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Martial Arts-Themed MMORPG ‘Blades Tale’ Available for Pre-Registration

Blades Tale is an upcoming martial arts-themed MMORPG created by 9Splay for Android devices. The game boasts of gorgeous 3D visuals powered by the Unity engine, as well as unique battles set in the oriental world of Wuxia. Blades Tale is now available for pre-registration through the Google Play Store.

blades tale pre-registration

Blades Tale has a flexible class system that allows players to switch to a different class by simply equipping a different weapon. There are five weapon types available in the game, including the Sword, Fist, Bow, Parasol, and Qin. The game also has customizable skills that allow players to create a truly unique character.

The story of Blades Tale revolves around two star-crossed lovers named Duan Huiyin and Yan ShiSi. They find themselves on opposing factions in a war that is ravaging all of Wuxia. Evil spirits eventually use the two to activate the Godstone, driving them insane. In a final attempt to save her beloved, Duan Huiyin burned her own soul and traveled to the past in hopes of altering the future.

Since the stars of the game’s story are two lovers, it comes as no surprise that it offers a 7-Day Dating System. This feature allows players to get matched with people from the same area. There are various dating activities available, including chatting, kiting lanterns, summoning pets, and more.

Blades Tale will be free to download from the Google Play Store. Those who pre-register will receive a notification as soon as the game goes live.