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MARVEL Realm of Champions Heroes Guide: An In-Depth Look at Each Champion in the Game

Kabam Games’ MARVEL Realm of Champions continues to be among the top-ranked action strategy games on both Android and iOS platforms. Amassing more than a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone and maintaining its place within the list top new free games in several countries, MARVEL Realm of Champions has attracted not just fans of the franchise or the genre, but also new players with its relatively simple and straightforward controls and mechanics.

Despite employing a relatively small roster of champions in comparison with most MOBA games in the mobile gaming market, MARVEL Realm of Champions provides a wider range of customization options for each character. While the game also sports a variety of armor pieces that are purely aesthetics, a lot of the stats and abilities players can choose from are attached to the gears they choose to equip their champions with.

Each champion belongs to 1 of 3 distinct classes and can choose between 2 sets of active skills based on the weapon they have equipped. Gears primarily offer different stat boosts but once you rank up enough to obtain higher grade gears that have synergy options, then customization options will be at its peak, provided of course that you have all the necessary pieces to activate the synergy buffs that you want for your champion.

web warrior skills marvel realm of champions

With each unique set of abilities for each champion comes the more important aspect of the game, which is how to strategize around other champions within your team and the opposing team in general. After all, MARVEL Realm of Champions is a team-based game where team cohesion and coordination will more often than not have bigger value than individual strength and experience. It is never enough to just get to know one or a couple of your favorite champions as you will also need to have a deep enough understanding of each character to know how best to work with them and the best strategies to use while facing them in the battle arena.

If you have just started playing MARVEL Realm of Champions and still trying to secure a good grasp of its basic mechanics and features, then we recommend you to check out our MARVEL Realm of Champions beginner’s guide. Our detailed guide comes with loads of tips and strategies to get you started on the right foot.

Now, in this new MARVEL Real of Champions guide we will be going through each available champion as extensively as possible to give you an idea on which hero suits your play style as well as provide you information on how to deal with each one on the battle arena in general.

Iron Legionnaire

Role: DPS

Weapons: Super Laser (Difficulty = 1), Drones (Difficulty = 2)

Iron Legionnaire is the first champion every player gets to use and after a while, more free champions can be earned by players by successfully engaging in sessions. While it may appear to some that Iron Legionnaire is simply a beginner character that you can park and ignore as you progress forward in your quest for arena domination, he is actually at least as powerful as any of the champions you can acquire.

As a ranged attacker, you would naturally want to keep a good distance from enemies. Strategic activation of each active skill is very important and what we consider as an integral part of playing Iron Legionnaire is utilizing his Arc Reactor Flight both from an offensive and defensive standpoint.

iron legionnaire marvel realm of champions

With Super Laser equipped, Iron Legionnaire gains Twin Laser for heavy attack and Arc Reactor Flight, Laser Volley, and Tri-beam Assault for special attacks. Twin Laser does decent ranged heat damage and can pierce through enemies in a line. You can best utilize it when 2 or more mobs or enemy champions are marching or stationed close to one another.

Arc Reactor Flight can cause crushing damage to surrounding enemies when you activate it again to land. For us, though, the damage aspect of the special move comes as a bonus as we employ the skill for fast movement. Chasing enemies that are close to getting slain, rushing towards a vulnerable MODOP, or even fleeing towards a safer spot are just some of this skills excellent uses.

Laser Volley enables Iron Legionnaire to shoot 5 piercing projectiles in a cone-shaped spray dealing heat damage to enemies. This skill, however, makes it so that no single enemy can be struck by more than one projectile. When both Twin Laser and Laser Volley are available in an encounter, it is basically a choice between the 2 which one to unleash first depending on the enemies’ formation.

The former works best against lined up enemies while the latter is perfect when they are spread out. As the spread of Laser Volley widens based on range, it is best to secure a good grasp of its scope with every use.

Iron Legionnaire’s Tri-beam Assault is a powerful laser that does continuous heat damage to its target. Beyond slowly chipping away at an enemy’s HP, Tri-beam Assault can be controlled and aimed at a moving target. This is an excellent finisher against enemy champions and an excellent damaging skill against MODOPs.

