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Little Panda’s Dream Town Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Have More Fun Playing the Game

Little Panda’s Dream Town is that perfect game setting for many young players at the moment. Furthermore, there are none of the usual in-game purchases that the parents would need to pay for. Even better, there is absolutely no time limit to play Little Panda’s Dream Town! In other words, this is a free yet fun game for many young players who just start to play in virtual worlds.
For your information, this latest educational game by BabyBus aims to spark the creativity, imagination and curiosity of the children. Little Panda’s Dream Town is designed to allow the young players to explore the dream town on their own. Moreover, the fun brain games are actually based on the young players’ perspectives. This, in turn, makes the Little Panda’s Dream Town an intuitively easy game for children to pick up.

At first, the colourful interface will certainly delight any young player as he or she starts Little Panda’s Dream Town. Initially, you will see the numerous other games created by BabyBus as well as a play button near Little Panda. Just press the huge play button and you will then enter the Dream Town’s main page. Choose to press another huge play button on the gateway to the Dream Town. Once done, you can find cute male and female pandas walking along the streets of the colourful town. Their friends, namely the Blue Cat and the White Bunny are also roaming the same roads as well.

little panda's dream town

Basically, the whole map of Little Panda’s Dream Town consists of only four main buildings. At one end is the gateway to the Dream Town and at the opposite end is the beach which is inaccessible. On another note, the main buildings are the Pet Beauty Salon, the Adventure Auto Repairs, the Candy Shop and the Movie Theatre. When you want to enter any of the buildings, a simple tap will bring you to the loading page. Each loading page has designs unique to the building you chose.

Thus, in this town, you can easily choose from changing tires and putting on makeup to making ice cream and purchasing popcorn. The options are endless and will not be too repetitive for a young player. Now, the little ones will certainly have fun dwelling in Little Panda’s Dream Town as they learn life skills in the virtual world. Shape and colour recognition can be learnt in this game and the tap and drag movement is often used to imitate real life hand actions. Throughout the game, the players will also earn money for activities which involve money in the real world. The enjoyable experience will no doubt enhance the young players’ skill learning ability as purported by the BabyBus.

All of these addictive features are available to all players at no extra cost. Perhaps one annoying thing would be the advertisements which will keep popping up. However, given that Little Panda’s Dream Town is a free game, this is understandable. Meanwhile, it is unlikely that this game will be a source of frustration for young players who are still new to playing games. After all, hints are available in the form of a white hand or arrow gesturing at the proper spot to tap on. This function can be observed whenever there is no move taken by the player. Now, let’s move on to our Little Panda’s Dream Town beginner’s guide for tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this fun game!

1. Taking Care Of Friendly Pets

After that, let’s have a look at each of the main buildings where most parts of the game take place in the Little Panda’s Dream Town. Undeniably, the most wonderful part is you can take care of pets in this virtual town. In-game pets range from a puppy, a turtle, a bird, to a hamster. So, if you are interested in taking care of the adorable pets, head to the blue building in the middle of the map. That is the Pet Beauty Salon, where you can have as much as pet care fun as you like!

how to take care of pets in little panda's dream town

So far, the stories you can encounter here include helping the mouse who is injured and infected as well as giving a makeover for a puppy. For the mouse, tap to remove the tiny creature away from the mouse’ ear. Then, put on some medicine on the sores of the feet and clean them up when they burst. Afterwards, trim the fur of the mouse and clean its eyes. Don’t forget to give some eye drop to clear the mouse of the red eyes too!

On the other hand, the puppy’s makeover is quite interesting. You get to cut its long-grown fur and style the bangs. Of course, you can also trim the bangs instead. Whichever you choose, remember to put on some hairspray to make the style lasts. You can also decorate the pretty hairdo too.

Also, a bird may be one of the pet options together with the turtle. Help to take care of the messing wings of the birds, comb them well and spray on some fragrant perfume. On the other hand, the turtle drops in in a dirty state. Remove the dirty items from the turtle and give it its well-deserved bath.

2. Sweet Treats At The Dessert Shop

Secondly, you can visit the Candy Shop which is the second building from the entrance in the map of the Little Panda’s Dream Town. The cupcake look will not fool anyone about its real function. These creative in-game special desserts are definitely creative sights to behold. The DIY experience, meanwhile, will enrich the learning experience of a new young player.

You can choose from 5 different types of tasty treats to start the day. Otherwise, opt to follow the customer request in order to earn more coins. For the juice, the player begins by choosing two fruits to be used. For fruits like strawberries, a young player learns to pick them off the stem as in the real life. And if the watermelon is the other choice, it is first cut before the fruit’s insides are scooped up. Options to add on extra ingredients are available with the decorative ingredients too.

little panda's dream town dessert shop

Still, there are also the must have ice cream in cones and in bowls. After choosing the flavour, tap and drag and add milk to mix everything. Afterwards, serve in the cone or the platter and decorate them nicely.

Not forgotten is the shaved ice treat. The fun process of making it also involves choosing flavours and freeze up the juice into iced cubes. Alas, you can also make the lolly using your favourite shape. Different juice flavours and fruits are also available for those who want them. The DIY process is almost similar to that of shaved ice. The young player will also be able to decorate the lolly too.

3. Watch A Movie & Have Popcorns

The very first building near the entrance to the Little Panda’s Dream Town is the Movie Theatre. In this building, the game options are lesser and the player chooses one of the three counters to begin. Usually, by selecting the movie ticket counter, the gameplay will automatically proceed straight to other counters afterwards. At the movie ticket counter, tap and select the movie options according to what the customer wants. There will also be seating and movie type choices as well.

little panda's dream town popcorn

Over at the food counter, customer states their pick of juice and popcorn to bring into the theatre. The exciting part is the chance to scoop the popcorns and fill the cup with juices as you would normally do in the real life. Lastly, the last counter is for the player to check the tickets and tear off the stubs. 3D glasses will be provided to the customer and the young player can then direct the virtual customers to the correct theatre.

4. Help To Repair Broken Cars

Finally, for those not keen on pets, food and movies, there is also the town car repair shop. The Adventure Auto Repairs is the last building found in the map of the Little Panda’s Dream Town. Gameplay may be one of the many scenarios such as the broken engine. The player selects new gears and correct fuel for the car. Additionally, customers may come to the workshop complaining of the oil pipeline not working. The simple task requires the player to check the pipes are in the correct position and supply the car with new oil once done.

how to repair broken cars in little panda's dream town

Besides, the flat tire is another common situation and you get to lift the car using the machine. The intuitive way of removing the screws and the shape recognition needed to place the new screws will be another new learning experience for the young players. This instinctive gameplay is also obvious in the other stories related to the building. Examples are removing the junks stuck to the car in a terrible state and cleaning up the messy car by vacuuming and applying air freshener. Sometimes, you also have to clean the car by removing the bacteria or blowing away the black smoke at the engine.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Little Panda’s Dream Town beginner’s guide. If you have come across any other tips or tricks, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below!

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Wednesday 17th of October 2018

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