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MapleStory M Receives Big Content Update and Halloween Event

The mobile release of the iconic MapleStory just got a whole lot more interesting with major content additions and a Halloween event to boot. MapleStory M received a recent major update complete with new regions, quests, skills, a higher level cap, and more. The Ghoulbuster event has also been launch and will run from October 25 to November 8.

Players who actively participate in the Ghoulbuster event can earn event coins by killing the new Halloween Monsters. These include the Meso Phantoms, Halloween Pumpkins, and Pumpkin Zombies. Coins can then be exchanged for exclusive items from the Event Coin Shop. The more coins they collect, the better the prizes they can redeem.

Veteran players who are looking for something more than a limited time event would be glad to know that their adventures can now continue since the level cap has been raised to 200 from the original 150. There are also three new worlds for them to explore. The first stop is the Mu Lung Garden, which is one of the seven Ossyrian regions that encompasses the Towns of Mu Lung and Herb Town.

maplestory m content update

Another new location for players to explore is the Temple of Time. As the name suggests, the Temple of Time is where the past, present, and future all exist. What that means exactly is something for players to discover. Finally, the Gate to the Future has also been added. This is another are of the Temple of Time, but it deserves its own mention. This is where a dystopian future versions of Henesys, Ereve, and Perion exists.

All classes also receive a major boost with the introduction of the Hyper Skill. This becomes available once players hit level 140. Those who unlock their Hyper Skill can then test it out in the new Hell mode of Nett’s Pyramid, which is specifically recommended for players level 140 and above. New rewards including Cursed Guardian Medal and Cursed Nett’s Badge await those who rise to the challenge.

Even more rewards are in store for players who will take on the Chaos mode of Zakum Expedition as well as the new Hard mode for Horntail Expedition. Rewards include the Chaos Zakum Helmet, Crystal Ventus Badge for Zakum, Dea Sidus Earring, and Silver Blossom Ring. These new items will surely be fine additions to any veteran’s arsenal.

On the other hand, players who are not quite in the top tiers just yet also have something to look forward to. The Lord Pirate has been added for level 70 players to enjoy. It is a pirate ship-themed party dungeon where players can challenge the Angry Lord Pirate. Those who succeed will be rewarded with a funky new Lord Pirate mustache or hat.

Rounding off the long list of updates are a couple of player experience tweaks for the game. All classes have received minor changes for improved balancing across the board. A few bug fixes and UI improvements have also been included to improve overall gameplay experience.

Nexon’s MapleStory is one of the most iconic and longest-running MMOs in existence. Its popularity led to the release of MapleStory M which reached 5 million downloads within the first two weeks after it launch. MapleStory M can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS.