. While some synergy sets may seem evidently designed for specific weapons at hand, there are as many suitable combinations of weapons and synergy sets you can experiment on as well.

While we are still itching to share more recommendations when it comes to building synergistic team compositions, this is where we will end our MARVEL Realm of Champions Synergy Guide. We understand that actually being able to set up these rosters in the exact same way comes with the challenge of actually obtaining each armor piece with the correct synergy boost. Beyond that, finding a lot of in-game friends whom you can consistently team up with is a must as well.

In addition to the above recommendations on team compositions, what we hope for you to realize and look further into, are the considerations we discussed on why we chose each champion the way we did.

A balanced, yet synergistic group primarily considers a champion for each role, basically considering builds consistent with their supposed function in the arena. Next to that, we took into consideration how each unit can benefit his or her partners as best they can, compared to champions of a similar role who can be substituted for them.

In a lot of cases, there can be substitutes for each hero we chose. Choosing a different champion for any of the teams we present, however, will naturally lead to considering different weapons or synergy sets for each member, or changing another member as well.

To make it easier for beginners in the game, focus first on one hero, preferably the frontliner, and his or her suitable build for the particular game mode, and then choosing the best allies to accompany him or her. Hopefully as well, you will be able to discuss the team strategies with your allies whom you wish to team up with for the different game modes.

If you have spent a lot of time with MARVEL Realm of Champions’ different game modes and have experimented enough with different teams to come up with your own unique team recommendations, or if you have come across a powerful team on the opposing end of the battle arena, we are interested to hear about them from you so do not hesitate and share away down below!