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Booty Quest Cheats, Tips, Tricks & Hints to Improve Your High Score

Booty Quest is a pirate-themed puzzle game for mobile devices published by Outplay Entertainment. In Booty Quest you get to help the main character, Piper, along with her crew by solving match-three puzzles. You will receive various rewards for each level you complete. Use these rewards to customize your ship and battle with your friends. There are several different modes to choose from, including a multiplayer race, a duel with the crocodile crew, and a treasure hunt. There is more to this game than just matching different-colored tiles. You will need to be able to think quickly and plan your moves ahead in order to complete all the puzzles. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Pirate Queen? If you find yourself struggling, don’t worry. You can always rely on our Booty Quest tips and tricks to help you!

1. Start Matching From The Bottom

As with any match-three game, the blocks drop down to fill in the gap every time you complete a match. If matching tiles happen to end up together after they dropped down, they will automatically be matched and will be considered a combo. If you start matching from the bottom-most area of the board, there is a better chance for you to start combos, therefore increasing your score.

2. Prioritize The Objectives

Each level has its own set of objectives that you need to complete. When you start out, the objectives will be really simple so you can just play as you wish. However, the levels get more complicated as you progress. It is important to make sure you can complete the objectives first before you go after combos or any other high-score moves. Remember, you can still fail a level no matter how high your score is.

3. Make Bigger Combos

You only need three tiles of the same time in order to make a match. However, it would be better if you can find at least four tiles to match. Combining four or more tiles will create special jewels. These special jewels have different special effects and can be useful in clearing the entire board. Quickly scan the board for potential jewels before you settle for three-tile matches.

4. Mix Explosive Jewels

If you have two special jewels of any kind that are right next to each other, try combining them. Special jewels create even bigger effects when they are combined. The resulting effect depends on which jewels you used but you can be sure that it will always be better than using each of the jewels individually. Try out different combinations to see for yourself and figure out how you can incorporate their use into your strategy.

5. Look For 2×2 Matches

If there are no possible matches in a straight line, you can try to look for 2×2 matching tiles. These will turn a random tile into a Beam Jewel that can decimate and entire line. These 2×2 matches may not be as reliable as the other special jewels but it is definitely better than a plain three-tile match. When used correctly, 2×2 matches have the potential to clear any level you go through.

6. Take Advantage Of The Different Boosts

Booty Quest has four different boosts that you can use to help clear a level. Keep in mind that these are consumable and are only available for free in limited amounts. The good thing about these boosts is that they don’t cost a move to use. They are good for saving a level if you are stuck trying to clear just one more objective. Just make sure you consider all other options before using a boost so they don’t go to waste.

The first boost you get is the Blast One. As the name suggests, it just blasts a single tile from the board. The second boost is the Boom Barrel which clears all the tiles in a cross pattern. The Hookswap boost changes the position of two tiles to help make matching easier. The last boost is the Color Mojo, a jewel that clears all the tiles of a specific color.

7. Exchange Treasure Cards

The treasure menu allows you to exchange Treasure Cards for rewards. You will see the treasure icon glow as an indication that it is available. This means there are rewards waiting for you to claim them. Rewards from the treasure menu include various boosts as well as some money and extra lives. Check the possible rewards on a regular basis to help you get ahead of the competition.

8. Grab The Freebies

The game is pretty generous when it comes to free rewards so make sure you don’t miss any of them. The first way for you to get some free treasure chests is by simply playing through the story quests. There are also daily quests that you can complete for up to three times per day. After the third try, you will need to wait until the following day in order to play additional daily quests. The daily cup, on the other hand, is for competitive players as it allows you to race against your friends. Lastly, you will notice some stages look like treasure chests. These are actually bonus levels and you can get a lot of rewards for completing them.

9. More Friends Means More Races

Booty Quest gives you the option to link your Facebook account. This is a good thing because once your friends join Facebook, you will also get to race against your friends. Keep in mind that there will still be a limit to the number of races you can participate in per day. Adding your friends on Facebook allows you to continue racing even after you hit your race limit.

10. Look For Legendary Treasure

The game’s world is divided into different worlds. Each world has a hidden treasure and the only way to find them is by collecting pieces. Every four pieces will allow you to unlock a new ship. Collecting these new pieces will take a lot of work but it will be worth it once you have collected all the legendary treasure from the game.

Hunting for treasure can be a lot of fun, especially if you follow the Booty Quest cheats, tips and tricks we have listed above!

Tina Chandler

Tuesday 27th of March 2018

I'm stuck on level 195. Can someone help me please. Email me a response. Thanks