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Mario Kart Tour’s Latest Event ‘Holiday Tour’ Brings New Drivers, Challenges, Courses and Gifts

Mario Kart Tour, the official Mario Kart game for mobile devices, has just launched the Holiday Tour event that celebrates both Christmas and New Year. Nintendo released a short trailer showcasing everything players can look forward to in the Holiday Tour. There are new drivers, tracks, karts, and a whole lot more coming with the Holiday Tour event.

mario kart tour holiday tour

Starting off the festivities are two featured drivers: Party Time Pauline and Reindeer Yoshi. The egg-spitting pink dinosaur Birdo from Super Mario Bros 2 also makes it into the game as a new driver. New Karts have also been added to the game, including the Red Streamliner, Turbo Birdo, Jingle Bells, Platinum Taxi, and Bruiser.

There are also a few new Gliders in Mario Kart Tour. The Holiday Tour event trailer showcases the 2020 Glider, which is the New Year-themed addition to the game. Piston Glider, Pink Flower Glider, and Gift Glider have also been added. Gliders are the parachute-like items drivers use whenever they are launched into the air.

The New York Minute course comes in a new version during the Holiday Tour. The trailer also indicates a new Rainbow Road course will be available.

The Mario Kart Tour Holiday Tour comes with new challenges and Featured Tour Gifts. All players can win a Koopa Troopa driver while Gold Pass holders can win a Yellow Taxi.

Mario Kart Tour is free to play and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.