Iron Legionnaire’s Super Laser works better against single targets while Drones offer more control and AoE damage. While Super Laser is very straightforward and more newbie-friendly, Drones require a little more timing and precision, but is still easy to master. With this equipped, Iron Legionnaire gains Precision Strike as a heavy attack, which is shoots 4 missiles as lock-on attack each dealing heat damage. He still has Arc Reactor Flight and you can still very much have mobility boosts for offense and defense.

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Sol Electro-cage is an excellent AoE crowd control skill that inflicts slow and deals electro damage as well on enemies caught within its area of effect. It can effectively set a trap for oncoming enemies as you can practically strand them for a few seconds, rendering them more vulnerable to assaults.

Airstrike Barrage is a powerful AoE attack as well that does massive heat damage to all enemies caught within its radius. This works perfectly when contending control of the capture point or after holding groups of enemies in place with Sol Electro-cage.


Role: Tank

Weapons: Hammer (Difficulty = 1), Gauntlets (Difficulty = 2)

After earning wins in just 5 matches, which is pretty easy to accomplish, every player can enjoy playing as the Hulk in MARVEL Realm of Champions. The Hulk lives up to his name as being a very sturdy champion and while tanks deal a lot less damage than DPS units, he can still manage to take on anyone he engages but at close range.

Being a melee fighter and a tank means you have to position yourself at the frontlines. Playing as a Hulk means that your priority in the arena is to defend your allies and invite as much damage to yourself to ensure the team’s survival. Hulk can still contribute to DPS but it should always be noted that it is not his priority.

hulk marvel realm of champions

With his Hammer equipped, Hulk has Demolish as his heavy attack. This makes him charge up his hammer for a two-strike attack that deals crushing damage to enemies in front of him. Enrage is a vital skill to have and also deals damage to surrounding enemies upon activation. More importantly, this skill renders the Hulk shielded and unstoppable for the duration of his rage.

Hammer Spin is an effective close range AoE attack that deals damage to surrounding enemies. It is best utilize against a group of enemies especially those that are lumped together with an ally’s ability or skill effects. Gamma Smash unleashes 3 smash attacks on enemies that deal crushing damage. Note that each of these attacks can be performed in different directions. Like Enrage, the more important aspect of this special attack is that it grants the Hulk unstoppable status as well.

If the Hulk with his Hammer is better suited for total beginners, then arming the Hulk with Gauntlets is not really that far-fetched as well. While it is a bit more demanding as far as timing and overall utilization is concerned, the Gauntlets simply provide more control abilities in exchange for a little less tank capability and damage outputs.

In any case, the Hulk is still very tough regardless of which weapon you choose but beyond simply serving as a tank, he can contribute to incapacitating enemies and knocking them down.

Ground Pound sends the Hulk leaping up in the air and smashing the ground for an AoE crushing damage against enemies. Jade Rage works the same way as before and given that this will be Hulk’s only skill that grants him temporary status of being shielded and unstoppable, managing it well becomes a core necessity.

Hulk Smash can deal crushing damage and knockback to enemies it hits. It is important to always consider using it when the target enemy is close to a wall given that enemies knocked back to a wall will be temporarily stunned. Gamma Bomb lets the Hulk jump up and smash the ground for an AoE crushing damage as well to enemies caught within its radius. This skill is guaranteed to knock down enemies, setting them up perfectly for more beating or even a kill if coordinated well enough with allies.

Sorcerer Supreme

Role: Support

Weapons: Book (Difficulty = 2), Orb (Difficulty = 2)

Sorcerer Supreme is likely the first support unit you will get your hands on as you progress through MARVEL Realm of Champions. You only need to partake in 7 matches to unlock her and both choices for her weapons require a little more expertise than the first 2 champions, you can fairly easily get accustomed to using her with some practice sessions. Keep in mind that she is a support unit and has little offense and defense. As such she is likely the primary target for enemy champions in a confrontation or team scuffle.

Arming Sorcerer Supreme with the Book is most suitable if you want to prioritize your team’s defensive capabilities. Although Sorcerer Supreme does have her share of damage-dealing skills, it should always be your least priority. Sorcerer Supreme works best behind an ally, most especially a tank as she is quite squishy. While playing defensively, staying close to your allies is important to protect them and enable them to protect you as well.

sorcerer supreme marvel realm of champions

Missile Cinnibus, as her heavy attack, unleashes a projectile that explodes on impact to deal mystic damage. One of Sorcerer Supreme’s more important ability is her Divine Conduit, which grants her an aura that can heal her and nearby allies. This is one simple skill that needs to be utilized perfectly in combat. Timing of its activation can be critical point between surviving an encounter or not.

