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Mahjong: Mystery Mansion Cheats, Tips & Hints to Earn More Coins and Unlock Boards

You are trapped inside a haunted mansion and the only way for you to escape is to solve mysterious puzzles. Mahjong: Mystery Mansion is a tile-matching puzzle title by Difference Games, which is available for mobile devices. In this game, you take on the role of a Ghost Hunter and you need to conquer numerous levels of mahjong boards in order to solve the mystery of the house you are in. The mechanics are simple. Each board contains layers of mahjong tiles. You need to find pairs of matching tiles in order to remove them from the board. Keep finding pairs until you clear all the tiles in order to solve the puzzle. There are dozens of levels to complete and you will need the help of our Mahjong: Mystery Mansion cheats, tips and tricks if you want to solve them all!

1. Keep Playing The Levels

Unlike most other puzzle games, the next level in Mahjong: Mystery Mansion does not get automatically unlocked after you complete the previous one. You will need to pay to unlock the next level. You will probably notice that the gold you earn from completing a puzzle doesn’t even come close to what you had to pay to unlock it, even if you earn a three-star rating. Don’t let this discourage you from moving forward. The cost of unlocking new levels will increase exponentially but you do have unlimited earning potential. You can replay old levels as much as you want in order to save up enough to unlock the next level.

Aside from being able to replay levels, you also get an advertisement offer at the end of each level. If you accept the offer, you will get 50,000 gold as well as a chance to spin a wheel. The wheel gives out a lot of gold, it can even reach hundreds of thousands in a single spin. You get this offer even when replaying a level so you can camp out earlier levels just so you can watch the 50k ads over and over.

2. Craft For More Gold

After completing a level in Mahjong: Mystery Mansion, you will often receive item rewards. You also get additional items from opening treasure chests. These items are called Collectibles and can be combined to form treasures. To see which Collectibles you already have, just tap on the round bottle icon with a question mark beside it at the top of the screen. You will see the different items that can be found in the game as well as how many of these items are in your inventory. You can sell these items for 5,000 apiece but it would be better if you hold off until you have collected enough for crafting.

If you check at the bottom of that menu, the recipes for crafting are displayed. The cheapest item you can craft is a green potion that sells for 200,000 gold. That is a lot of gold considering it only takes six ingredients to make and that those six would have been worth a mere 30,000 gold if sold individually.

3. Don’t Forget Your Star Rewards

At the top left side of the screen is a star icon with a checkmark next to it. Tap on it to see the available rewards for collecting stars. These rewards are usually multipliers for other prizes. For example, once you have 20 stars, you will receive a multiplier bonus for the Daily Login rewards. When you reach 40 stars, the rewards available for the wheel will get a multiplier. This is one of the biggest reasons for playing through the levels even if it costs a lot to unlock them. Getting more stars from the levels will help you earn even more gold!

4. Tap On The Magical Globe

The magical globe is an artifact that you acquire early in the game. It slowly accumulates gold over time. The maximum amount of gold in the globe increases every time you pick up the globe collectible in a game. Once it has enough gold accumulated, you can tap on it and hit the Collect button to claim all the gold. Keep in mind that you don’t have to wait for the globe to be full before you collect. If you are logging off for a long time, it’s a good idea to claim whatever amount of gold is available inside the globe so that you can maximize your earnings while offline.

5. Work On The Daily Tasks

Another good way to earn a lot of gold in Mahjong: Mystery Mansion is through completing daily tasks. You can check out your list of tasks for the day by tapping on the gift icon on the bottom left side of your screen. It will list down three things that you need to accomplish in order to get the rewards. These are usually things that you do while playing such as unlocking new levels or crafting items. It’s just a good idea to know what these tasks are ahead of time so you have something to work towards while you are playing the game. The good thing about these daily tasks is that they roll over to the next day. If you fail to complete a certain task today, you can pick up where you left off tomorrow. Your progress in completing the task is retained so you don’t have to start over with a completely different set of tasks the next day.

6. Check The Hourly Quests

To the left of the Daily Tasks icon is the Hourly Quest icon. It looks like two mahjong tiles on top of each other. Hourly quests are levels that you need to complete within a certain time limit. The good thing about these levels is that you can get a lot of collectibles if you complete them. After completing one quest, it will go on a 60-minute cooldown. You will need to wait for an hour before you can play it again. Make sure to take advantage of this whenever it is available because it can help you get a lot of collectibles that can be turned into treasure.

It may take a while before you can escape the haunted mansion but at least you can have a whole lot of fun conquering each level with the help of our Mahjong: Mystery Mansion tips and tricks!

Christina Tinker

Friday 8th of March 2024

How do I enable purchases to remove the ads? I’ve tried all the standard iPad methods. It won’t allow me to pay for anything in the game and I don’t want to start over.


Monday 20th of February 2023

What is a rare treasure map and where do I find it?


Thursday 17th of November 2022

I am still having trouble with my bonus wheel so losing lots of gold coins can’t complete daily tasks as that is spinning the bonus wheel so many times


Saturday 12th of November 2022

I am still having trouble with my bonus wheel seems to work twice then stops working again


Friday 11th of November 2022

Still struggling with my bonus wheel not working