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Upcoming MMORPG ‘Sins Raid’ Now Up for Pre-Registration

Cube Magic’s upcoming MMORPG Sins Raid has been available via early access for some time now. The early access phase has just ended on July 18 to make way for the game’s pre-registration period. Sins Raid boasts of successfully combining the strategic thinking of turn-based games with the excitement of real-time combat.

sins raid heroes of light pre-registration

Sins Raid promises to deliver the ultimate RPG experience by bringing back traditional Boss Fights and the loot system where players actually hunt for gear. It also utilizes the MMO Holy Trinity system where the combat revolves around the three basic hero roles. You must assemble teams of five heroes with the right combination of these three roles in order to succeed in battle.

The control system of Sins Raid has been optimized for touch screens. You just need two fingers to control their heroes in battle. That does not mean, however, that the combat is passive. The Creative Battlefield Design requires players to move and dodge in real time to stay alive. There are also a lot of other combat mechanics to consider, including crowd control, disables, interruptions, and more.

Players get plenty of gameplay options in Sins Raid. They can play solo in single-player campaigns or join a Guild to team up with other players. There are also Boss Raids where multiple teams get to cooperate in order to take down powerful monsters.

Sins Raid will be soft-launching in Europe in August. Those who want to pre-register for the game can do so through the Google Play Store.