Light of Nirvalon deals mystic damage to enemies within its area of effect but, more importantly, casts weakness on them, reducing their offensive strength. There may be some cases when you have to move a bit forward to inflict weakness on an enemy but for most cases, it is best used when an ally is engaging the enemy and you are at a safe distance from the scuffle.

Shield of the Seraphim grants a shield for Sorceress Supreme and her allies. This is likewise a skill that calls for timing in terms of usage and can critically impact the outcome of an engagement.

Equipping an Orb on Sorcerer Supreme still lets her keep healing allies but it does more on offense with armor debuffs on enemies and skills that practically single out a target enemy. Sorcerer Supreme on offense makes her a dangerous for to contend with but not on her own, but rather when paired with another champion that can deal massive damage. Using her skills in the right order is critical as well and with her by any champion’s side, every single target can be easily dealt with.

Sorcerer Supreme’s heavy attack, Sundering Sphere, can bounce to nearby enemies to deal mystic damage and inflict armor break on them. This will lower their defenses and make them take in more damage from all other attacks within a limited period of time. She still has Divine Conduit with an Orb equipped so she can still heal nearby allies with it.

Krakkan’s Curse deals mystic damage over time within a small area and deals extra mystic damage at the end of it equal to how much the DoT has inflicted. On its own it may not be as fearsome but on a stunned opponent inflicted with armor break, and/or accompanied by attacks from Sorcerer Supreme’s allies, it can be deadly.

Crimson Bands of Cyttorak does mystic damage on its target as well but its value comes with the stun effect it imposes on the enemy. Stuns can very much be a tide-turner for any match so it is a given that such skills should be used wisely.

Super Soldier

Role: Tank

Weapons: Vibranium Shield (Difficulty = 1), Arc Shield (Difficulty = 1)

If you have unlocked Super Soldier or played against him in the PvP arenas as well as the PvE content as a dark champion, then you should already know just how challenging it can be to deal with him on your own. Super Soldier may not have as high defensive stats as the Hulk, but his innate abilities to block incoming attacks as well as provide other support skills to allies can make him a likely primary target in every PvP match. Considering both choices of weapons, though, Super Soldier is still fairly easy to utilize either way.

Equipping a Vibranium Shield grants Super Soldier Shield Block as a heavy attack. This enables him to raise his shield up and block any incoming attack, granting him armor up and unstoppable but only from the blocking direction. He can deal crushing damage to close enemies in front after blocking. Freedom Strike is a mid-ranged attack that lets him leap forward to strike his target and deal crushing damage.

super soldier marvel realm of champions

Between these 2 skills, you can use the latter to close in on the enemy and use shield block right after when the enemy retaliates. The extra damage from shield block is like a small bonus that you should not always push for. What is important to consider is how Shield Block can benefit your allies behind you as well.

Shield Throw is also a medium range attack that can stun its target. If there are enemies near the target, then Shield Throw can deal crushing damage to them as well. Again, this is not as intimidating on its own but any stunning skill in team battle can be very effective if coordinated well enough with an ally’s attack.

Assemble! deals damage to enemies but its more important element comes from the buff it provides allies. Using this skill grants allies a movement speed buff as well as an attack power boost and should likewise be used with great timing and strategy.

Super Soldier is a champion that does not really necessitate a drastic change in strategy if you shift to using his other weapon type. The Arc Shield’s heavy attack, Force Shield, works very much the same as Shield Block while Freedom Strike still stays as his first special skill.

Super Soldier’s Arc Bash is his most important move as it not only does heat damage to enemies in front of him, but it can also stun them, inflicting slow as well on more distant enemies. Crackdown does both crushing damage and heat damage on surrounding enemies, but what gives it value is the knockdown effect it can inflict on enemies caught within its radius.

Web Warrior

Role: DPS

Weapons: Web Shooter (Difficulty: 2), Gatling Shooter (Difficulty: 2)

Web Warrior is potentially the first champion most players will recruit from the store once they have amassed enough credits. For fans of Spider-man, or players who at least have an idea how he fights, MARVEL Realm of Champions has adequately depicted him in the battle arena. Web Warrior is a mid-range fighter and may lag behind Iron Legionnaire as far as damage outputs are concerned, but his mobility gives him the potential to give any champion he contends with a hard time locking on him or pinning him down.

