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Martial Arts Brutality Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Become a Dragon Grand Master

Cold Beam Games has come up with something pretty interesting and unique this time around. Martial Arts Brutality is a new concept in the old One Vs One KO(Knockout) genre. The game gives you the chance to master the art of Kung Fu, letting you control the Chi Energy and perfect the legendary Dim Mak death touch.

In traditional knock out games, you usually control your player through joysticks and use a certain combination of keys for your offense, defense and counter moves. However, this game does it differently.

In Martial Arts Brutality, you play the card for your move and then make the pattern on the screen to successfully complete your move. You need to be careful and quick while drawing the pattern as these moves can be easily countered by the opponent and you can take some serious damage through those counters. This game can also be played online with your friends or you could play this game with random people around the globe.

There is a quest mode in Martial Arts Brutality where you travel the world fighting the most skilled warriors, as you go on and beat your opponents to a pulp, you start to earn belts. The black belt is the highest level of the game and you only get there after you’ve completed all the quests. The bounty on your head increases with every fight you win. As you progress further and further into the game, it makes your situation more and more dangerous and fighters will be looking to bring you down in order to collect the bounty that is on your head.

Likewise, you can hunt down these fighters who have the biggest bounties on their head and collect the bounty as you finish them. Each time you level up, you get chests to open as rewards. These chests contain a number of different rewards, from fighting cards to money to be used inside the game and more.

Game Dynamics

This is not just a random card fighting game where you draw unique patterns and win. In order to truly master Martial Arts Brutality, you need precision, practice and speed.

Whenever you fight an opponent, you have two turns. In the first turn, you’re allowed to attack. 7 cards are at display and each card has a unique function. All of these attack cards have special highlighted features such as Adrenaline — the higher the Adrenaline the better the card.

The target of the card depicts the area you’re gonna deliver the damage. The effectiveness and power of the card are also displayed with blue and red circles. After you’re done with your attack you have to defend against your opponent. Defense is much simpler than attack but if you’re up against a highly powerful and skilled opponent, it might get tricky. While defending, you’re going to be shown a hand or foot coming from one end of the screen to another. It’s basically the punch or the kick that your opponent is throwing at you. You need to quickly draw a line against the green line of the opponent’s hand or foot. The bigger the line, the more damage you’re gonna take. If you draw the line perfectly you can counter the move with one of your counter-attacking cards and deliver extra damage to your opponent.

1. Master All Forms Of Fighting Techniques

There are four types of fighting styles that are present in Martial Arts Brutality and you should master each and everyone. The first and the most basic is Shaolin Kung Fu. You can spend your hard earned points by updating specific moves in this fighting style. When you’ve earned a 5th Dan black belt the fighting style ‘Shotokan Karate’ is unlocked.

At 10th Dan Black belt you unlock the ‘Taekwondo’ style and finally the last and most important fighting style ‘Wing Chun’ can be unlocked at 15th Dan Black belt. The more you play, the better the chances of mastering these special fighting techniques.

2. Harvest Your Internal And External Chi Abilities

Chi Abilities are a very important part of Martial Arts Brutality. Think of them as the boost moves of the game which can enhance your combat skills and moves. Internal and External Chi abilities serve a lot of purpose in the game.

Internal abilities can be used to enhance your inner self and external abilities can help deliver more damage. There are specific cards for Chi abilities, use them in combat for efficiency over your opponents.

3. Earn New Cards And Use Them In Battle

Earning new cards means learning new techniques to land devastating blows to your opponent. These new cards are scattered throughout the game and you can earn them by defeating fighters of higher skill than you. Another way to earn these cards can be by completing the storyline of the game.

4. Upgrade Your Cards Constantly

Put your hard-earned money to use by upgrading your cards. By upgrading your cards your moves are much more damaging and enhanced, inflicting more damage to your opponent. Using the in-game money wisely is necessary if you want to become a better fighter and get the best out of your moves.

5. Assemble Your Deck

Every now and then, assemble your deck and try to keep the best combination of Attacking, Chi and Counter and Dim Mak cards.

6. Carefully Use Your Attacking Moves

In combat use your attack moves carefully. Target the already damaged areas more and more by choosing cards that are for those areas. If you want to target the head, use cards with targets as teeth, eyes, jaws and ears etc. By using these tactics you can bring down your opponent faster.

7. Learn To Harvest Dim Mak Energy

Chi Energy and Dim Mak energy are two opposite forms of energy. Chi Energy is regarded as the positive and energy and DIM MAK as the Dark energy. DIM MAK is more effective in combat and if you can harvest this energy in combat your opponent is sure for a surprise.

These would be our tips and tricks for Martial Arts Brutality. We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of hints! In case you have something to add, feel free to drop us a line!


Monday 15th of August 2022

Specifically, how can you do the Abdomidal Bleeding KO Technique?


Monday 15th of August 2022

I don't see what I'm looking for. I want to know how to do all Ko techniques

Daniel Lemke

Friday 13th of April 2018

How do you scroll in menus in martial arts brutality? It is driving me nuts!! Please help


Monday 15th of August 2022

@Daniel Lemke, I never heard of Menus in MA Brutality. What is that?

I've been playing MA Brutality for like almost 5 years and I never heard of any Menus.