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Madden Mobile Strategy Guide: 4 Ways to Earn More Madden Cash

With a new NFL season having just recently started, you’ve probably gotten back to Madden Mobile on your iOS or Android device. And you’ve probably just found out about the new changes for this year’s season, where the folks at EA deemphasized the use of coins when buying new players. Instead, it’s Madden Cash that you generally want to use when buying the best players and the best items in the game. Coins are still a valid form of currency when buying Pro Packs, as well as the special packs that could contain some top players. You’ll also need coins when training your existing players — this is a new feature for this season, and those coins need to have a new main purpose, don’t they? But if you’re trying to improve your team with the best possible players, you’ll need to have enough Madden Cash on you.

With that being said, that’s what we will be focusing on in this Madden Mobile strategy guide. We’ll be telling you the different ways in which you can get more Madden Cash, so read on and take note of our tips so you’ll (hopefully) be flush with this in-game currency sooner rather than later.

So far, there are only four ways of earning more of this resource, but if you come to think of it, that’s more methods than usual as compared to previous seasons!

1. Complete The Daily Goals

This is one of the easiest ways to win Madden Cash in Madden Mobile. You will be given a list of seven goals for each day you log into the game, and after you complete these seven goals, you’ll get an eighth, bonus goal to complete. These are, of course, optional goals, but we strongly suggest that you work toward completing them and also completing the eighth objective — that bonus goal will get you 30 Madden Cash, among other rewards.

The good thing about the seven daily goals is the fact that they’re mostly fixed — these aren’t your usual goals that refresh once per day. For the first objective, you’ll need to complete a given team’s 24/7 Blitz Set with five Bronze players from any team and one Silver player from the specific team. Other daily goals include opening at least one pack of cards, leveling up a player, completing at least one quarter in Season mode, completing one drive or more in Head to Head, completing three different Live Events for the first time, and doing one of the following things — scoring two touchdowns in Season mode, scoring two touchdowns in Head to Head drives, or throwing for at least 50 yards in Season mode.

It’s the eighth goal that would vary from day to day, but as you can see, you’ve got seven goals where you know exactly what to do and what to expect.

2. Try Your Luck In The Wheel Of Madden

The 2017 season has brought about its share of changes, and these include the introduction of the Wheel of Madden, and the ability to complete Sets by spinning this wheel. The game will allow you to spin a prize wheel every few days for so, and through that, you can win some useful freebies that could help you complete the aforementioned Sets, or immediately boost your team. And all it’s going to cost you is one player to sacrifice.

The Wheel of Madden Cash is part of this new feature, and spinning this version of the wheel is going to cost you one Gold player. That’s going to get you a voucher, which you can exchange for at least 100 Madden Cash, depending on where the wheel stops. This is a good way to add to your cash totals, though you’ll notice we didn’t use the word “quickly” — you can only spin the Wheel of Madden Cash once every ten days!

3. Compete In The Weekend Tournaments

The weekend is generally when people have most free time to focus on their gaming, and that’s probably why Madden Mobile has weekend tournaments, a new feature for the new season, and another way for you to earn Madden Cash. These tournaments have leaderboards which you can climb as you win more tournament games, with specific rewards once you win one, four, eight, 12, and finally 15 games.

You won’t always win Madden Cash once you reach the aforementioned milestones. But in moist cases, the reward tiers will include a few hundred Madden Cash. The rewards will vary from weekend to weekend, but you can view what they are before you take part in a tournament. Make sure you always check the tournament rewards, and work toward completing them if there’s a lot of cash at stake. As a bonus tip, also take note of the number of tournament tickets you have unused; these would roll over to the following week, and potentially allow you even more chances to win a substantial amount of cash.

4. Win More Games In Head-To-Head Mode

Last, but not the least, you’ve got Head-to-Head mode — not too many players count it among the ways to earn more Madden Cash, but it’s an underrated way to add to your cash totals. As you keep on ranking up and earn more Fans while playing this mode, you will earn progressively higher amounts of Madden Cash once your Head-to-Head season is completed. You will need to be patient for obvious reasons, but your patience will be worth it once the season is all over and done.

Each rank you earn in a Head to Head season in Madden Mobile will be worth more Madden Cash than the previous rank. Make sure you’re playing to win and ranking as high as possible, and to repeat what we said earlier, you’ll be flush with cash if you play your cards right and make the right moves.