With Web Shooter equipped, Web Warrior will bank a bit more on evasion and control effects while continuing to deal decent damage. In this sense, it becomes important to strategize around his mobility and be unpredictable to your enemies. This is essentially the more suitable for a defensive build in essence, but can still sting enemies and occasionally shift to a more offensive strategy.

web warrior realm of champions

Web Warrior’s Midtown Kick does crushing damage to an enemy and grants him evasion. Web Sling is a core skill that can temporarily root enemies as Web Warrior pulls himself close to them to deal crushing damage and also earn evasion. Both of these skills puts Web Warrior back into a fairly safe spot and while it may not deal as much damage, can tilt the tide of battle in your team’s favor one hit at a time. Patience is an important trait to have plenty of when using Web Warrior, especially with a build having Web Shooter at its core.

Web Warrior’s Hangin’ Out deals shock damage with multiple web projectiles that also inflict slow on its target. If each of Web Warrior’s web balls hits the target, then it will inflict root instead. Either way, it is an effective way to deal decent damage to an enemy while also setting him or her up to take more damage from allies. Blockbuster is a close ranged attack that is powerful and also causes knockdown on the target. Other enemies nearby will be damaged as well.

Although still close to having Web Warrior use his Web Shooter, the Gatling Shooter is a bit more straight forward and has more offensive strength. There are still some control elements available with this weapon on hand but this is more suitable for players who prefer a more aggressive version of Web Warrior.

Triple Thwip as a heavy attack fires 3 web projectiles that deal piercing damage and inflict electrify. Electrified enemies have lowered energy resistance and also receive shock damage over time. Web Sling is exclusively the only move for Web Warrior that grants evasion in this set-up. While a lot of his abilities when Gatling Shooter is equipped, swerves more towards offense, this skill becomes central to increasing his survivability.

Stick Around enables Web Warrior to spray web projectiles at enemies in a cone-shaped attack. Each projectile deals piercing damage and inflict slow on its target but if an enemy happens to be struck by at least 2 projectiles, they are rooted instead. Rapid Fire Mode is a self-buff that temporarily boosts Web Warrior’s attack speed and adds shock damage to his projectiles. This is one skill that requires strategic timing and execution as well.


Role: Support / Damage

Weapons: Wand (Difficulty = 2), Staff (Difficulty = 2)

Storm currently stands as the only champion in MARVEL Realm of Champions that can change roles as they change weapons. She performs equally well on both roles and has long range. She has low defense as well regardless of which weapon you choose, so keeping a good distance is the only consistent activity that forms part of your strategy when using her in the arena.

Using Storm’s Wand gives her powerful control abilities that are, on its own, is not does not sound threatening enough. Considering that each game mode in MARVEL Realm of Champions is a team battle where you will have at least one ally, Storm’s control abilities can be utilized effectively with any champion by her side, especially DPS heroes.

storm realm of champions

Icicle Spear, which is her heavy attack, is a long range attack that explodes on impact, or at max range, and deals cold damage to its target. Element Blast strikes from above, dealing cold damage to the target as well as nearby enemies. It also inflicts chill on affected units, which slows them down and when a second instance of chill hits them, they will be frozen solid.

Frost Nova has a relatively wide area of effect that deals cold damage and chills enemies within its radius as well. Beyond that it also leaves a patch of ice in its wake slowing down enemies that are caught within it. Blizzard enables Strom to concoct a massive AoE frost vortex that deals cold damage and inflicts chill as well. With all her skills that inflict chill, it is always best to have Storm use 2 chilling effects simultaneously to incapacitate enemies, setting them up for some massive beating from her allies.

When wielding a Staff, Storm shifts from the support role she provides with the powers of ice into a powerhouse that command lightning to rain down on foes. In addition to high damage output capabilities, Storm’s special trait while armed with a Staff is the ability to strike enemies within range, even beyond walls or obstacles of any sort. Her Elemental Blast further ups her damage outputs as well, as much as it does for other energy damage-dealers within her team.

Ball Lightning can deal shock damage to a small area and has great reach. As a heavy attack, it is pretty straightforward and should be utilized as often as possible. Elemental Blast in this mode works differently from its Wand version as it deals shock damage and inflicts electrify on enemies, making them more susceptible to all other energy attacks.

