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Angry Birds Match Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock All Hatchlings

It seems like Rovio Entertainment really knows a thing or two when it comes to mobile gaming as they come up with yet another hit for their most popular series. Angry Birds Match is the company’s latest take on the popular match three puzzle genre and it is the most adorable game in their franchise to date. This time around, the game features the not-so-angry hatchlings as they prepare for the party of the year. Of course, the pesky pigs also make an appearance and they are out to ruin everything that the hatchlings have planned. The pigs run off with the party favors and it will be your job to match tiles and solve puzzles in order to retrieve everything that has been stolen. Popular characters from the series such as Red, Chuck, and Bomb will also drop by once in a while to help out the little kids. There are over 50 hatchlings to discover and dress up. Make sure you unlock all of them by relying on our Angry Birds Match strategy guide!

1. Summon Red, Chuck, And Bomb

The hatchlings are smart and scrappy but once in a while, they need help from the adults. Red, Chuck, and Bomb are like the special pieces in most match three games. Red is summoned when you match four pieces together. He can delete an entire line of tiles and you can choose to fling him up, down, left, or right on the board.

Chuck is summoned when you combine multiple pieces in an “L” shape. He is a little bit more difficult to summon but he can clear more lines than Red because he goes off in all four directions when activated. Lastly, Bomb appears when you combine five pieces together. Since he is the biggest character in the series, he quite appropriately takes up three lines when he is used. He is especially useful in clearing out multiple objectives at once.

2. Use As Many Moves As You Need

Unlike most match three games, Angry Birds Match does not require you to hit certain scores or get three-star ratings. All that matters is that you finish each level. If you don’t use up all your moves, they will just be converted into extra coins. There is no penalty if you need all the available moves to finish a level so feel free to use as many moves necessary. You can always farm for more coins later on anyway.

3. More Outfits Mean More Coins

One of the great things about Angry Birds Match is that you get to dress up the hatchlings. Feel free to go on a shopping spree and unlock as many outfits as you want. Each hatchling has his own set of costumes that can be unlocked. Get as many as you can because they all give you a permanent coin bonus each time you complete a level.

4. Clear Out Obstacles Quickly

When you are playing Angry Birds Match, you will often encounter different types of obstacles that will get in the way of your progress. While it may be tempting to just work your way around them instead of spending precious moves to clear them, resist that temptation. It will actually work better for you if you clear out the obstacles first as these will make room for even more tiles on the board. It will be easier to pull off combos later on if you have more space to move around in.

5. Hold On To Your Gems

Gems are the premium currency of Angry Birds Match. You can spend it on a lot of things but you should hold on to it until you have at least 20. Premium chests cost 20 gems to open but they have two star outfits inside as well as some currency and random boosters. You would want to only spend your gems on premium chests because of the guaranteed outfits. As we mentioned before, more outfits mean more coins at the end of each level. That means investing gems into more outfits mean more coins in the long run!

Get ready to spend countless hours playing with, and dressing up, cute and cuddly hatchlings in Angry Birds Match! Don’t forget what you learned from our strategy guide and you will be able to unlock them all for sure!


Monday 2nd of August 2021

Don't understand zen streak. How do I move the bar up or whatever is supposed to move up.

Hedy Kaper

Sunday 9th of August 2020

Can't finish the level in the quest. Ik finished the level in the second serie game 5 bit it does'nt end and it does'nt react anymore