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Strawberry Hero Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Rebirth Quickly

Strawberry Hero is a retro-styled clicker game for Android and iOS devices. Bingsoo’s new game is perfect for those, who are enjoying old-school pixel graphics with a fantasy theme. Your character will attack enemy monsters and bosses with every tap you make. You can add up to five companion heroes to help you on your journey. Keep upgrading your team so you can face off with even stronger opponents. When you reach the 100th day of your adventure, you will be given the option to rebirth. This resets your progress but it will also give you significant boosts in your power, allowing you to progress even further. Rebirthing multiple times is the best way to get stronger in the game. Make sure you read our Strawberry Hero tips and tricks to get pointers on how to rebirth quickly!

1. Tap Like Crazy

When it comes to endless clicker games, nothing beats manually tapping on the screen. The companion heroes and auto-tap options are best for when you don’t have time to play but can leave the game running. If you will be playing the game, then be prepared to dish out some good old-fashioned tapping. Even though you don’t have to worry about dying in this game because the monsters do not fight back, your main hurdle here is their health. Monsters in this game have massive health and it will take a long time to kill off each of them if you just let the companions and auto tap do the work. Remember, you want to make it to rebirth stage as soon as you can. Manually tap using multiple fingers in order to speed up your progress in the game.

2. Invest In The Right Upgrades

There are two types of upgrades that you can buy in Strawberry Hero. The first is the Gold Box upgrade which increases the amount of gold you earn passively. You need to upgrade this in order to maximize the inflow of money. The second type is the character upgrade which levels up and improves the damage of your hero. Naturally, you would want to keep improving your character’s damage in order to progress, but you will need inordinate amounts of money to do that. This is why you will need to strike the perfect balance between Gold Box and character upgrades. A good way to do it is to spend all the gold you earned passively on character upgrades. As soon as you log into the game, just spend everything you have on increasing your damage output. After that, play the game kill off as many monsters as you can. You can then use the money that you earned from playing to upgrade your Gold Box.

3. Stop At Level 150

You can keep upgrading the Gold Boxes as much as you like but there will come a point that they are so expensive that the investment won’t be worth it anymore. As a general rule, it is best if you stop buying a certain Gold Box once they reach level 150. To ensure you spend your money wisely, you should focus on upgrading your latest Gold Box then just spend the leftovers on older boxes. The latest box will always give out more money than previous ones despite the level difference so you will still be earning a lot even if are not able to upgrade the older boxes right away.

4. Spend Pink Cubes Wisely

Pink Cubes are the premium currency of the game. They are difficult to get for free so make sure you don’t waste them on unnecessary purchases. There are three things you can spend Pink Cubes on. First, you can spend it on unlocking companion heroes called Friends. Second, you can buy damage boosters which help you kill off more opponents per tap. Lastly, there are Cube shop items which give you different effects for a limited time.

Hold on to your Pink Cubes until you have at least 20 so you can unlock the Bow Man. Prioritize this because it deals constant damage to all enemies. After that, save up some more Pink Cubes for the Coward and the Coin Miner for some extra money. Spend the rest of your cubes on increasing critical damage.

5. Go To The Rental Shop

Strawberry Hero offers different boosts in exchange for watching advertisement videos. Feel free to choose the boost that best suits you but if you can’t decide, the free taps per second is always a good choice. Keep in mind that you can only have one active boost from the rental shop at a time so make sure your current boost is expired before you watch another one.

The secret to rebirthing quickly is making all the right choices. Just follow the Strawberry Hero tips and tricks above and you will surely be on the right track!