Chain Lightning does massive damage and can also jump across up top 2 other targets. This is one ability that requires a good sense of timing and execution to fully utilize especially considering enemy placements in the arena. Thunder Tempest may require you to be a bit more aggressive to maximize the damage it deals as it envelopes Storm with an electric field that can deal massive shock damage to nearby enemies multiple times.

As menacing as it can be, it does not render her invulnerable and can still succumb to attacks, especially ranged ones, which is why caution and preparation is important with its activation.

Black Panther

Role: DPS

Weapons: Claws (Difficulty = 3), Spear (Difficulty = 2)

Black Panther currently stands as the only close range damage-dealing champion in MARVEL Realm of Champions. For beginners, it would initially seem that she is at a disadvantage contending against other DPS champions like Iron Legionnaire, Storm, or even Web Warrior.

Black Panther, however, is a lot sturdier than any other DPS unit thanks to his Kinetic Shield. Given his weapons, he can either do well against mobs while acting as a finisher or she can be the best one-on-one duelist in the arena.

black panther realm of champions

For good reason, a Black Panther with Claws as her weapon is the only level 3 difficulty setup in MARVEL Realm of Champions. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to secure a good grasp of other champions you have unlocked beforehand, not entirely focusing on mastering them but rather on how to deal with them when you finally take Black Panther out in the battle arena.

As much as Black Panther can excel in PvP game modes being an efficient target-killer, her value in PvE game modes like Stronghold and Onslaught lie more in the elimination of Dark Champions. In any case, mastering her across different game modes and scenarios may take a lot more time and patience than the other champions, so be sure to prepare for it before you decide to spend units to recruit her.

With Claws equipped, Black Panther can quickly close the gap between her and her target using Panther Pounce, which charges up a leap attack that deals slashing damage to its target. Kinetic Shield grants him a temporary shield and that eventually explodes to deal crushing damage to nearby enemies. Activating Kinetic Shield is crucial to Black Panther’s survival, especially when facing an enemy that has advantage in range.

Ambush Strike can take a chunk of HP off of enemies with a broad swipe of slashing damage that also inflicts bleed on the targets. Spirit of Bast is perfect for eliminating the most dangerous targets as it can quickly close the gap between Black Panther and her target, root them in place, and unleash multiple instances of slashing damage.

Shifting to a Spear weapon for Black Panther means having an intent to duke it out with an enemy champion with or without support. The spear-wielding Black Panther can win a duel against any other champion in a solo fight with the right tactics and proper utilization of her skills. Things can become a little more complicated when support units are around, but she can always focus on the support units first and still save a bit to stand toe-to-toe against another unit.

Spear Throw is as basic as it comes but at least gives Black Panther a bit of range and some piercing damage. Kinetic Shield will always prove useful but its timely activation can be a critical factor to the outcome of an engagement.

Feral Stab can quickly close the gap between her and the enemy and the series of strikes it unleashes deal piercing damage, ending the assault with bleed damage. This skill works best as the opening move towards engaging your target just like Spear Throw and can likewise be used to chase down fleeing enemies.

For the more critical instances that make it a must for you to eliminate the target with more certainty, then Hunting Grounds is the top choice. It starts off with her leaping towards the target and gaining a shield as she lands, stunning the target while dealing piercing damage to him or her.

Keep in mind that beyond the different weapons that change the way champions can be employed and developed, each one hosts synergies that can further impact how they perform. Likewise, strategies and play styles should also be adaptive to different team rosters that you form part of.

As teams in every game mode can also include similar heroes used by each player within and outside of your team, the relatively diminutive roster of 7 champions can open up an expansive combination of teams that call for a wide range of strategic approaches.

Another important point to consider is that MARVEL Realm of Champions is bound to have more characters within its ranks in future updates. Each new champion added will impact each individual champion in terms of personal and team strategies. Some existing champions may also undergo some tweaks or adjustments later on to further balance them out and ready them for the newer champions.

There you have it! This wraps up our heroes guide for MARVEL Realm of Champions. We hope that our discussion of each champion’s skills and limitations will influence your play style further as you utilize each champion in your future sessions within the battle arena. If you have a champion strategy of your own you would like to add to what we have provided, you are very much welcome to share them below!